Lottery Results for the 2012 Hardrock 100

Hardrock 100Ok, it’s waaaay to early for a preview or anything of that sort for next year’s 2012 Hardrock 100. However, we thought we’d take a quick break from out TNF 50 mile coverage to share the Hardrock lottery highlights with you.

Thanks to Blake Wood for posting a list of entrants and folks with waitlist spots in the comments.

Top Men for 2012 Hardrock 100

Joe Grant 2011 Hardrock 100

Joe Grant after finishing the 2011 Hardrock 100.

  • Jonathan Basham
  • Jared Campbell – Pre-lotto entry
  • Joe Grant
  • Dominic Grossman
  • Scott Jaime – Pre-lotto entry
  • Christian Johnson
  • Dakota Jones
  • Hal Koerner
  • Jason Koop
  • Karl Meltzer – Pre-lotto entry
  • Timmy Parr
  • Nick Pedatella
  • Geoff Roes
  • Jordan Whitlock
  • Adam Wilcox

Top Women for 2012 Hardrock 100

Darcy Africa 2011 Hardrock 100

Darcy Africa running in Maggie Gulch in 2011.

  • Darcy Africa
  • Diane Finkel – Pre-lotto entry
  • Betsy Kalmeyer – Pre-lotto entry
  • Krissy Moelh
  • Diane van Deren – Pre-lotto entry

Possible Waitlist Additions

  • 6th – Andy Jones-Wilkins (essentially accepted)
  • 16th – Anton Krupicka (nearly guaranteed)
  • 39th – Nathan Yanko
  • 40th – Jamil Coury
  • … and no point in going past 40 even if there are 100 names on the waitlist (even if my two time HRH Garett Graubins is 41st on the waitlist).

Call for Comments

  • Who else is psyched for next year’s Hardrock 100?
  • Who else is hoping for great conditions so Jones, Krupicka, Meltzer & Roes as well as Africa, Finkel & Moehl to at least have a shot at the Hardrock course record? Anyone willing to shovel if need be? ;-)
  • Who needs to be added to the above lists of top runners?
  • Who thinks Dakota Jones has a lot to celebrate ($4,000 from TNF 50 & HR100 ’12) on his 21st birthday on Monday?
  • Who thinks iRunFar should be in the San Juan’s covering the race live? ;-)

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  1. David T.

    These are the lottery "results"? Where are you getting your list? I have been on the HR website but they don't have the listed posted (at least that I can find).

  2. Mike

    Regarding the male runners…

    Would love to see Chorier come back after last years win. How about a field that also included Sebastian Chaigneau, Nick Clark, Ryan Sandes, Mike Wolfe, Kilian Jornet? Still great field with Roes, Grant, Jones, Koerner, Meltzer, Nick P., and AJW & Anton on the short end of the wait list.

    1. Bryon Powell

      I'd love to see Chorier back at Hardrock. However, he did say he wouldn't be back in 2012 in our post-race interview:… .

      The only place you'll get to see a showdown like the one you propose is at a race like UTMB or an invitiational ultramarathon. Hardrock doesn't make exceptions to allow elites to enter and while Western States has it's top ten, the Montrail Ultra Cup, and a very rare exception policy to letting elites in, even it's format wouldn't allow for such a field to form.

      1. Mike

        Yeah, I know the lottery rules…was just thinking about what a special event that would be. Still, very excited to see what Roes can do in this venue. maybe he'll stick around in CO longer this year to prepare for it? Great field as it is. BTW, great work on NTF yesterday and on top of the HR lottery today!!


  3. David T.

    It looks like Hardrock might be the Ultra-Of-The-Year in 2012, replacing Western States as the race with the biggest names. That is pretty cool to me as I like the mountain ultras best.

        1. David T.

          Good chance of Tony getting into HR so that would top off an already stacked field. WS would need some serious international talent to top that (recall Kilian indicated he will not be doing WS).

          1. Bryon Powell

            Both will be great races, that's all I mean. In half a second, I can think of Wolfe, Clark, Wardian, Sharman, Riddle, Olson, and AJW running committed to running States with the lottery and a bunch of Montrail Ultra Cup races to come. Can't wait to watch BOTH unfold… unless I get lucky next weekend. :-)

            1. AJW

              I agree with Bryon, WS will be just as competitive as it's always been. Might not be all the same usual names but it will still be a tough race with at least 30 guys in it to win it. And, the women's race will likely be even more competitive!

