This Week In Running: January 14, 2019

This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRLet’s not ignore what just happened, but wow, next weekend’s race schedule looks great. We’re talking about the HURT 100 MileVibram Hong Kong 100kFASTtrack 24 Hour, and, get this, even the Houston Half Marathon.

Races and Runs

Avalon 50 Mile

Named for the only incorporated city on Catalina Island, off the southern California coast, the Avalon 50 Mile race turned 38, and still had big views and big buffaloes on course. Katherine Weiss edged Asuka Eguchi to win the women’s race in 7:44. Second-place Eguchi was just less than three minutes back. And for the men, Ruperto Romero won in 6:27 with Jacob Jackson next in 7:08. [Update: Earlier reported men’s 50-mile winner Michael Eastburn was later DQed for going off course. We have no further details.] Melissa Penwell and Oswaldo Hurtado won the accompanying 50k in 4:39 and 4:03. Full results.

1/14 Edit – We’ve learned that heavy rains leading up to the race forced a course re-route. The race day course then was 48 miles due to the muddy conditions and first-to-the-finish Eastburn was disqualified due to a missed turn.

2019 Avalon 50 Mile. Rainbows adorn this year’s Avalon 50 Mile. Photo courtesy of Carlee McDot.

Frozen Gnome 50k

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Just west of Chicago, the Frozen Gnome 50k had the requisite snow, both on the ground and in the air. Women’s best Rachel Burke ran 5:19 and men’s winner Coree Woltering set a new course record at 3:53. And yes, snow be damned, Woltering wore a Speedo. Full results.

Steep Ravine 50k

Coastal Trail Runs’ Steep Ravine 50k in the San Francisco Bay Area crowned Gina Myers and Vincent Dimassa as its race winners with 5:52 and 4:10 finish times. Full results.

San Diego 50 Mile

Nicole Judd and Travis Dietrich won the San Diego 50 Mile race in 8:03 and 6:44. For Dietrich, it was a repeat of his 2017 win, and he broke his own course record. Full results.

Next Weekend – HURT 100 Mile – Honolulu, Hawaii

Five 20-mile laps through the rooty Hawaiian jungle, that’s a simple description for the HURT 100 Mile. This year’s race includes a nice mix of returning finishers and newcomers. We like Sabrina Stanley and Trevor Fuchs for the wins.


  • Denise Bourassa – 3rd 2018 San Diego 100 Mile
  • Candice Burt – 2nd 2018 Teanaway Country 100 Mile
  • Kathleen Cusick – 1st 2018 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile
  • Jade de la Rosa – 3rd 2017 Orcas Island 100 Mile
  • Sabrina Stanley – 3rd 2018 HURT 100 Mile; 1st 2018 Hardrock 100 Mile


  • Nickademus de la Rosa – 1st 2017 Orcas Island 100 Mile
  • Trevor Fuchs – 5th 2018 HURT 100 Mile
  • Masazumi Fujioka – 3rd 2018 HURT 100 Mile
  • Matt Hause – 1st 2018 Peacock 55 Mile
  • Tomokazu Ihara – 6th 2017 HURT 100 Mile
  • Nate Jacqua – 3rd 2018 Waldo 100k
  • Alex Nunn – 7th 2018 HURT 100 Mile
  • Brian Oestrike – 4th 2018 HURT 100 Mile
  • Chris Roberts – 4th 2018 Hellgate 100k
  • Paul Terranova – 1st 2018 Chattanooga 100 Mile
  • Michael Wardian – 11th 2018 HURT 100 Mile

Full entrants list.

Next Weekend – FASTtrack 24 Hour – Palatka, Florida

There was a big shakeup on the U.S. 24-hour national team qualifying chart in December, and a pair of former team members are on the outside looking in. Both Aly Allen (née Venti) and Pete Kostelnick will chase their qualifying marks at the FASTtrack 24 Hour race, starting Saturday, January 19 at 6:00 AM on a rubber track. Allen needs to run at least 151.37 miles to bump Pam Smith from the team’s sixth spot, and Kostelnick needs to top Bob Hearn‘s 154.05 miles to do the same.

Current qualifying ranks.

Next Weekend – Houston Half Marathon – Houston, Texas

This column doesn’t cover that many road races, and picks up just a few half marathons, and we never write about road half marathons. But, here we go!

