Where the Road Ends: The North Face, Ultimate Direction, GU, and Drymax Contest

Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail RunningWe’re only two days into our Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running launch week and we’re already giving away our third and fourth incredible prize package. Once again, it’ll have a trail runner–new or old–covered from head to toe. Today’s dual men’s and women’s winners will receive amazing prize sets from the likes of The North Face, Ultimate Direction, GU, and Drymax. Don’t worry, we’re not stopping here, as we’ve got in a week’s long series of giveaways. Still, check out today’s contest and enter below!

As we are holding these contests to celebrate the launch of Where the Road Ends perhaps you’ll check out the book. Also, feel free to spread the word about the book however you feel comfortable!

The North Face sqThere’s probably no brand more associated with big mountain peaks than The North Face. It’s iconic in the mountaineering world, but the company’s products are no less performance oriented… or capable on the trails that surround you, no matter where you live. Here are the goods that TNF is bringing to the table… and possibly your closet!

Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 3.0Of course, if you’re running to some far off summit… or going for a solid trail run around your local park you may want to carry some fluids, food, or gear. It’s a good thing that Ultimate Direction has you covered. One lucky lady will win the women’s specific, newly redesigned Ultra Vesta pack along with a Handy 20 handheld water bottle. On the men’s side, the winner will received the newly launched Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 3.0, a pack that’s great for both racing and long adventures, as well as the Fastdraw 20, another solid handheld waterbottle solution.

GU EnergyIn my minds, GU is the original energy gel… it’s certainly the first gel I had. In the decade-plus since then, I’ve had many 100s more GUs and it’s still a big part of my fueling mix now. Today’s two lucky winners will get to experiment with fueling with their own boxes of GU Energy Gel, GU Energy Chews, and GU Hydration Drink Mix. Update: GU’s now including a box each of Roctane Energy Gel and Roctane Energy Drink Mix, as well!

Drymax logoDrymax is a fixture in the trail running community and on the trails. We’re psyched to give away another two pairs each of Drymax’s Lite TrailTrail, and the new Max Pro Trail to both of this contest’s winners!

How to Enter


To enter, all you need to do us leave a comment before 11:59 p.m. MDT on Tuesday, April 19th. Please make sure to include your email address in the comment form, so we can get in touch with you if you win! (We’ll only use these email addresses to contact the winners of this contest and never for other purposes.)

Since we’re offer one prize pack each to a woman and man, it’d be great to include either your name (if it’s gender-specific) or another indication as to your gender.

Additional Contests

As a reminder, we’ve launched seven separate contests during launch week with almost $12,000 in total prizes!

Winners will be determined in the weeks following the contests’ closure. We’ll notify all winners directly.

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  1. Derek Wright

    Great gear you are giving to a lucky winner. Male. Looks like a great new book to go with my relentless book.

  2. Jim (M)

    Enjoyed reading “Relentless Forward Progress.” Looking forward to picking this one up for more trail inspiration!

  3. Andreas

    i seriously hope that you guys make this book available on ibooks or kindle. otherwise, i guess, i have to wait like forever to purchase it in Austria… keep up the great work. cheers!!!

  4. Dan Reasoner

    looks like somebody already beat me to commenting about beer and gear. Get AJW in on giving away stuff!

  5. Mark

    I missed the fact that there was a week’s worth of giveaways – one was exciting enough. You’ve got me now though: I’ll be checking in every day…

  6. Sophia duluk

    Love trail running, it’s my happy place! And I love that the sport is attracting more women, and I try to help fellow women otherwise afraid of the climbs/mud/pace fall in love to

  7. Jason nemecek

    TNF clothing is great stuff. The shoes are narrow in the toe boxes in my experience. Love their non-sport clothes as well

  8. Susie

    A great contest to celebrate a fantastic achievement for the people who run one of my favourite places on the internet! I can get behind that :)

  9. Phil

    These prize packs are pretty great. The North Face, Ultimate Direction, Gu and Drymax, are all great stuff.

