This Week In Running: May 9, 2022

This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for May 9, 2022.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRThe Skyrunner World Series started up in France, the week-long Cocodona 250 Mile wrapped in Arizona, and Camille Herron broke a long-standing course record in rural Tennessee. It’s another Monday and we’ve got all of that — and more — going to start the week.

SkyRace des Matheysins – Saint-Honoré, France

The first of 13 Skyrunner World Series races ran 25 kilometers (15 miles) with 1,980 meters (6,500 feet) of elevation gain. As expected from a skyrunning race, it was especially technical.


It was an all French men’s podium, but Sylvain Cachard was way out front. The 23-year-old finished in 2:15, and that was more than 10 minutes better than everyone else.

Johann Baujard and Loic Robert were second and third in 2:26, 10 seconds apart.

The winner of so many skyraces last year, Christian Mathys (Switzerland) was only fourth in 2:27 to start this year’s series.

Several other distances also featured and Germain Grangier (France) won the 42k race in 4:27.

Sylvain Cachard - 2022 SkyRace des Matheysins champion

Sylvain Cachard after winning the 2022 SkyRace des Matheysins. Photo: Skyrunner World Series


Julie Roux (France) just slipped under the three-hour mark with a 2:56 win, and Iris Pessey (France) and Lindsay Webster (Canada) were second and third in 3:02 and 3:03. Webster is a prolific obstacle course race winner who’s committed to skyrunning this year.

Hillary Gerardi (USA, lives in France) was seventh in 3:05.

Sigrid Montigny (France) topped the marathon-distance run in 5:49.

Full results.

The next Skyrunner World Series race is the May 28 Madeira Skyrace in Portugal.

Julie Roux - 2022 SkyRace des Matheysins champion

Julie Roux, 2022 SkyRace des Matheysins champion. Photo: Skyrunner World Series

Cocodona 250 Mile – Prescott, Arizona

A wildfire forced a change to the front 60 miles of the course, but things still went off for 250 miles of adventure, all starting on Monday, May 2, and finishing in Flagstaff on Saturday. iRunFar dug into the race earlier too.


Joe McConaughy clipped the 60-hour mark, winning the race with a first-place, 59:28 finish. An elated McConaughy shared afterward on social media, “I signed up for the Cocodona 250 Mile race because I love the desert, love the running community, and value the experience that I share with friends and family. Cocodona 250 delivered.”

Two-hundred-mile veteran Michael McKnight was second in 65:39, and Matt Smith was third in 73:01.

2021 winner Michael Versteeg did not finish.

Joe McConaughy - Stringbean - 2022 Cocodona 250 Mile champion 2

Joe McConaughy aka Stringbean on his way to winning the 2022 Cocodona 250 Mile. Photo courtesy of Joe McConaughy.


Annie Hughes, the 2021 Leadville 100 Mile winner, dominated the women’s run with a 71:10 result. She’s just 24 years old.

Lauren Jones was second in 78:34, and 2021 finisher Sarah Ostaszewski came back with a third-place 84:21.

Full results.

Annie Hughes - 2022 Cocodona 250 Mile champion

Annie Hughes crossing the line as 2022 Cocodona 250 Mile champion. Photo: Alex Potter

Quad Rock 50 Mile – Fort Collins, Colorado

The popular Gnar Runners race runs two laps around Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park, totaling 11,000 feet of elevation gain.


Only after 30 miles did Jonathan Rea start to separate from Drew Holmen, and even then, only six minutes split the two frontrunners at the finish. Rea won in 7:23 and Holmen chased to second in 7:30. The two were way up on everyone else. Michael Mitchell was third in 9:05.

The 25 miler ran quick, too, with less than three minutes gap between the lead trio. Seth Ruhling won in 3:16, Jeff Colt was second in 3:18, and Justin Grunewald was third in 3:19. Ruhling made up a minute deficit in the last eight miles to jump into the lead.


Jane Maus was out front all race and finished first in 9:36. Caroline Veltri Baker and Diane Bergstedt came through in 10:41 and 11:24 for second and third.

Ashley Brasovan dominated the women’s 25-mile race in 3:49, setting a new course record. Shayna Barbash and Debbie Isen were second and third in 4:18 and 4:28, respectively.

Full results.