  4. Brett

    Well this ups the odds he does the Pikes Peak Marathon.

    I wonder if Matt Carpenter will come out of retirement again to defend against a person half his age.

    1. Bryon Powell

      I was thinking about Kilian and PPM early today…. although I think there was already a good chance of Kilian running it. I think the only reason he wouldn't is if he went after Carpenter's Leadville 100 record.

  5. Blake Wood

    Here are the results from today's Hardrock Lottery – sorry for the delay. First the 140 names that were chosen, then the 100-deep wait list:

    140 Entered (alphabetical):

    Tim Adams

    Darcy Africa

    Honey Albrecht

    Robert Andrulis

    Kirk Apt

    Darla Askew

    Cam Baker

    Jim Ballard

    Jonathan Basham

    Jerry Bloom

    Steve Bremner

    Scott Brockmeier

    Gretchen Brugman

    Levi Burford

    Adam Byerly

    Jared Campbell

    Jim Campiformio

    Noe Castanon

    David Coblentz

    Kerry Collings

    William Cook

    Bob Crowley

    Dick Curtis

    Aaron Denberg

    John DeWalt

    Mike Dobies

    Dennis Drey

    Mike Ehrlich

    Scott Eppelman

    Stuart Erskine

    Elizabeth Everly

    Leah Fein

    James Ficke

    Diana Finkel

    Brian Fisher

    Ernie Floyd

    Geoffrey Foote

    Clark Fox

    Devin Gardiner

    Susan Gardner

    Susan Gebhart

    Chris Gerber

    Harris Goodman

    Ken Gordon

    Brett Gosney

    Joe Grant

    Dominic Grossman

    Drew Gunn

    Rich Haefele

    Larry Hall

    Corey Hanson

    Garry Harrington

    Jim Harris

    Donnie Haubert

    Mark Heaphy

    Roy Heger

    Rick Hodges

    Sheila Huss

    Kristina Irvin

    Randy Isler

    Shinsuke Isomura

    Clemente Izurieta

    Scott Jaime

    Julian Jamison

    Beat Jegerlehner

    Jack Jewell

    Brian Johnson

    Christian Johnson

    Cory Johnson

    Lance Johnson

    Dakota Jones

    Betsy Kalmeyer

    Kristen Kern

    Robert King

    Brad Koenig

    Hal Koerner

    John Koester

    Jason Koop

    Larry Kundrik

    David LaDuc

    Bill Losey

    Kim Love-Ottobre

    Dmity Lysenko

    Ted Mahon

    Glen Mangiantini

    Brian McNeill

    Karl Meltzer

    Krissy Moehl

    Tommy Mowchan

    Warren Muldoon

    Brian Murray

    Ted Nunes

    Barbara Heidi Olmer

    Scott Olmer

    Kerry Owens

    Gareth Parker

    Timmy Parr

    Eric Payne

    Nick Pedatella

    Deb Pero

    Steve Pero

    Rollin Perry

    Bud Phillips

    Chad Piala

    Don Platt

    Jason Poole

    Joe Prusaitis

    Mauricio Puerto

    Kris Quandt

    Rickie Redland

    Axel Reissnecker

    Tom Remkes

    Jennifer Roach

    Geoff Roes

    Todd Salzer

    Doug Seaver

    John Sharp

    Billy Simpson

    Alan Smith

    Julian Smith

    Charlie Sperry

    Patrick Stewart

    Edward Strickland

    Doug Sullivan

    Jon Teisher

    Drake Tollenaar

    Chris Twiggs

    Diane Van Deren

    James Varner

    Ken Ward

    Mike Weigand

    Hans-Dieter Weisshaar

    Steve Westlund

    Jordan Whitlock

    Adam Wilcox

    David Wilcox

    David Williams

    Allie Wood

    Blake Wood

    Rodger Wrublik

    100-Deep Wait List:

