Where the Road Ends: Swix, Orange Mud, Drymax, GU, and BUFF Contest

Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail RunningWow… it’s hard to believe that this marks the seventh and final contest in the Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running Launch Week celebration! Today, we’re back with a full prize package for one woman and one man. Both prize packs feature Swix, Orange Mud, Drymax, GU, and BUFF.

How to Help Your Friends!

Today, we’ll suggest you help your friends out by letting them know they can enter this and all six of the other launch week contests between now and Monday, April 18 at 11:59 p.m. MDT, after which time contests will close one per day in the order they were launched. Share the full slate of Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running Launch Week contests worth nearly $12,000 in total(!?) on Twitter or Facebook, via email, or face to face. At the same time, maybe you can let them know about the book, as well! ;-)

The Contest

Swix logoSwix is a long-time staple in the Nordic skiing world. A few trail runners who also Nordic ski have had the pleasure of using some of their high-end Swix ski apparel while running the trails. Now, Swix is launching apparel dedicated to those getting out and active off the snow. To start, there’s the Cyclon Jacket, a lightweight, hooded, rear-vented, water-resistent wind jacket, which both winners will receive along with a technical Stadion Basic Tee. The winners will also get to choose a pair of running shorts such as the Action – Women’s Short 3″ or the Action – Men’s Short 6″.

Orange Mud logoFrom its founding, Orange Mud has had a different take on hydration packs. How? All their packs hold water in a standard waterbottle. For instance, both of today’s winners will get her or his choice of a HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 or Vest Pack 2, with each holding one or two waterbottles, respectively, on the rear of the vest. Each winner will also get a Handheld Hydration Pack, which adds a pocketed sleeve around a waterbottle. This combination allows easy access (and reminder) from the handheld bottle that can be swapped with a bottle from the back when finished. The winners will also get a Transition and Seat Wrap, a handy parking-lot changing cover as well as seat cover and towel.

Drymax logoDrymax is back with two pairs of each of the following socks for both of this contest’s winners: Lite TrailTrail, and the new Max Pro Trail. That variety means each winner will surely find a sock to fit her or his needs, and you can, too, with Drymax’s trail or road running socks. (I usually run in Drymax’s Hot Weather or standard Max Pro socks on all terrain.)

GU EnergyGU’s a full-service running fuel supplier and that’s displayed by the awesome lineup of fueling options they’re giving to each of this contests winners, including a box of GU Energy GelRoctane Energy GelGU Energy ChewsGU Hydration Drink Mix, and Roctane Energy Drink Mix.

Thanks for BUFF for being such good sports and hooking up two more launch contest winners with an Original BUFF.

Original BUFF uses

How to Enter

To enter, all you need to do us leave a comment before 11:59 p.m. MDT on Sunday, April 24rd. Please make sure to include your email address in the comment form, so we can get in touch with you if you win! (We’ll only use these email addresses to contact the winners of this contest and never for other purposes.)

Since we’re offer one prize pack each to a woman and man, it’d be great to include either your name (if it’s gender-specific) or another indication as to your gender.

Additional Contests

As a reminder, we’ve launched seven separate contests during launch week with almost $12,000 in total prizes!

Winners will be determined in the weeks following the contests’ closure. We’ll notify all winners directly.

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  1. PeterL

    Still having fun with the contest, and seeing cool stuff – some great ideas for future purchases, as I don’t expect to win all the contests.

  2. Sarah

    Thanks for offering so many prizes this week! And congrats on the new book! Just picked it up on Amazon today. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Jason Nemecek

    Love the Drymax socks. Started wearing them when Jamie Donaldson used to blog about how they worked for her at Badwater. (what ever happened to Jamie? She was an amazing talent.)

  4. Rob

    I’m learning about cool products I’ve never heard of before. Who knew? It’s the Price is Right trail version.
    I like the pictures (videos) but really enjoy the wide variety of articles.

