weRunFar: Mike from Banff

Last fall I stumbled upon Canadian Mike’s blog. His pictures from runs in the Canadian Rockies are inspiring and often made useful by the inclusion of elevation profiles and trail maps. The site would be a great resource if you were planning a vacation (or live) near Banff, Alberta, Canada and wanted to were going to be able to get in some running. It’s also a great place for some inspiring photography. Mike does a great job both with taking pictures and ith posting lots of them.

Leslie above Emerald Lake – photo by Canadian Mike

Be sure to check out this blog.

As a bonus, for all you mid-Atlantic folk who are stuck wishing for a few inches of snow that never seem to come, check out the snow on Mike’s latest ski/run double.

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  1. olga

    Mike does have a great skill taking pictures – and putting me to shame with his weather! may be I should move back (as in "I used to live in Russia, you know") and re-learn how to find pleasure in suffering:)

  2. Argentine Rocket

    The Banff area is one of my favorite places in North America (compared in beauty only to the Tetons and Glacier NP) – I say you start a race from Banff that crosses over to Montana! That could even turn me into an ultrarunner!

  3. Trail Goat

    AR,I'd have to agree that Banff and Yoho are right up there with Tetons.. and I'd say above Glacier, though to be fair, I've only driven through Glacier. That's an awfully long way from Banff to Glacier…. might as well keep going to Yellowstone and Teton while you're at it. (Ok, that's MUCH further.)

  4. Mike

    Thanks for the link, if anyone is planning a trip up this way please drop me a line, I'd love to offer up some suggestions and maybe even meet up for a run.Happy trails!

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