Western States 100 JimFest Event

JimFest - MonkeyboyIn 1983, Jim Howard and Jim King had the closest men’s finish in the history of the Western States 100. In 2013, Western States reunited the pair for an hour long discussion of the race and their lives. Hosted by 25-time finisher Tim Twietmeyer, this discussion is chock-full of WS100 history and ultrarunning lore. We hope you enjoy!

[Ps. Thanks for Austin Twietmeyer for filming JimFest!]

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  1. Jim

    The tuesday after WS, 4 x 1 mile repeats at 4:30, 4:30, 4:40, 4:44…dang! I wonder who can do that now. In their prime, it'd be great to hear who they would like to race nowadays.

  2. Jacques

    Thanks for sharing. These guys were part of what inspired me to take up this sport. Would have loved to have been there for JimFest. I want a tee shirt. I suppose I just should have flown out there to get one. Drat.

  3. Luke Garten

    It was a lot of fun going to this event and listening to them talk about how the day unfolded. Jim howard mentioned he did he first marathon when he was in High School and said he did it in something around 2:30. Pretty amazing runner.

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