  10. Thomas E. Booker

    Already purchased the book and can’t wait to read it. The contest, though, is a big plus.

  11. selby

    thanks, all of these contests are great! i look forward to seeing what the contest is every day. (also i am female, my name doesn’t really indicate that)

  12. Leah Lanier

    Since I constantly eat dirt and have bloody knees 90% of the time I may still need a few pointers on how to run trails. :-D

  13. Matt Hunter

    Thank you all for the wealth of running information you provide me every day!
    You have saved me headaches while adding mile.

  14. Dennis Fabiszak

    This is a great way to promote a book that we are all looking forward to read. Congratulations! If you ever want to do a boom talk at a great public library in New York send me an email.

  15. tr3jo

    Brian Tinder said he would test to see if the Better than Naked product was Better than running Naked at the next JJ100

  16. Christina Rambo

    Was just viewing reviews for the women’s ultra vesta too! And agreed-great way to promote the book. If only the giveaways included a copy..

  17. Steven Sweeney

    Love you guys. Your work provides me with a steady stream of ideas for improving my own running. – Steve

  18. Ben T

    Being injured hasn’t been easy, but it’s given me lots of reading time. Can’t wait for the new book!

  19. Tom Massad

    I can’t wait to read the book during one of my many months spent on ship this year to remind me of how much fun running on land is.

  20. Mike Kostka

    I’m running a hundred miler in 3 weeks so the gear would help:) plus I never won anything before.

  21. Elisa Laverty

    It was so great if you, Mehgan, for giving my husband, Keith, a Twitter shoutout during LS50 coverage using his nickname!!!
    #whitelightning + #trailbird = #teamlightningwings :)

  22. Eddy Ruble

    I’m working my way through “Relentless Forward Progress” in preparation for my first 100 miler – Leadville

  23. Jeff Miller

    Congrats on the book. I have your other book, RFP and the training plans and advice are great. The Jurek vest looks sweet!

  24. Chad W

    Thanks for all your dissemination of advice and wisdom of the trails. RFG was a staple to an ultra runners library as I’m sure the new book will be!

  25. Eduardo

    Big fan here guys, love the work you do, I’ll be doing my first 50 miler in December, north face 50 SF!!
    This gear would be perfect to start my training
    Thx and keep the good work

  26. Jorge

    Hey, I am running my first ultra in July, 100K. This pack will suit on my training too.

    Thank you, very kind of you.


  27. Carole Holley

    I love the women’s specific ultra-vest. It was perfect until my dog chewed through the pocket in search of the margarita-flavored shot blocks I had left in there. Luckily, I’m a strong believer in duct tape as an all-around fix-it.

  28. Adam Harris

    Congrats on the new book. Looking forward to some great tips from two very experienced ultra runners!

  29. Becky Matthews

    I love UD, i love the North Face and i would love this prize! You guys do amazing work spreading your love of ultrarunning. Keep it up!


  30. Chris Coulston

    Looks like my kind of book. Totally live my TNF gear, especially BTN shirt and shorts for ultras.

  31. Drakeford Kennon

    I love all of the wonderfully written articles and great race coverage that you make possible.

  32. Kristy

    Love iRF and today’s sponsors: I love my NF visor, UD handhelds, Espresso Love GU, and Drymax socks!

  33. Andrew

    My forthcoming book will be titled “Where the contest ends – A guide to winning games of chance”

  34. Rick T

    I really enjoy all your interviews and race coverage. Looking forward to reading & shearing this book!

  35. Nathan

    Awesome! Can’t wait to check out the book. Thanks for all you guys do for the running community. With you interviews and articles I feel like I know these runners. Very cool.

  36. Brady Gross

    Looks like a really great book, would love to take these products out on the trails!

    Brady Gross, Male

  37. Kirsten

    Wow, I am transitioning from years of road running to trail running. This would be awesome. I read Relentless Forward Progress cover to cover and have my first trail half marathon in two weeks!

