This Week In Running: October 19, 2015

This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRA USATF national championship this weekend, and another one next weekend: we’ve got both covered. We also highlight the conclusion of the 2015 Skyrunner World Series and a number of other regional events around the U.S. in this week’s column.

Lake Padden Trail Half – Bellingham, Washington

Patrick Smyth repeated as race winner and as USATF Trail Half Marathon National Champion. Smyth finished the circuit well clear of the field in 1:18:29. With the course difficulty increased, it was over three minutes off his time from last year.

Patrick Smyth - 2015 USATF Trail Half Marathon National Champion

Patrick Smyth, 2015 USATF Trail Half Marathon National Champion. Photo: USA Mountain Running Team

Andy Wacker was second in 1:22:12, and then doubled back to finish fifth in the next day’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon in 1:09:55.

A week after winning big at the Warrior Dash World Championship, Max King was third in 1:22:35, Tim Tollefson was fourth in 1:24:21, and Jared Bassett was fifth in 1:25:00.

U.S. mountain running team members Kimber Mattox and Allison Morgan ruled the women’s race with 1:32:20 and 1:34:02 marks. Like King, the pair also took part in last weekend’s Warrior Dash event, finishing second and fourth, respectively.

Joining the two on the women’s podium were Ladia Albertson-Junkens in 1:36:24, YiOu Wang in 1:36:37, and Camelia Mayfield in 1:37:51. Defending champion Maria Dalzot finished eighth.

Full results.

Kimber Mattox - 2015 USATF Trail Half Marathon National Champion

Kimber Mattox, 2015 USATF Trail Half Marathon National Champion. Photo: USA Mountain Running Team

Limone Extreme Vertical K and Skyrace – Limone, Italy

The late-season surge of Switzerland’s Rémi Bonnet has been remarkable. Just 20 years old, Bonnet got a late start on the Skyrunner World Series but finished with three wins in the Sky division and two in the Vertical K class. Here, at the conclusion of the Skyrunner Sky and Vertical K world series divisions, Bonnet won both, just as he did at Montana’s The Rut in September. Lacking participation in a continental championship event, he finished outside the top places in the Sky rankings, but was the Vertical K world series champion.

Vertical K
The Vertical K course was changed due to weather, but that didn’t stop the strong competition.

Bonnet’s Vertical K win came in 43:51, nine seconds up on runner-up Urban Zemmer of Italy, and 22 ahead of third-place Stia Hovind-Angermund from Norway.

Immediately trailing Bonnet in the Vertical K series rankings were Slovenia’s Neic Kuhar and third-place Ferran Teixido, of Andorra.

The women’s Vertical K saw France’s Christel Dewalle repeat as race champion, leading in 50:48. She was followed by Italy’s Antonella Confortola Wyatt in 53:12 and Spain’s Maite Maiora in 53:46.

Spain’s Laura Orgué was assured of the series win beforehand and did not participate in the Vertical K here. Finishing second and third in the world series were Norway’s Yngvild Kaspersen and Spain’s Maiora.

Like the VK, weather preceding the race forced a course reroute, stretching an already tough course to 24.3 kilometers (15.1 miles) with 2,800 meters (9,186 feet) of elevation gain.

Bonnet again ruled the men’s race, finishing first in 2:45. He won three of the final four Sky races in the world series. Italy’s Tadei Pivk was second in 2:51 and Spain’s Manuel Merillas was third in 2:52.

Remi Bonnet - 2015 Limone Extreme Skyrace champion

Rémi Bonnet, 2015 Limone Extreme Skyrace champion. Photo: Ian Campbell

Pivk and Merillas held their pre-race world-series positions, finishing first and second.

Laura Orgué, already the women’s Vertical K world champion, won the women’s Sky race in 3:18, just 17 seconds ahead of Maiora. Spain’s Oihana Kortazar was third in 3:22.

As with Pivk, Orgué led the world-series rankings entering this race, and exited as series champion. Maiora would finish third in the world series behind Italy’s Elisa Desco.

Skyrunning regular Stevie Kremer did not contest the final race and instead won the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon in 1:20:57.

iRunFar covered the Skyrace separately. Check out our results article.

Full results.

Laura Orgue - 2015 Limone Extreme Skyrace champion

Laura Orgue – 2015 Limone Extreme Skyrace and Skyrunner World Series Sky division champion. Photo: Ian Campbell

Other Races

Ann Trason‘s second-year Overlook Endurance Runs takes in some of the best of the Western States Trail. Zach Bitter and Tracy Hoeg won the 30k race. At the time of this writing, it wasn’t yet clear who was victorious in the 50k event. Full results (when available).

The flat and fast Des Planes River Trail Races in Illinois crowned Karl Mayer and Jennifer Lockrem as 50-mile race winners in 6:47 and 7:23. Full results.

The New River is one of the oldest rivers in the world, and the New River Trail Race 50k in Virginia took in much of this scenery. Vladimir Banas and Annette Bednosky outpaced the competition with 3:47 and 4:11 winning times. Full results.

North Carolina’s third annual WC 50 Ultra Marathon takes in a series of loops on the U.S. National Whitewater Center’s trails. In the 50-mile race, it was Christian Messerschmidt and Alicia Heyne up front in 9:48 and 9:55. Over 50k, it was Kent St. John and Pepper Kovats who were victorious in 4:46 and 6:00. Full results.

