This Week In Running: June 7, 2021

This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for June 7, 2021.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRFrance and Switzerland brought some big-time racing to the calendar, and a world record was set in Poland. Those European highlights top this week’s roster, and races in Washington, Ohio, and Virginia fill the round-up.

Trail du Ventoux – Bédoin, France

It happened later than usual and on a different course adding up to about 45 kilometers, but the 19th Trail du Ventoux again marked the year’s opener for the French sub-section of the Golden Trail Series.


Thomas Cardin (France) opened a big lead in the race’s second half and finished in 3:39. French runners Julien Michelon and Germain Grangier were second and third in 3:47 and 3:48.

Deeper results included several other familiar names:

  • Andy Symonds (U.K.) — 4th, 3:50
  • Kevin Vermuelen (Switzerland) — 5th, 3:50
  • Sylvain Court (France) — 8th, 3:57
  • Ludovic Pommeret (France) — 9th, 3:57
2021 Trail du Ventoux mens podium

The top-five men at the 2021 Trail du Ventoux. Photo: Trail du Ventoux


Katie Schide (USA, living in France) was the best of the class in 4:19. Both Mathilde Sagnes (France) and Julie Roux (France) finished in 4:24, with Sagnes in front for second place.

Full results.

2021 Trail du Ventoux womens podium

The top-four women at the 2021 Trail du Ventoux. Photo: Trail du Ventoux

Swiss Canyon Trail – Sainte-Croix, Switzerland

It was the 25th Swiss Canyon Trail race and three distances—including two ultramarathons—were contested. The 51k race was the Swiss national championship.


French runners Benoit Girondel and Hugo Deck finished the challenging 111k (70 miles) race together in 11:02. The relentless course gained 5,550 meters (18,200 feet) of elevation over a giant loop.

Jean-Philippe Tschumi was third in 11:10, and deeper results included several familiar names:

  • Sange Sherpa (Nepal, living in France) — 5th, 11:44
  • Diego Pazos (Switzerland) — 7th, 11:52
  • Arnaud Lejeune (France) — 8th, 11:59
  • Jordi Gamito (Spain) — 9th, 12:24

The top-three men in the 51k race all went under four hours. Rémy Gardier (Belgium), Baptiste Chassagne (France), and Ramon Manetsch (Switzerland) finished in quick succession in 3:57, 3:58, and 3:59.


There would be no tie in the women’s race. Laurence Yerly (Switzerland) escaped countrywoman Caroline Muller for the win, 14:15 to 14:44. Ophelie Rossignol (France) was third in 15:00.

2021 Swiss Canyon Trail 111k women's podium

The 2021 Swiss Canyon Trail 111k women’s podium. Photo: Swiss Canyon Trail

The 51k also had a clear winner. Emma Pooley (Switzerland) finished out front in 4:16, 16 minutes up on her closest chaser. Second- and third-place Sara Escobar Carbon (Switzerland) and Ariane Wilhem (Switzerland) closed the loop in 4:32 and 4:33, respectively.

Full results.

Additional Races and Runs

Orlen Ultra Challenge – Pogodna, Poland

Patrycja Bereznowska (Poland) set a new women’s 72-hour world record. The famed ultrarunner added to her long list of achievements with 284 total miles over the fixed time. Ria Buiten (Netherlands) held the former mark–279 miles–for 21 years. Full results

Scout Mountain Ultras — Pocatello, Idaho

After a year’s hiatus, the trio of races at the Scout Mountain Ultras was back over the weekend on the public lands of and in record heat for southern Idaho. In the 100-mile distance, Mike McConagle and Lindsey Ulrich were champions in 20:39 and 30:48, respectively. That was a new course record by McConagle. In the 50 miler, Adam Loomis and Leah Ling brought home wins in 8:34 and 11:16. Finally, in the 21 miler, Sam Krieg and Clare Gallagher were winners in 3:18 and 3:20. Gallagher reset her own course record in the process of tuning up to defend her championship of the Western States 100 in a few weekends. Full results.

Vashon Island 50k – Vashon Island, Washington

Racing on the largest island in Puget Sound, Paul Young raced to a 3:46 first-place finish at the Vashon Island 50k.  Women’s winner Meredith Edwards clocked 4:39. Full results.

Red Devil Challenge 50k – Cashmere, Washington

Both Isaiah Ray and Rebecca Windell set course records at the third Red Devil Challenge 50k. The race happened east of Leavenworth on Wenatchee National Forest and through the deep woods Ray and Windell ran 4:50 and 5:02. Runners-up Josh Vander Wiele and Maria Dalzot both ran 5:07 with both also finishing under the previous course best. Full results.

Isaiah Ray, 2021 Red Devil Challenge 50k champion

Isaiah Ray, 2021 Red Devil Challenge 50k champion. Photo: Tad Davis

Becca Windell, 2021 Red Devil Challenge 50k champion

Becca Windell, 2021 Red Devil Challenge 50k champion. Photo: Tad Davis

Echo Valley 50k – Chelan, Washington

Another one for Washington state! It’s not clear who won the men’s race, but Bridget Kamen won the women’s class at the Echo Valley 50k in 5:33. Leave a comment to let everyone know who was the top finisher on the men’s side. Full results.

North Fork 50 Mile – Pine, Colorado

Just west of Denver, the North Fork 50 Mile race takes in a diverse mix of terrain and scenery. Tyler Hagen and Alisyn Hummelberg won the long race in 8:54 and 9:48, respectively, and Sam Beal and Lucy O’Sullivan won the 50k race in 4:17 and 5:19. Full results.

Indy Piston Endurance Run – Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indy Piston Endurance Run group of races is a rare urban ultra, entirely within downtown Indianapolis over a number of laps. Nicholas Martin was top man in the 50k in 5:08, and Jenn Badia-Ranker was the top female finisher in 4:54. Michael Staley won the men’s 50-mile race in 12:42, while for the women it was Lauren McMillen at the front in 9:05. Men’s 100-mile champion Mark Scott looks to be the only finisher of the distance in 15:37. Full results.

Summer Sasquatch 50k – Lore City, Ohio

There have been over 36 reported Bigfoot sightings at Ohio’s Salt Fork State Park, and the Summer Sasquatch 50k plays on this heritage. The 50k went for three laps of the state park and Andrew Ziminski and Crystal Shinosky led everyone in 4:52 and 6:46. Full results.

Dam Yeti 50 Mile -–Damascus, Virginia

Bill Shires and Sara Maltby went for 6:24 and 7:24 runs on the trails just outside of Trail Town USA. The Dam Yeti races also had a 50k contest and here Ron Wireman and Charlotte Zeiler won in 3:31 and 3:39. Zeiler set a new course record. Full results.

Old Dominion 100 Mile – Woodstock, Virginia

The Old Dominion 100 Mile goes way back, and Olivier Leblond and Rachael Spaulding go way fast. It was the race’s 43rd year and Leblond won for the sixth time. The frontrunners’ finish times were not yet known. Full results (when available).

Fort Yargo 50k – Winder, Georgia

Matthew Warriner ringed Fort Yargo State Park twice to win the Fort Yargo 50k. He finished in 4:15, and women’s winner Patty Elangwe won the women’s division in 5:48. Full results.

Race Cancelations

Oregon’s Spence Mountain Run 50k and Washington’s Fragrance Lake 50k were among this weekend’s cancels, and weather kept the Mount Baker 50k in Washington from happening too.

Call for Comments

Results for a few more events are still in the air, and we haven’t yet gotten a Timothy Olson on the Pacific Crest Trail update. Can our readers lend an assist? You know what to do in the comments section.

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