  38. Adam Hickey

    I can’t wait for the newest addition/edition to the irunfar library. Thanks for all the great information and coverage over the years.

  39. Megan

    I’ve never been a trendy runner but I always choose comfort and quality over everything. If love to try some new products!

  40. Lance

    The Ultimate Direction is toward the North Face; there you will find Where the Road Ends. Just keep the GU out of your Drymax socks!

  41. Amy Perez

    This is awesome! I’m just finishing up Relentless Forward Progress. Fairly new to trail running, coming off years of road running. Thanks for this opportunity!

  42. Dale

    New York Times best seller ?
    Book will surely be a great vehicle for some seeking adventure and a healthier lifestyle. Nice giveaways!

  43. Natalie Witt

    I’ve only really been running for 6months now and would love to win as I don’t have the gear yet. Sounds awesome

  44. Todd Mordhorst

    I interviewed Bryon about his book for a piece in the Auburn Journal – hard to believe it’s been five years, wow!

  45. Jamie

    This stuff would be great while running the trails here in Montana!!! Excited for the book to release as well!!

  46. Jonas Fröberg

    Best of luck with the launch, and I hope the book will be available in Sweden even if I don’t win a give away :)

  47. Angela

    Congrats on the book! Loved Relentless Forward Progress and looking forward to the new one. Brilliant swag too!

  48. TJ Farrell

    I’ve been looking for a new book to read! Thank you Bryon and Meghan for the hours of entertainment over the years!

  49. Ludvigs

    looks like another good read. I`ll go now and make space in bookshelf.
    Where the road ends, the fun starts!

  50. Wayne T Smith

    Relentless Forward Progress – Was a great resource for me as i stepped up from marathons to trail/ultra’s. Looking forward to getting my hands on the new book.

  51. Kevin Hatton

    I think this prize pecans is actually more useful, at least to me. Write good stuff, excited about the book.

  52. Matthew Rutherford

    Heck of a contest! I’ll have to pick up the book for a refresher before the season starts up again.

  53. Mike Hart

    A great site that I often “run” to for great resources such as reviews, tips and more. and now a chance to win some gear.

    And Lord Byron Powell is contributing on another book!

    Happy Trails!

  54. Daven Oskvig

    I visit the site at least once a week, particularly to see the results from each weekend. I appreciate being able to go to a single place to get it. Thanks!

  55. Craig Sutton

    Oh, oh free gear. That makes both me and my budget concious better-half happy. Happy better-half means longer runners, means happier me…

  56. Andy

    Solomon, TNF … It’s all good!

    BTW – the motto on our local Traprock trail 50k shirts the last few years? “Where the pavement ends, it begins.” Where the road ends indeed!

  57. Kiley Newbold

    Can’t wait to check out the book. Winning some sweet gear would be awesome as well. (BTW – my name throws a lot of people. I’m Mr. Kiley).

  58. Mike

    Just started trail running this year and did my first 50k this month, this kit would be super helpful for my 50miler in August :)

  59. Cymber Gieringer

    Thanks for such a great giveaway, iRunFar! Love my TNF BTN shorts and would like to try out the skort. (I’m a girl!)

  60. Natalia

    I am a runner but most of all ultra runner who loves to run and challenge myself. Running is my hobby and passion. Thanks

  61. Jami (the female kind)

    Wow! What an amazing prize package!! Last year I was training for my first ultra when I fractured my pubic bone. Took me out of training for almost a year. I’m starting all over now, shooting for a 50k this Fall. Needless to say, I really could use new gear! Good luck to everyone…we’re all winners when we get out there and run! ☺

  62. Rachel Aumann

    I would be so honored to win! I could put the gear to good use prepping for thr rest of the races on my calendar this year. Thank you!

  63. janice

    A chance to win and give these items to Perry as a gift. Okay, not all the items as I will need some myself. IRF ROCKS….

  64. Brianna Lawrance

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the book. My fingers are crossed to win this fantastic prize pack!

  65. Jaan (male)

    One time I was running on a road. Then I was like, what’s wrong with me? That was an awesome day.