California’s Twin Peaks 50 Mile gains 15,000 feet of elevation, all over the first 42 miles. Race winners were Mario Martinez and Desyi Osegueda in 9:09 and 10:32, respectively. Top results.

Racing through Oregon’s Tillamook Forest, Kyle Ormsby and Ashley Nordell  were race winners at the Elk Kings 50k in 4:24 and 5:14. Full results.

Dave James won the Cave Creek Thriller 50k in Arizona in 4:18. Erica Smith was first female in 5:28. Both were just minutes off the course-record times. Full results.

The North Face Endurance Challenge held a number of races in Chile. Over 160k, Enzo Ferrari and Marlene Flores were tops in 23:00 and 26:49.

Next Weekend – Fall 50 Mile – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

For the second year in a row, the Fall 50 Mile in Door County, Wisconsin will be the USATF 50-mile Road National Championships. Five weeks after winning the IAU 100k World Championships, Camille Herron had planned to target an American record. Although now aware that the point-to-point course is not record eligible, Herron will still line up and likely chase a very fast time.

For the men, 2014 champion Tyler Sigl will return and look to best his 5:32 time from last year. Sigl won The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile – Wisconsin three weeks ago. In addition to the national championship bragging rights, a $2,000 first-place cash prize will be awarded.

Next Weekend – La Diagonale des Fous – Reunion Island

iRunFar will preview the race separately. Stay tuned!

Next  Weekend – Les Templiers – Millau, France

iRunFar will preview the race separately and cover it live. Stay tuned!

Other Trail and Ultra News

The Western States 100 Mile has been active with a series of announcements. Tropical John Medinger is the new board president, the race will be cupless in 2016, and Montrail, title sponsor since 2007, has exited and so too has the Montrail Ultra Cup. In its place, six “Golden Ticket Races” will offer automatic-qualifying opportunities but no series prize money. The Golden Ticket Races include:

  • Bandera 100k (Texas) – January 9, 2016
  • Sean O’Brien 100k (California) – February 6, 2016
  • Black Canyon 100k (Arizona) – February 13, 2016
  • Georgia Death Race – March 19, 2016
  • Gorge Waterfalls 100k (Oregon) – April 2, 2016
  • Lake Sonoma 50 Mile (California) – April 9, 2016

Apart from the addition of the Georgia Death Race, each of the races was previously part of the 2015 Montrail Ultra Cup.

In each race, two WS100 entries will be allotted to the top-two men and women. In the event that one of the top-two finishers is already entered into the 2016 race or decides not to accept the spot, the entries can slide down as far as fifth place. In total, the Golden Ticket Races will potentially provide 12 WS100 entries to top runners of each gender.

Call for Comments

  • Let’s hear it, what other races took place this weekend?
Justin Mock

is a family man, finance man, and former competitive runner. He gave his 20s to running, and ran as fast as 2:29 for the marathon and finished as high as fourth at the Pikes Peak Marathon. His running is now most happy with his two dogs on the trails and peaks near his home west of Denver.

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  1. ClownRunner

    There should be 6 qualifying races from these 6 areas: Oregon, Minnesota, New York, Georgia, Texas, California. Equi-distant opportunity for all! :)

  2. Andy

    Bimblers Bluff 50k, directed by RAT Race Timing expert Jerry Turk, ran it's 8th iteration yesterday. 32.5 miles of beautiful, hilly, rocky, rooty fall foliage in south-central CT, won by Neil Clauson (4:49) and Amy Steffen (5:46). Although a good bit slower than the CR (roughly 4:15), the times give you some idea of the course difficulty. Blustery temps, bright skies, dry trails, and even a few snow flurries, made for a super outing. Long sleeve jerseys, the requisite pint glass and, new this year, a Bluff 50k cap, capped off a great race day. And the quote by William Barclay on the back of the jersey reveals RD Jerry's poetic side: "Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory."

  3. klickteig

    Also, the Wild Duluth 100K (the finale of the Gnarly Bandit series) was this past week. Adam Rood was one of the finishers of the Gnarly Bandit series. I am not sure if results are up yet or not.

  4. bkmiller76

    Overlook Endurance 50k winners were Brian Miller from El Dorado Hills, CA in a time of 3:59 and Alicia Woodside from Vancouver for the women (not sure of her finishing time).

  5. @Speedgoatkarl

    What I still don't understand is why not a 100 mile qualifying race for a 100 mile race? I don't get it. Granted, it has nothing to do with Irunfar's wonderful coverage, but still. Still a wierd concept in my silly opinion. Great work with coverage as always.

  6. EvanKimber

    The second annual Indian Creek Fifties were held in the foothills west of Sedalia, CO on Saturday, October 17th by Human Potential Running Series. The 52 Mile male winner was Patrick Stewart in 8:47, and the female winner was Gwen Golaszewski in 10:50. For the 55K version, James Walsh was the male winner in 5:02, with Stephanie Gore taking the win for the ladies in 6:40.

    RD John Lacroix implements a different practice that involves no rewards for the winners, but instead gives a reward to the "DFL" of each event. He also drew a bib at random at 8pm that night who receives $400 if they are still present ($200 if they went home). I happened to be that lucky man (though I did go home so I got half). :)

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