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The weRunFar series has ended its sabbatical to inform you about Nancy Hobbs or, more precisely, her blog, as it’s far too useful to ignore. Not only is Nancy a very talented trail runner, she’s also at the heart of trail running at the national level. For instance, she’s the chair of the USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running Council, a founder and executive director of the American Trail Running Association (ATRA), and manager of the TEVA US Mountain Running Team. She also co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running with Adam Chase. If you want to read more about Nancy, check out Scott Dunlop’s 2005 interview of her.

Now that you know Nancy’s got trail cred, it’s time to reiterate that her blog is an excellent resource. While prior to this year Nancy’s blog focused on news and announcements regarding the Teva Mountain Running Team (not surprising as the blog is hosted by Teva), many of her 2008 posts are substantive discussions about various aspects of trail running. Topics that Nancy has recently covered include:

Nancy’s blog also includes notes on her own running and travel, US Mountain Running updates, and international trail running organizational news. Take note that some of Nancy’s most informative posts start off reading as training run reports prior to delivering her invaluable tips. FYI, Nancy tends to put up a new post every week or two.
Remember to check out Nancy Hobbs’ blog for valuable trail running tips!

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  1. AnthonyP

    B – Thanks for bringing back the weRunFar series with this post about Nancy Hobbs. What a great resource. I'm adding her blog to my daily review list.T

  2. Manners

    I have been enjoying this blog for awhile. Great resource and great community!! Thank you!Question: Anyone know how to reach Susannah Beck? email, etc.Thanks and I look forward to more posts.Cheers!

  3. Trail Goat

    Tony and Angie,I'm excited to bring weRunFar back! Life's been crazy the past month and somehow one short post on sponsorship turned into a very time consuming (what little time I have) series, so I had to lay off the other stuff for awhile. The good news is that I have a ton of ideas stored up for future weRunFar posts.Manners,I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the blog. Know that I'm way jealous that you live in Utah. If my two summers spent living in Park City ('05 and '06) hadn't predated this blog, it'd have a lot more about Utah running on it. I can't wait to be back in Utah June 6-8 (at least). Wish I could pass along Susannah's contact info, but I don't have it … you don't happen to work for VW, do you? ;-)

  4. Manners

    Trail Goat- I don't work for vw sorry. You coming to town for a race or just R&R.Well, I hope Susannah checks back and sees the post. I am iterested in speaking to her.Thanks again!

  5. Trail Goat

    Manners,I was just joking about the VW thing as Susannah noted that she is unsponsored, but that her VW could use some help. I'll be coming to Utah for some mandatory continuing legal education, as I'm a member of the Utah bar. Fortunately, the CLE only lasts until noon on Friday, so I can run the rest of the weekend.

  6. Manners

    Trail Goat- On June 7th, there is a great 50 mile trail race you can check out. Squaw Peak 50 mile. Unbelieveable course and amazing views, great RD and all. If not, the Wasatch mountains would definitely welcome you with open trails….

  7. Trail Goat

    Corker,You're sneaky with the comment tag…. can I pretend like I don't check my comments? ;-)Manners,I know Squaw Peak well, as I course marked in 2005, ran it in 2005 , and paced 35 or so miles in 2006. Unfortunately, it filled in three days at the beginning of December! I love the second half of that course… and the ice cream at the finish hits the spot.

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