    1 John Constan

    2 David Hayes

    3 John Hart

    4 Rob Erskine

    5 Kenneth Farley

    6 Andy Jones-Wilkins

    7 Tim Long

    8 Scott Snyder

    9 Martin Fritzhand

    10 Loren Wohletz

    11 Andrew Barney

    12 Reid Delman

    13 Whit Rambach

    14 Simon Gilna

    15 Nick Serfass

    16 Anton Krupicka

    17 Randall Dunn

    18 Jeason Murphy

    19 Ricky Denesik

    20 Megan Finnesy

    21 Harry Harcrow

    22 Mike Farris

    23 Gary Redwine

    24 Mark Oveson

    25 John Wojciechowski

    26 Rhonda Claridge

    27 Borkur Arnason

    28 Tom Stockton

    29 Joe Constantino

    30 Stephen Young

    31 Seth Hales

    32 Liz Bauer

    33 Tetsuro Ogata

    34 Charles Leonard

    35 Lewis Persons

    36 Jeremy Pade

    37 Jordan Hanlon

    38 Charlie Vincent

    39 Nathan Yanko

    40 Jamil Coury

    41 Garrett Graubins

    42 Barry Oelrich

    43 Lain Hughes

    44 Colleen Ihnken

    45 Todd Cook

    46 Heather McNiff

    47 Scott Rabb

    48 Mark Moran

    49 Neal Gorman

    50 Thomas Schnitzius

    51 Melinia Cabiles

    52 Scott Kunz

    53 Jeb Burchenal

    54 Eric Lee

    55 John Fegyveresi

    56 Ian Farris

    57 Michael James

    58 Gary Lukacs

    59 Andrew Heard

    60 Chris Basford

    61 Elizabeth Bouquet

    62 David Wronski

    63 Ryan McDonald

    64 Mike Thomas

    65 Travis Liles

    66 Andrew Harding

    67 Jean Francois Geiss

    68 Chihping Fu

    69 Kuni Yamagata

    70 Flora Krivak-Tetley

    71 Becky Wheeler

    72 David Larson

    73 Ryan McDermott

    74 Craig Slagel

    75 Bill Jordan

    76 Scott Railton

    77 David Brown

    78 Paul Schoenlaub

    79 Dwight Worthington

    80 Jim Sweatt

    81 Brian Holthausen

    82 Jeff List

    83 Chris Picon

    84 Paul Ralyea

    85 Paul Hooge

    86 Jeff Browning

    87 Masahiko Tamakami

    88 Gregory Norrander

    89 Chad Brackelsberg

    90 Chris Rennaker

    91 Troy Howard

    92 Diana Widdowson

    93 Daniel Brenden

    94 Gretchen Evaul

    95 Duane Nelson

    96 Margaret Welk

    97 Todd Gangelhoff

    98 Kevin Twidwell

    99 Allen Hadley

    100 David Pease

    To anticipate the inevitable question, here is the highest number on the

    initial wait list to get into the run for the past few years:

    Year – Highest # to start Hardrock

    2003 – 75

    2004 – 50

    2005 – 28

    2006 – 42

    2007 – 38

    2008 – 99

    2009 – 27

    2010 – 27

    2011 – 36

    – Blake

    Blake P. Wood

    President, Hardrock Board of Directors

  6. julian

    Looking forward to seeing JB perform well at hardrock (I'll be following, literally, from back on the course), and I think he has a great chance, but he's not the CR holder at barkley: Flyin' Brian is (I believe), along with others who are under JB's time.

  7. Mat

    As far as I've heard Kilian will be competing in WS again as he wants the record. I could be wrong but am pretty sure he will be.

    As well as hopefully a few other International athletes that may go! I believe WS will be the more competitive race in the US next year

    1. David T.

      Alright, I will admit that maybe, because i am from CO, my bias may have affected my assessment. Let's call it a draw (for now)!

  8. mike r

    would love to see nick clark and killian in the mix, but it will be a great race all the same – i'm pumped that basham is in it!

    yeah! young money has been killing it and has a lot to celebrate – he just recently broke mackey's record for the grand canyon as well. i'm excited to see how he progresses in the next few years…

  9. Andy Mason

    How can Hardrock be taken seriously as a prestigious race when Kilian Jornet is denied entry?

    This would be like the Boston Marathon turning away Kenenisa Bekele because he doesn't have an official "qualifying" time.

    1. Blake Wood

      I guess the answer to that is that Hardrock DOESN'T aspire to "be taken seriously as a prestigious race". We DO aspire to provide a fun and challenging mountain running experience.

