Western States 100 2013 Lotto Results

Western States 100 logoWell, the majority of the field for the 2013 Western States 100 has been set with this morning’s lottery drawing in Auburn, California. While the lottery fills the majority of the field, the bulk of the elites get into Western States via finishing in the top 10 the previous year or earning a spot with a top finish in a Montrail Ultra Cup race.

Immediately below are the elites that were entered in next year’s race prior to the lottery. Additional elite entries can be gained from the remaining Montrail Ultra Cup races – Bandera 100k (1/12/13 – Texas), Lake Sonoma 50 (4/13/13 – California), Leona Divide 50 (4/27/13 – California), Ice Age Trail (5/11/13 – Wisconsin) – or special consideration, especially for foreign runners.

Further down are top runners who gained entry via the lottery. It’s a shockingly small number. Please let me know if I missed any elites who got in via the lottery – this sport is growing so quickly that new names are popping up all the time.

The full entrants list is now available on WSER.org.

Men’s Automatic Entries – 2013 Western States 100

  • Dylan Bowman(7th 2012 WS100)

    Dylan Bowman - 2012 Run Rabbit Run 100

    Dylan Bowman

  • Trent Briney (2nd JFK 50)
  • Nick Clark (3rd 2012 WS100)
  • Cameron Clayton (1st Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Graham Cooper (Special consideration)
  • Yassine Diboun (3rd Pinhoti 100)
  • Neal Gorman (10th 2012 WS100)
  • Jesse Haynes (3rd Waldo 100k)
  • Jeremy Humphry (2nd Pinhoti 100)
  • Mark Lantz (Raffle)
  • Dave Mackey (4th 2012 WS100)
  • Jorge Maravilla (8th 2012 WS100)
  • Karl Meltzer (1st Run Rabbit Run 100)
  • Timothy Olson (1st 2012 WS100)
  • Nick Pedatella (3rd Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Jacob Rydman (2nd Waldo 100k)
  • Ryan Sandes (2nd 2012 WS100)
  • Ian Sharman (5th 2012 WS100)
  • Erik Skaden (Raffle)
  • Joe Uhan (9th 2012 WS100)

Top 10 runners not yet entered: Zeke Tiernan

Women’s Automatic Entries – 2013 Western States 100

  • Meghan Arbogast (10th 2012 WS100)

    Meghan Arbogast 2012 IAU 100k World Championships

    Meghan Arbogast

  • Rory Bosio (2nd 2012 WS100)
  • Denise Bourassa (2nd Waldo 100k)
  • Kerrie Bruxvoort (2nd Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Rhonda Claridge (2nd Run Rabbit Run 100)
  • Leila Degrave (3rd Run Rabbit Run 100)
  • Melanie Fryar (3rd Pinhoti 100)
  • Ellie Greenwood (1st 2012 WS1oo)
  • Meghan Hall (2nd Pinhoti 100)
  • Emily Harrison (2nd JFK 50)
  • Nikki Kimball (5th 2012 WS100)
  • Aliza Lapierre (3rd 2012 WS100)
  • Tina Lewis (7th 2012 WS100)
  • Ashley Nordell (9th 2012 WS100)
  • Luanne Park (Going for 10th WS100 finish)
  • Pam Smith (1st Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Amy Sproston (8th 2012 WS100)
  • Joelle Vaught (1st Waldo 100k)

Top 10 runners not yet entered: Krissy Moehl and Lizzy Hawker

Men’s Elite Lottery Draws & Special Considerations – 2013 Western States 100

  • Joseph Czabaranek
  • Joshua Finger
  • Michael Fink
  • Bruce Fordyce (South Africa)
  • Lon Freeman
  • Andy Jones-Wilkins
  • Hal Koerner
  • Jon Lawler
  • Gerardo Moreno
  • Chris Price
  • Gustavo Reyes (Argentina)
  • Brandon Stepanowich
  • Dan Vega

Jan 6 Update: Former course record-holder Mike Morton is in via an unnamed sponsor slot.

Women’s Elite Lottery Draws & Special Considerations – 2013 Western States 100

  • Jennifer Benna
  • Mary Churchill
  • Traci Falbo
  • Jamie Frink
  • Nicola Gildersleeve
  • Bree Lambert
  • Alissa Springman

Call for Comments

  • Are you psyched for yet another stacked field at the 2013 Western States 100? Who are your early picks for the men’s and women’s win?
  • Who would you hope joins the field now and race day?
  • Who’d we miss on the entry-via-lottery elite lists?
  • If you got in, via any method, how excited are you to be racing Western States next June?

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  1. johnnyb

    A big well done to Mark Jaxion for getting in to WS100. Had the pleasure of running with him during part of Round Rotherham 50 (the worlds most glamorous ultra, industrial estate included).


  2. Gary Gellin

    Josh Brimhall also on the Bandera 100k list. He ran an excellent White River 50 this year after a string of good, but not incredible, races the last couple years. With those mentioned, plus a couple guys who already have WS spots, Bandera should be fun!

  3. Daniel Westrate

    I am so psyched for this race! This will be the first time it has been run since I got into ultra trail running and started following the elite scene. I have gone back at looked at what happened over the last four or five years but this year I will get to follow it live!!

    I don't know much about all the intricacies of who is running and who is not but I saw Ryan Sandes on the above automatically entered list and he is my favorite runner so if he is in fact running again then he is my pick to win this time!!

    Oh, and well I have not yet made my foray into ultra racing (March 2013!), watch out for this guy Western States 2014! Hahahaha I probably would never get in as a first time entrant and if by some miracle I did I couldn't pay to go to California, but hey a kid can dream, right?

  4. David Flowertday

    Since being accepted for Western States,every morning when I wake, up my first thought is – what can I do today to improve my chances of getting from Squaw Valley to Auburn in under 30 hours: then I think of what else I have to do that day!

  5. Clint

    Bruce's days in the 80s were quite different. There were not so many opportunities in Appardheid South Africa . But putting it in todays equivalent, he would be the biggest thing in the world. Like a Lance Armstrong but without the drugs.

  6. Zeke

    Just reading this post now, but I saw that you had my name as "top ten runners not yet entered". In spite of my automatic bid, and probably foolishly so, I will be sitting out this year's WS, as I am taking a year off racing. I would watch out for my friend Dbo as he has a score to settle with States' course.

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