  66. Rob

    Another great package.
    Keep up the good work. I enjoyed checking in on Lake Sonoma 50 coverage…was hoping our guy Jake from La Crosse placed higher but he’s not used to as much competition.

  67. David Reese

    I wear my better than naked shorts every day and I bet my running buddies would be more thrilled than I would be to win these prizes!

  68. Anne-Sophie

    I’ve been looking everywhere in my town for the UD ultra vesta but can’t seem to find it.. It would be great to win it!

  69. Sichelle W.

    I’m getting giddy with excitement! These contests are amazing and I cannot wait to congratulate the winners!

  70. Neil

    Thanks for putting this contest on! Even though I won’t win (reverse jinx), I love that you do this for your readers.

  71. Ian Ramsey

    “If you have time to chatter,
    Read books.
    Thanks for empowering foot-powered Travel!

    If you have time to read,
    Walk into mountain, desert and ocean.

    If you have time to walk,
    Sing songs and dance.

    If you have time to dance,
    Sit quietly, you happy, lucky idiot.”
    ― Nanao Sakaki

  72. Lori Collins

    I could get lucky couldn’t I??? I would love to try out the thermoball full zip jacket. Thanks

  73. Sophia Tam

    Sometimes you just need an inspiration while you’re stucking on the bottleneck….. looking forward to have a copy of the book & finding my way ‘where the road ends’

  74. David B Leeke

    Ps Good luck, guys!
    You deserve success for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into the running community.

  75. Dan Tyree

    Your last book helped me get off the roads and on to the trails. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for all you do for the trail community.

  76. Linnea (female)

    As a beginner in trailrunning I think I’ve finally found something I really like doing, and hopefully can keep on doing until age 90-ish. I’m eager to learn more about trailrunning and this book seems promising. Can’t help entering this giveaway too for a chance to get some gear to help me on the way to becoming a full fledged trailrunner.

  77. Jon Perz

    so .. the TNF better than naked short.. those are in high demand just like Irunfar and all the great info.

  78. Curt Krieger

    Always love irunfar contests…also need to add this book to my collection. Already have Relentless Forward Progress!

  79. jay

    day two and another great selection of gear-love my predecessor to the btn’s-might be due for an upgrade!

  80. Erica

    again, great job on the book! the Vesta is such a cool product, but the 3.0s are indeed quite a leap-thanks for a fun contest!

  81. Heikki (male)

    Hopefully the book will be available in iTunes as well. Looking very much forward to checking it out!

  82. AmandaG

    Looking forward to reading the book and congratulations on all the hard work! Would love an opportunity to win, thank you!!


  83. Dennis de Monchy

    Looking forward to reading your book and introducing more people to the joys of the trails!

  84. Dawn

    I am running my first 50k this year. I love running on the trails and I especially love reading books about running on the trails and running ultras…I especially enjoy reading Relentless Forward Progress and articles in Marathon and Beyond:)

  85. Geoff

    When I was in gradeschool, secret santa brought my sister socks, 3 years in a row. Everyone else got toys. This depressed her to no end, and she ended up becoming a therapist. I ended up becoming a trail runner. I desperately need new socks. Drymax, lite trail. It’s practically an emergency.

  86. Ally Feldman

    Awesome! Looking forward to digging into this book (and some sick trails), hopefully in some new North Face togs. ;)

  87. Halim Hasan

    The pain of having to pull out of #ECSNY 50mi due to a fractured bone in my foot is unbearable (pun intended). Northface gear would be great.

  88. Richard

    Winning a UD Jurek vest for my trail runs would be a great pleasure, as would the fast pack 20 backpack to run to and from work.

    Hope I get a chance to read your book in a near future.

  89. Melanie

    I love this website–so much useful information. I have been wanting to get an Ultimate Direction jacket–hear they are awesome!

  90. John Tran

    Look forward to reading the book. Thanks irunfar for being a great source of reading, information, and all things trail and ultra running.

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