      – Blake

    2. Blake Wood

      We can leave that niche to Western States and Leadville. This has worked pretty well for 20 years now. Why change it now?

      – Blake

      1. David T.

        Whether you want to or not, based on the list of those running and the attention HR has garnered, I would say HR is already being taken seriously and is a "prestigious" race (whatever that means – Interpret it yourself).

        1. Andy Mason

          When the reigning champion of both UTMB and Western States attempts to enter a 100-mile mountain race and is denied entry, it just makes me scratch my head. That's all.

          1. AJW

            When Jurek entered the race he was the reigning 7-time defending WS champ. He was put on the waitlist. Maybe it leads to head scratching, but it's the way HRH has always done it and there's nothing wrong with that, IMHO.

          2. beth

            Those exemplary runners were not "denied entry"….their names didn't come out of the hat (just like several other hundred unfortunate aspirants) ….. per "tradition" …..

    1. Dan

      Thanks for chiming in Blake. But now the question becomes, who do we have to bribe to allow Kilian entry to the race? Would it be enough for Bryon to "fix" his next giveaway contest? Or maybe we can all chip in and send a six of AJW's weekly brew to your doorstep from now until the race?

      1. Mike

        While there's something to be said for tradition, can't you also make the case for a little discretion? No one thinks HR should be the Bolder Boulder, each has their place, but it sure would be neat to see HR more inclusive of special opportunities that didn't present themselves just because they didn't make the lottery. Just because you do something the same way for 20 years doesn't mean it's always the right answer in year 21.

        With respect,


        1. Jn

          While I don't necessarily agree with the selection process, I don't think 'elite' runners should have any special preference. I personally don't care who is in the race – it' all about me. Criticize, suggest, bitch all you want, it's not your race – If you don't like the rules, go somewhere else or start your own. I'm 0/2 if you want to know.

          1. Jared F

            I agree Jn, I may not like the selection process of lottery races, but I only think they work if the elites are in the same pool as everyone else. I agree with preferences for past winners but don't see why someone is popular that they should get in just because. I applaud the directors that keep requirements the same for everyone.

  10. Steve Pero

    We go through this same discussion every year….if one wants to better their chances of getting into Hardrock, come out and captain an aid station or do some trail work, both which gives you an extra ticket.

    Hardrock is Hardrock and I like it that way…I for one hope the "run" never changes.

  11. Speedgoatkarl

    I would give Killian my spot if I could….in a heartbeat…if I could trade for his spot at WS. :-). Hardrock is a far better race than WS, but WS is a piece of a puzzle that I would like to solve. I really want to see him run Hardrock in his prime. I am sure he is NOT in his prime yet, and I hope he continues to enter this great race. It may be called a "run", but it is a race for everyone who "runs" it.

    As an RD myself, I do understand that the RD (and the committee) can have their own rules and qualifications. I do at my race and if Killian wants to run 5 minutes before the start, I'll be the first guy to give him the number.

    I really hope, he, and other fast guys and gals continue to enter HR, cuz' it is the Superbowl, not just another track meet.

  12. Speedgoatkarl

    Yes, a DNF should not earn a second ticket for the following year, but if the name is pulled, even if they've never finished in 10 tries…..that's what a lottery is. They are just lucky and should head to Vegas instead. :-)

  13. Blake Wood

    The basic problem is that we're limited by permit (and choice) to 140, and this year we had 703 qualified applicants. There are many top runners competing this year, as listed at the top of this thread. Who would you toss overboard to let in Killian? There are already many good friends – runners who have supported the Hardrock for many years – who did not get in. I would have loved to see Killian run this year, and hope he gets to in a future year, and I'm really excited that Geoff, Jared, Karl, JB, Anton, AJW, Hal, Dakota, Nick, Scott, Joe, and the rest will get the chance to go head-to-head if they choose. But it's a tough choice – we simply can't let in everyone who wants to run it or everyone that others want to see run it. At the same time, we take flak from the other side about making it too hard for first-time applicants to get in. It's a scarce resource, and you can't please everyone.

  14. Art


    you have run Hardrock at least 16 times. perhaps if you and others like you voluntarily stepped aside, others would have a slightly better chance.

    there seem to be a lot of multiple timers, while others never get in.

    but it is your race.

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