Vasque Transistor FS Winners

Vasque logoCongrats to the five winners in iRunFar’s Vasque FootSync contest. If you’ve won, please contact us as soon as possible with your size and shipping address. We’ll be looking for your feedback in about a month, but will fill you in on the details once we know your Vasque Transistor FSs are on the way.

Vasque Transistor FSThe winners of the Transistors are:

  • Eric G., Briarcliff Manor, NY
  • Jeremy H., Anchorage, AK
  • Professor Schrager, Ivory Tower
  • Paul R., Phoenix, AZ
  • Kirstin C., Washington, DC

Thanks to everyone who participated. We really enjoyed reading the creative set of comments with which y’all responded. If you did not win, rest assured that there will be many more iRunFar contests in the coming months, so come on back!

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  1. Michael Helton

    Congratz to the winners…lucky bastages :-)

    I do have one question for the testers or Brian Hall:

    Looking at the video and the last, is this shoe only for heel strikers?

    1. Brian Hall


      We give equal attention to shock attenuation to the forefoot and heel in the Transistor. The video is a little misleading because it was made early last year while we were still in development and we didn't have the forefoot completly sussed out, so it only shows the heel cushioning in animation. The forefoot cushioning works on the same principle of having negative space built into the strike zone, giving the midsole material somewhere to move to or controlled deformation. Basically it is a material property (high rebound EVA) plus a mechanical propery (structured negative space or voids) working in conjuction to lessen impact forces. We take the view that trail running isn't a repetitive action like road running. While there may be long sections where you strike one way or the other, running technical sections usually pushes you onto your forefeet to be more nimble and have quicker turnover. Running down steep hills can push you towards using your heel as a brake, so we engineered this shoe to be an equal opportunity attenuator.

  2. Michael Helton

    Brian, thank you for your response. After watching some of the other Vasque youtube videos (like the Fit Master) I was honestly leaning away from even trying out Vasque since I have a midfoot strike. However, your response is heartening these shoes are of interest to me.

    Is there anywhere I can go to get actual specs on the Transistor or other Vasque trail shoes? I am specifically interested in the measurements for the heel and forefoot to determine their forward lean. It looks fairly pronounced, but it is hard to tell in pics because of the sole wrapping.

    Thank you.

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