Ye Ole Dominion (100 Mile Cross Country Run)

Tomorrow is the Old Dominion 100 Mile Cross Country Run, the second of the two “Old Dominion” 100 mile races held in Virginia’s Fort Valley each spring. (There’s a long story as two why there are two such races help on consecutive weekends.) I’m sending out good vibes to two friends at opposite ends of the 100 mile running spectrum.

First, there’s Dane Rauschenberg, a fellow Washington Running Club member who will be attempting his first 100 mile race. While Dane may have never run 100 miles in a day before, he did run a marathon on every weekend last years. Yup, that’s fifty-two of them… or fiddy2 of them if you are Dane. Dane ran all those marathons to raise money for L’Arche-Mobile. He continues to run races for this cause – if possible, please make a donation in his name: here.

The other runner I’m rooting for is fellow VHTRCer, Keith Knipling. In the past two weeks, Keith has run two more 100 milers than Dane ever has. Two weeks ago, Keith had his breakout performance in finishing third at the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100. Then last week ran a huge 100 mile PR in route to winning the Old Dominion Memorial 100. (Remember, I said there are two separate Old Dominion 100s in VA.)

Best of luck boys… and try to stay cool out there!

(Here’s to hoping that my friends go 1-2!)