Additional Races and Runs

Wings for Life World Run – The World

The eighth annual run has a unique format with a chaser car slowly accelerating its pace until runners are caught and eliminated. The event happens simultaneously all over the world. Jo Fukuda (Japan) totaled 64.4 kilometers to win for the men, and Nina Zarina (USA) lasted the longest for the women with 56 kilometers run. Other familiar names in the results included Thomas Evans (U.K.), who was fifth for the men with 63.4 kilometers, and Dominika Stelmach (Poland), also fifth for the women with 48.2 kilometers. Full results.

Margaret River Ultra Marathon – Hamelin Bay, Australia

A huge field of some 1,500 runners, including relays, took part in the event’s fifth running. It all happened along the Cape to Cape coastline in southwestern Australia, and on an 80k point-to-point route. Both Josh Chugg and Anna McKenna set new course records in the men’s and women’s races in 6:40 and 7:09. Full results.

Josh Chugg - 2022 Margaret River Ultra Marathon champion

Josh Chugg, 2022 Margaret River Ultra Marathon champion. Photo: Rapid Ascent and Photos4Sale

Anna McKenna - 2022 Margaret River Ultra Marathon champion

Anna McKenna, 2022 Margaret River Ultra Marathon champion. Photo: Rapid Ascent and Photos4Sale

Trail Napoleon – Corsica, France

It was the 20th year for the event, but the first year for the 66k (41 miles) distance. Lambert Santelli (France) ran out front in 6:43, and Emmanuelle Moracchini led the women’s field in 9:09. Over the 43k distance, Noel Giordano and Anne-Lise Rousset Séguret won in 3:51 and 4:31, respectively. Full results.

Miwok 100k – Stinson Beach, California

Dylan Bowman won the 25th Miwok 100k men’s race in 8:54, and Audrey Lawrence topped the women in 11:06. Full results.

Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile – Buena Vista, Colorado

Kristian Blew was the first man home in 8:44, while Zoë Rom won for the women in 8:30. Over 25 miles, Max Robinson and Kristina Mascarenas won in 3:08 and 3:31. Full results.

Greenland Trail Races 50k – Larkspur, Colorado

Giff Walters and Chavet Hills won the multi-loop race between Denver and Colorado Springs. The two ran 4:01 and 5:30. Full results.

Thunderbunny 50k – Athens, Ohio

Caleb Bowen stepped over the border from West Virginia and rolled to a 4:14 winning time. Local runner Clarissa Hitchon was alongside on top of the podium at 6:02. Daniel Brown and Jennifer Brewer took the 25k in 2:30 and 2:42. And then the 11k race was also the Collegiate Trail Running National Championships, and collegiate — and overall — winners were Joshua Park and Hannah Kemp in 44:54 and 50:45. Full results.

Glacier Ridge 50 Mile – Portersville, Pennsylvania

Christopher Dudek and Michelle Pede championed the 50-mile race in 8:26 and 9:53. Over 50k, Ethan Swope was the first man in 4:44 while Lauren Worrell won for the women in 4:43. Full results.

Strolling Jim 40 Mile – Wartrace, Tennessee

Harvey Lewis was first man home in 4:47. Camille Herron did more than stroll. She nipped a 2011 Leah Thorvilson course record. Herron finished in 4:44, 48 seconds better than the old mark, to win the women’s race. Full results.

Snowdon SkyRace – Snowdonia, U.K.

The 40k Snowdon SkyRace took place under dry, sunny conditions. Andrew Lamont (U.K.) was victorious for the men in 5:52, while Anwen Darlington (Wales) took the women’s race in 7:07. The 24k Copper SkyTrail saw Brian Sharp (Scotland) win for the men in 3:07 and iRunFar’s own editor Sarah Brady (Ireland) won the women’s race in 3:44. Full results.

Andrew Lamont - 2022 Snowdon SkyRace champion

Andrew Lamont, 2022 Snowdon SkyRace champion. Photo: Evan Davies

Anwen Darlington - 2022 Snowdon SkyRace champion

Anwen Darlington scrambling up Crib Goch, on her way to winning the 2022 Snowdon SkyRace. Photo: Evan Davies

Hellbender 100 Mile – Old Fort, North Carolina

Jonathan Ibach and Marisa Romeo were victorious in 22:53 and 26:15. Full results.

Seven Sisters Trail Race – Mt. Holyoke State Park, Massachusetts

The race celebrated for the 30th year, and Matt Lipsey celebrated for the fourth time. The now four-time winner won the 12-mile men’s race in 1:45, and Carmen Bango won for the women in 2:15. Full results.

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