Waiting, Impatiently

Ok, I took yesterday off completely from running and intend to do the same today. If I have as little pain today as I had yesterday, I will try running again tomorrow. This knee thing is really frustrating me. The pain’s not so bad that I can’t run through the it, but it seems that my running is only prolonging the injury. While the pain is mostly bearable, my stride is definitely negatively impacted and at some point in the run, the pain changes to a sort that connotes stride breakdown or physical damage. I’m not sure if radiating pain is the right term, but at some point the pain does change from annoying localized pain and stiffness to more shooting pain.

What’s more frustrating than the injury itself is that I was on track to be back in shape. I had three solid training weeks in August, the 10 day mountain trail blitzkrieg, and then some more decent training and long runs once I got back. With me sitting here plumping up and losing fitness, that all seems for naught.