Ups and Downs

I’ve been horrible about blogging of late. Truth be told, I’ve had a rough stretch of it of late. I was sick for for a week starting xmas day and then I was physically exhausted for a week. (I think partly work related and partly 43 mile run in the mountains related.) Anyways, the impetus for this post is the apparent sudden upwelling in my connections with the ultrarunning community, both in the DC metro area and across the country. Following the lose of some running friends over the past couple years due to them moving away, I’m very excited to be building some new running friendships around here. I also have a really good feeling that I’ll make many new friends and acquaintances through my new team. My pending trip exemplifies all this. I can’t wait to hang out with some old ultrarunning friends as well as meet some new ones. Aloha y’all.