2007 Hellgate Race Report [Quick Version]

While I’ll have more to say later, I did, in fact, drop out of Saturday’s Hellgate 100k. By 10 miles in I was feeling very weak and despite pounding Clifshot for the next couple hours, my energy never came back. I called it quits at aid station 4. I had no real reason to drop other than I was tired. My legs were fine, I hadn’t turned an ankle, no kicked rocks – just tired. Pretty weak, huh?

In retrospect, there are a few things that may have played into me feeling so poorly. First, there’s that little matter of running hard (even if not “racing”) three 50 milers in 15 days just three weeks prior. Also, I worked all day Friday before the 12:01 a.m. Saturday start. This was a mistake. I had a somewhat stressful and extremely busy day in the office on Friday and I didn’t remember how much that can take out of me physically. I won’t make that mistake again… at least until I forget the lesson again.

I’ll hope to expand this post in the next couple days. However, work continues to be crazy – I was in the office for 9 hours on Sunday and almost 13 yesterday. With the need to get runs in, that doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

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  1. Trail Goat

    I guess so, it's just not easy to accept stopping for anything other than an acute injury. Then again, five of my six lifetime DNFs were for reasons other than injury. Actually, my most frequent reason by far is that I just didn't want to run any more! I feel a little better about dropping after my run last night. About 5k into my 6.5 mile run commute home I just had to stop and walk for a couple 100 meters. Again, I had no energy…. and it's not like I had anything to gain by stopping to walk, as I certain wanted to be home.

  2. saschasdad

    Hmmmmm, me thinks you're over-trained and over-raced. Stop running. Take 2-3 weeks off – no running at all. This is a great time of year to do that. Your body needs a break from running. Listen to it. Eat. Sleep. Lay around on the couch. Get fat. Hang out with Lindsay. You'll be ready to run again at the end of the month.It was fun hanging out with you guys on the way to, at, and leaving Hell. Perhaps I'll be there again in a couple months and we can run (or karaoke??).

  3. Dane

    Not weak at all. Wise. I am proud of those wo know when to run another day and given your 50 milers this year it is no surprise you were weary.

  4. Trail Goat

    Sean,I can't see myself not running for the next couple weeks … however, I'm leaning towards not doing any long runs in the near future. I'll keep it short and simple.

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