This Week In Running: September 20, 2021

This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for September 20, 2021.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRWe’re chasing results all over the world and report on the latest from the Skyrunner World Series, the prize money rich Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile, and other competition around the U.S. and Europe. May “This Week In Running” make your entry into Monday better!

Grigne Skymarathon – Pasturo, Italy

The year’s ninth race in the Skyrunner World Series happened after a delayed start and on a shorter course due to weather concerns. Heavy rains up high limited the course to 23 kilometers with 1,900 meters (6,230 feet) of elevation gain. The original course was so challenging that helmets were initially required.


Hillary Gerardi (USA, living in France) broke the tape in 2:24, winning the race by six minutes. Oihana Azkorbebeitia (Spain) followed six minutes later, and Fabiola Conti (Italy) was third shortly thereafter in 2:31.

Hillary Gerardi Skyrunning World Series Grigne Sky Marathon

Hillary Gerardi is the female champion of the 2021 Grigne Skymarathon. Photo: Skyrunning/Sara Zaccagni


It took a sprint finish, but race local Daniel Antonioli (Italy) was victorious in 1:58. Cristian Minoggio (Italy) was only three seconds behind as runner-up, and Luca Del Pero (Italy) ran 2:00 for third, allowing Italy to sweep the podium.

The win vaults Antonioli to second in the Skyrunner World Series, trailing only series leader Christian Mathys (Switzerland).

Daniel Antonioli Skyrunning World Series Grigne Skymarathon

Daniel Antonioli sprints across the finish to win the the 2021 Grigne Skymarathon. Photo: Skyrunning

Full results.

The next Skyrunner World Series race is the September 26 Gorbeia Suzien race in Spain.

Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Late summer, early fall, the Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile has staked its spot as a prize-money-heavy mountain challenge of the shoulder season.


Addie Bracy avenged a drop at the Western States 100 earlier this year and won the women’s race in 20:23. Her speedy finish was only seven minutes behind of Michele Yates’s 2013 course record, though the course may have changed since then. Bracy earned a $15,000 first-place prize. Alissa St Laurent (Canada) and Emily Caldwell raced to second- and third-place 21:01 and 21:19 runs. St Laurent was second here in 2016 too, then in 22:38, and Caldwell was building from a fifth-place run at this year’s Speedgoat 50k.

Addie Bracy - Run Rabbit Run 100 Female Champion

Addie Bracy, the 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile women’s champion, crosses the finish line. Photo: Paul Nelson/Trail Junkie Photos

Run Rabbit Run Emily Caldwell Third Place - Paul Nelson Trail Junkie Photos

Emily Caldwell after finishing third for the women at the 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile. Photo: Paul Nelson/Trail Junkie Photos


Fourteen hours into the race Dave Stevens (Canada) started to break from Anthony Costales, and the two carried those finish positions to 18:01 and 18:39 marks. Stevens, just like women’s winner Bracy, won $15,000. He has some experience running 100 milers – he ran 15:39 for second at the 2018 Javelina Jundred, but for Costales, this was his first 100-mile finish. Jeff Mogavero made a big push to collect Costales, never getting all the way there, but finishing third in 18:48.

iRunFar reported on deeper results from the race separately.

Full results.

Dave Stevens - Run Rabbit Run 100 Male Champion

Dave Stevens, the 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile men’s champion, crosses the finish line. Photo: Paul Nelson/Trail Junkie Photos

Run Rabbit Run Anthony Costales Second Place - Paul Nelson Trail Junkie Photos

Men’s second-place finisher Anthony Costales at the 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile. Photo: Paul Nelson/Trail Junkie Photos

Additional Races and Runs

Volcano Ultramarathon Iceland – Reykjavík, Iceland

The race went for six stages across seven days and totaling 280k (174 miles). Carolina Turner (U.K.) and Chema Martinez (Spain) won the adventure in 23:56 and 21:17, respectively. Full results (when available).

Ultra-Trail du Haut-Giffre – Samoëns, France

Estelle Patou (France) and Yannick Noël (France) won the 96k race with 6,800 meters (22,300 feet) of gain in 18:00 and 13:28. Noémie Grandjean (France) and Arnaud Lejeune (France) won the accompanying 51k in 7:51 and 6:43. Full results.

100 Millas Por Donde Camina El Oso – Cangas del Narcea, Spain

The first-ever “100 Miles Where The Bear Walks” hosted five race distances over three days in northwestern Spain. There was just a single female 100-mile finisher, Carolina Palicio Varela (Spain) in 31:26. The men’s best was Pablo Ramos Suarez (Spain) in 27:33. The 65k race was most competitive though with Azara Garcia (Spain) and Pablo Villa (Spain) winning in 6:40 and 6:03. Full results.