  5. Craig Hertz

    Never thought I’d see Swix giving away gear on an iRunfar giveaway…pretty sweet! Really good nordic clothing, so the running gear should be pretty dialed!

  6. Nicholas

    Been curious about this Orange Mud gear. My friend Ray Runs Long has been an advocate of it for a while…maybe time to try (aka “win”) some :P

  7. Joe Urie

    You certainly have some friends Byron.
    A well respected man in the Trail Runnng my community.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some of the kit!

  8. Scott Andrew Berthel

    Aaahhhh, just seeing the name Swix brings me back to some great memories. Glad to learn they are making gear for running now, too.

  9. Jake Lawrance

    Hooked onto trail running and trying to get gear as a penniless student is hard! So here goes!

  10. Dan Tyree

    Your last book helped me get off the roads and on to the trails. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for all you do for the trail community.

  11. Linnea (female)

    As a beginner in trailrunning I think I’ve finally found something I really like doing, and hopefully can keep on doing until age 90-ish. I’m eager to learn more about trailrunning and this book seems promising. Can’t help entering this giveaway too for a chance to get some gear to help me on the way to becoming a full fledged trailrunner.

  12. Jon Perz

    thanks i runfar for all the information that you share. The contests are just the icing on the cake.

  13. Gioia murray

    I would love to win somethings I could use to encourage some more girlfriends to come out on the trails with me.

  14. Diana

    I do love Orange mud – although why not have the new pack with a bladder instead of the VP1/2 ??
    Definitely getting the book though…

  15. Colin Brigh

    So few of us made it through the whole week’s contests in one shot. Congrats to everybody that’s still here!

  16. Elaine

    another hopeful entry swirling around in the comment fluff hoping to stand out
    (last chance for my mom to get rid of that bunny!)

  17. Lisa Campbell

    Wow! Even more great gear listed! It’s amazing all the choices we have of what to wear to go running….Great gear to take our attention away from the heat, the cold, or the sweat so we can just focus on taking in the beauty all around us on the trails…..Thanks!

  18. Curt Krieger

    Always love irunfar contests…also need to add this book to my collection. Already have Relentless Forward Progress!

  19. Carolyn S.

    So amazing of the sponsor companies to provide all these items for the contest. It’s the ORANGE MUD I can’t wait to try! Nlooking forward to the book!

  20. Scott P. Johnson

    Thanks for writing this book (and all the prizes,too!) Thanks in advance for all my winnings.

  21. John Beaury

    I’m not a runner, rather a sedintary amateur astronomer. I’ve ordered & received the book mostly as a souvenir because of the unidentified cover girl – my daughter. As she has been marking up a pretty good record as an Ultra Marathon contestant I would like to see her given some credit. Oh yes, I like the Q&A format of the book. It looks like an easy approach to follow. Good work guys.

  22. Anna

    I have run out of fingers on how many times I’ve said I’ve needed one of those transition & seat wraps. Maybe this time I’m going to get lucky.

  23. kyle f


    Just read RFP on the plane, ready for new material…you rule!

    Meghan thanks for the fastpacking info, its been useful.

    Bryan thanks for the newbie common sense, internal governor doesnt always function…

  24. Nate

    Sounds like a great book. Just moved next to the superior hiking trail and I can’t wait to start some trail running.

  25. Thomas

    I hadn’t heard of Orange Mud before, so at least their advertising department won with this contest even if I don’t.

  26. Jackie Dineen

    More great women’s prizes. The Swix products are new to me but look great.
    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned over the years.

  27. Lindsay (f)

    You all at iRunFar rock for making these contests happen. Huge thank you! I am a frequent Amazon buyer and try to go through the iRunFar site every time.

  28. Albert Liau

    Thank you for the contests. I look forward to reading your book. I’ve liked it on my Fb page, so I hope you get some promotion here in Asia!

  29. Ken

    The contests are great – but so is the book. Received my copy a couple of days ago and have already finished and am beginning re-reads of several chapters. Well done!

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