Timothy Olson Pre-2013 Tarawera Ultra Interview

A video interview with Timothy Olson before the 2013 Tarawera Ultramarathon.

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For the first time since the Run Rabbit Run 100 in September 2012, Timothy Olson will be going full-steam ahead at the Tarawera Ultramarathon. In the following interview, Timothy talks about taking a break after Run Rabbit Run, easing back into running, his current fitness, and what he’s looking forward to racing this year.

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Timothy Olson Pre-2013 Tarawera Ultramarathon Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here before the Tarawera Ultra with Timothy Olson. How are you, Timothy?

Timothy Olson: Wonderful. How are you?

iRF: I’m doing alright. Long trip over here for you and Krista?

Olson: Yes, long red-eye flight, but we got some good sleep on the way. We kind of twisted around a little bit in there, and now we’ve had a few days to chill. I’m ready to go tomorrow.

iRF: You’ve been pretty good about… after Run Rabbit Run last year, you took some time off.

Olson: Yes, I’m feeling good and fresh and ready for 2013. That was about a month after our son was born, so after that I kind of just laid low. I took over a month of no running and the past few months I’ve been getting back into it. My legs are feeling fresh, and I’ve put in enough miles to run 100k.

iRF: You’ve done a couple races since then: a low-key one with your wife (The North Face 50k)…

Olson: Yes, The North Face 50k, which we called our date night and we went for a good six-hour run. It was probably the most time we had spent with each other in a long time.

iRF: At least without your child…

Olson: Without our child… yes, so that was wonderful. Then I’ve had a few other races early this year: the Bandera 50k and the Ray Miller 50-mile. They were little tune-ups to get ready for this.

iRF: So this has been a focus for you?

Olson: Yes, I’d say I’ve definitely focused a little bit more on my training. I guess I get the question now about what do I do for a living? I guess I’m a runner, an ultrarunner. I’ve basically been doing that and being a Mr. Mom. It’s been a nice balance, and I’ve been getting lots of running in.

iRF: Unlike a lot of the other North American runners who raced all year through TNF Endurance Challenge in San Francisco in December, and are just coming out of their off season now, you’re sort of gearing back up and…

Olson: Yes, I think I sort of laid a nice foundation of some good miles, slower, just kind of slogging through the snow in Ashland. Then this past month it’s warmed up, so I can get a lot higher on the peaks without as much snow. I’ve laid a little bit more tempos and speed to get ready for this.

iRF: A little less shirt?

Olson: Yes, a little less shirt. I’ve been working on my tan.

iRF: Well you’ll get a chance to do that tomorrow for sure. Since the last time we chatted at least on the video camera, you’ve joined The North Face. Tell me a little about that.

Olson: Yes, that’s been the switch for 2013, and I’m really excited about it. Like this, the opportunity to get out to see the world running… The North Face—it has just been an awesome thing to be on their team. Some good teammates to join and explore the world… I’m excited about it and excited to work with them. As most people know, they have things dialed in and I like shoes. I’m looking forward to talking with them about shoes and working with their research-and-development team and get something that works well for me and see what I can do in 2013.

iRF: Nice. You do have a race tomorrow, but joining TNF team, you’ll have a lot or more international travel. What is your general calendar looking like?

Olson: Here, and Sonoma in a month, which is in the States, and, then, Transvulcania. I’m really excited for that one—the depth of that field, like this, is just outstanding. I’m really looking forward to traveling over there and checking that out and being part of skyrunning. From there…

iRF: Will we see you in Squaw Valley probably?

Olson: Yes, you’ll see me at Western States. I’ve got to go and defend the title and hopefully not get my butt kicked. No, I’ll be ready. That will be a focus. Then from that, I’m not exactly sure. For that month, I’ll see how the body heals, then to UTMB, which I’m really excited about. I’ve never been to Europe, so I’m really excited to check that out and be by the massive Mt. Blanc and run in three countries. It’s going to be amazing.

iRF: It will be awesome. We’ll be seeing a ton of you this year, Timothy. Best of luck tomorrow and through the whole year.

Olson: Thank you very much.

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