Trail des Dents-du-Midi – Champéry, Switzerland

Just like Villa above, Tom Owens (U.K.) came back from a UTMB drop too. He won the 32k Trail des Dents-du-Midi race in 3:18 alongside women’s best Martsje Hell (Netherlands) and her 4:10 finish. Full results.

Tor des Géants – Aosta Valley, Italy

iRunFar earlier covered the race mainstay 330k (205 miles) distance, highlighting wins by Silvia Trigueros (Spain) and Franco Collé (Italy) in 89:57 and 66:43. In the super-long 450k (280 miles), Stephanie Case (Canada) and Luca Papi (France) won the week-long adventure in 155:05 and 138:18. Full results.

Plain 100 Mile – Plain, Washington

Rachel Entrekin was the women’s winner of the no-frills Plain 100 Mile. The race is notorious for runners going it totally alone – no pacers, crews, or aid stations at all. She finished in 27:46. Men’s winner was Luke Nelson in 28:13 finish. Full results.

Berkeley Trail Adventure 50k – Berkeley, California

Katherine Song and Daniel Kono won Inside Trail’s Berkeley Trail Adventure 50k with 5:24 and 4:52 winning times. The race is held right next to the city in Tilden Regional Park and Wildcat Canyon. Full results.

Golden Bears Ears Ultra – Monticello, Utah

The Mad Moose Events Golden Bears Ears Ultra took place outside of Monticello, Utah in the Abajo Mountains for the first time this fall, and hosted 55k and 30k distances. In the 55k, Heather Hoechst and Andrew Butterworth took home wins in 6:19 and 5:37, respectively. For the 30k, it was Keri Nelson and Gerald Romero who came away with victory in 3:00 and 2:44, respectively. Full results.

Cirque Series – Grand Targhee, Wyoming

The short-course Cirque Series concluded its year with a 7.1-mile course totaling 2,212 feet of elevation gain.  Janelle Lincks won again, edging Sophia Laukli. The two ran 1:01.08 and 1:01.35. Sam Hendry won the men’s race in 55:15, and it too was close. Michelino Sunseri was just behind in 55:51. Both Laukli and Hendry are collegiate Nordic skiers. Full results.

Mountain RATS 55k – Eagle, Colorado

Molly Delallo dipped under the six-hour mark as first female, winning in 5:59. Men’s champ Jeremy Scanlan finished in 5:20. Full results.

Aspen Golden Leaf Half Marathon – Aspen, Colorado

Morgan Arritola and Joseph Demoor raced downhill from Snowmass to Aspen in 1:41 and 1:23. Demoor, on this year’s U.S. Mountain Running Team, won by nearly 12 minutes. Full results.

Barkley Fall Classic 50k – Wartburg, Tennessee

Social media points that Andrea Larson and Michael Dubova won the Barkley Fall Classic 50k. The race happened, at least partially, in heavy rain. Many runners hoping to one day run the infamous Barkley Marathons (approximately 100 miles, no one really knows) attempt this shorter race, to get a taste of Frozen Head State Park. Full results (when available).

Grindstone 100 Mile – Swoope, Virginia

Official results from the Grindstone 100 Mile haven’t yet hit the web, but social media reports share that, on a hot and humid day, Heather DoughertyAsh Walsh, and Christine O’Gorman filled the women’s podium with one-two-three finishes. Danny Mathieson won the men’s race in 20:02. Bobby Herrington and John Andersen were second and third. The race is both a Western States and Hardrock 100 qualifier. Full results (when available).

Georgia Jewel 100 Mile – Dalton, Georgia

Jen Herringdine and Miller Groome led the Georgia Jewel 100 Mile (distinct from the also Georgia-run Cruel Jewel 100 Mile run in May) with 24:15 and 20:02 finish times. Shannon Wheeler-Deboef and Chris Thaxton won the 50-mile race in 10:22 and 9:30, respectively. Full results.

Kilkenny Ridge Race 50 Mile – Stark, New Hampshire

Nicole Yokum went oh-so-close to the course record at the third Kilkenny Ridge Race 50 Mile. Her 13:46 was only three seconds off the course best from 2019. Men’s winner Ben Quatromoni finished in 11:52. Full results.

Marji Gesick 100 Mile – Ishpeming, Michigan

The Marji Gesick has both trail run and mountain bike options at the 50-mile and 100-mile distances, challenging competitors to “Find your limits and destroy them,” in the surprisingly technical terrain of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Those who drop out of the race aren’t marked with DNF, but with #QUITTER – and quitters there were many!  Sarah Pruss was the first (and only) woman to finish the 100 miler in 38:53 and Jake Rankinen took home the men’s 100-mile crown in 27:22. Ishpeming local Jennifer Nutini took home the 50-miler win for women in 15:58 while Nic Giebler won for the men in 13:21.

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