This Week In Running (Week of 3/14 & 3/15)

We’re back with yet another edition of This Week In Running, and this week we preview just a few of […]

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We’re back with yet another edition of This Week In Running, and this week we preview just a few of the many events on tap for the weekend of March 14 and 15, 2009. We have scoured through the race schedule and have picked a small, select group of races to fill our readers in on, including the Coyote Two Moon Ultras, the Way Too Cool 50k and the Land Between the Lakes 50 Mile. Enough small talk…let’s get right to it.

We begin in Los Padres National Forest, Ojai, California. In its second year, the Coyote Two Moon Ultras (offering a 100 mile and 100k) is “designed to both challenge you and entertain our volunteers (through your suffering).” This event is advertised as NOT being for the serious runner. In fact, it “ain’t for the overly serious, so if your friends already berate you for such a ‘tude, consider finding another event at which to throw your dollars.” One of the “not so serious” aspects of this event is the concept of Bonus/Boner Minutes. Yes, acquisition of Bonus minutes will result in faster “official” finish times. The opposite, the acquisition of Boner minutes, will result in slower “official finish times. There are specific ways to acquire these Bonus and Boner minutes, and for more details you will have to check out the race web-site (as they are too numerous to post here). But, we can give you a couple examples. You’ll earn a Bonus minutes for things like participating in pre-event activities, or for certain antics on the course. You’ll earn Boner minutes for for not paying attention to or responding in a timely manner to e-mails from the race director or Zombies. There are currently 56 entrants in the 100k and 63 entrants in the 100 mile.

What is the C2M course like, you ask ? Well, better to give it to you straight from the race web-site:

The simple explanation – Nordhoff Ridge behind Ojai serves as the spine off which seven different trails spider. The 100M’ers will do them all; the 100K’ers will avoid two of them. Since we start on the eastward end of the Ridge, you’ll first capture those trails, and work your way back west to finish with Pratt/Cozy Dell and Gridley trails before making your way back across the Ridge and down Horn Canyon to Thacher/Home/Finish.

Way too cool 50kNext up is the Way too Cool 50k in Cool, California. How popular is this event ? The 2009 race filled to capacity in just 8 minutes and 54 seconds, second only to the 2007 race that filled in 7 minutes and 33 seconds. WOW ! The course consists of 1 mile of paved road and 30 miles of single-track trail and fire roads. The total elevation gain/loss is 3,600 feet. Race director Julie Fingar takes great pride in dubbing this run “the most popular 50k trail run in the U.S.” GU, GU2O, water, Coke or Pepsi, and a complete line of ultra foods are provided at aid stations. This race is chip timed, and results/splits are posted fast (Saturday evening). (Bryon’s race report from his 2007 WTC.) As always, the field will be smokin’ at WTC, so check out Karl Meltzer’s race odds.

Land Between the Lakes 50 Mile 60kLand Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Grand Lakes, Kentucky is the site for this weekend’s Land Between the Lakes 50 Mile (there’s also a 60k, marathon and 23k trail run). The course starts out on paved roads, about 1.7 miles of them, leading runners to the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, where the trail begins. Once on the trail, runners are treated to a scenic, well groomed 11.3 mile loop on mostly single-track, offering many breathtaking views of the lakes, and several short challenging hills. Total elevation change has been measured at 1,119 feet for the 23k, 2,068 feet for the marathon, 3,017 feet for the 60k, and 3,966 feet for the 50 mile. There are sections containing exposed roots and some rock. Aid stations are located every 3 to 4 miles. The weather has been at extremes for the last 5 years of this event. 2004 saw a lightning storm and tons of rain. 2006 had heat and rain. 2008…..7 inches of snow !

The last event on our very short list of events to look at this week is the Delano Park 12 Hour Run, 50 Mile, 50k and Relay in Decatur, Alabama. These events are run on a flat (total elevation gain of less than 10 feet per lap), tree-lined 1-mile loop through Delano Park.

There are also a few marathons to choose from this weekend, including the following:

Saturday, March 14

A Run Through Time (Salida, CO)
Catalina Marathon (Catalina Island, CA)
Larry Yeagle Trail Marathon (Ruston, LA)

Sunday, March 15

Little Rock Marathon (Little Rock, AR)
Coady & Lewis Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon (Seabrook, TX)
Smoky Mountain Left Turn Marathon (Oak Ridge, TN)

As always, you can click on any of the marathons listed above and peruse its website for more information.

That will wrap things up for this week. Be sure to stop by next week for another edition of This Week In Running ! Until then, happy running !

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