It’s sub 1:04 or bust for Jim Walmsley. He’s chasing an Olympic trials marathon qualifying time, and doing it the hard way. Far fewer qualifiers gain entrance via the more restrictive half marathon benchmark than the full length marathon sub-2:19. Let’s see what Walmsley can do at the Houston Half Marathon on Sunday, January 20.

If successful, he’ll join a small group of Olympic trials marathon men’s qualifiers with some road-trail-ultra crossover, including Anthony CostalesTyler Jermann, Zachary Ornelas, Andy WackerMason Frank, and Cole Watson.

Familiar names among the current group of women’s Olympic trials marathon qualifiers include YiOu WangPolina CarlsonTara RichardsonCamelia Mayfield, and Kasie Enman.

U.S. Olympic trials marathon qualifiers.

Next Weekend – Vibram Hong Kong 100k – Hong Kong, China

The 2019 Ultra-Trail World Tour gets started with a deep field at the Vibram Hong Kong 100k, and iRunFar will be there with live coverage. Look for Chinese runners like Long-Fei YanFu-Zhao Xiang, and Liang Jing to clash with international entrants, including Ekaterina Mityaeva (Russia), Azara García (Spain), Dylan Bowman (USA), and Tom Evans (UK).

Full preview.

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Justin Mock

is a family man, finance man, and former competitive runner. He gave his 20s to running, and ran as fast as 2:29 for the marathon and finished as high as fourth at the Pikes Peak Marathon. His running is now most happy with his two dogs on the trails and peaks near his home west of Denver.

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  1. Rich

    As always, thanks for the weekly roundup, Justin.

    FWIW, the half-marathon qualifying standard was actually lowered to 1:04 for the men this time around because so many men qualified via the half rather than the full for the 2016 OTM. In the 2016 qualifying cycle, 125 men qualified via the half (1:05:00) while only 86 men qualified via the marathon (2:19:00). On the women’s side, it was an opposite story in the 2016 qualifying cycle with 198 women going under the marathon standard (2:45:00) while only 48 women went under the half-marathon standard (1:15:00).

    Nevertheless, given Walmsley’s ultra background, it does certainly seem like he’s taking the more difficult route by going for sub-1:04 rather than 2:19, but he’s a former 4:01 miler, so he’s not lacking for speed either.

    1. Alex

      If you plug his college 5K and 10K PRs into race time predictors, they’ll give 1:03 and change for the half. But of course those are track times, not road. It will be interesting to see how much of that speed he’s held onto during the last several years’ focus on ultras. My guess is he’s going to have trouble beating that 1:04 mark, but who knows – on his best days he’s done some pretty mind-blowing things.

      1. AT

        Jim’s 28, I am confident to believe in a very non professional opinion, he’ll go low 1:02. If this was the 2024 olympic cycle, I wouldn’t be as confident in that prediction. He’s a very, very unique talent. Just look at his stride, good lord..

    2. Mr/Mrs Equal

      Does anyone know why the women’s marathon standard is softer relative to the 1/2 marathon standards?

      If the men’s 2016 1/2 qualifier was 1:05 and the women’s was 1:15 wouldn’t it makes sense that with the men’s marathon qualifier being 2:19 the women’s standard should have been 2:39? Why did they get an additional 6 minutes?

  2. John Vanderpot

    Looks like there was a DQ out at Avalon, which would give 50-something Ruperto the win — let’s hear it for the “old” guys!

  3. Dominick Layfield

    You overlooked the excitement surrounding the Spine Race in the UK! There are two races: a short version (~110 miles) called the Challenger. Jim Mann won the Challenger in 23 hours, crushing the previous course record.

    The long race (~268 miles) is ongoing. But as I write the entire field is being led by Jasmin Paris, who is about an hour away from the finish line. This is an incredible story: not only is a woman going to win overall, but she looks set to finish in ~82.5 hours, obliterating the previous course record set by Eoin Keith in 2016.

    Oh, and the stinger: she’s currently breastfeeding and was apparently stopping to pump milk at race checkpoints.

    This is a huge story: bigger even that Courtney Dauwalter crushing the field at Moab 240.

  4. caper

    This whole 2019 thing is catching me off guard still…I was looking at the HURT list thinking, why are you showing me random people in a nonsensical finishers order for lots of races…then it clicked, oh its not 2018 anymore. :)

    Thanks for the round up.

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