The Voices of Hardrock – Part 1: Adventure

A look into the adventure that is the Hardrock 100.

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Hardrock 100I became intrigued by Hardrock after listening to the passion from finishers, pacers, and camp Hardrock attendees and watched the number of entrants vying for limited spots steadily increase each year. I was also interested in how this race seems to maintain its roots even with so much pressure to change and be like other ultras. I realized Hardrock is a different beast than other 100 milers. I spoke with a small cross section of finishers and champions to understand what makes this event special, to learn about the event’s culture, and to hear incredible stories. I hope you enjoy the voices as much as I did and have a new appreciation and understanding of the event they call the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run.

The Voices of Hardrock

  • Betsy Kalmeyer – 12-time Hardrock finisher, 5-time winner, and Hardrock board member. Hoping to get her 13th finish in 2012.
  • Dakota Jones – Finished second in 2011. Native of nearby Durango, Colorado. Currently living in Silverton training. The favorite for the 2012 event.
  • Diana Finkel – 4-time Hardrock finisher, 4 time winner. Almost won the event out right in 2010. One of favorites for 2012 if she can stay on course.
  • Jamil Coury – Finisher in 2009. Currently living and training in Silverton with hopes of moving off the wait list into the 2012 run.
  • Jared Campbell – 6-time Hardrock finisher, 2010 winner. Prefers ridges and climbing to running. Looking for his 7th finish in 2012.
  • Karl Meltzer – 6-time Hardrock finisher, 5 time winner. Loves training and hanging out before the event as much as the run. If young bucks blow up, has a chance to win again in 2012.
  • Lori Bantekas – Finisher in 2009. Multi-time camp Hardrock attendee and lover of Silverton. Pacing in 2012.
  • Mark Heaphy – 13-time Hardrock finisher. Mark’s wife, Margaret, stopped in a bar in Telluride to order and eat a burger and then won the 1994 Hardrock Run. In the run for 2012.
  • Roch Horton – 10-time Hardrock finisher. Aid station captain at Kroger’s Canteen at Virginius Pass. Will look through your soul if you make it up Virginius in 2012.
  • The Music – The UltrAspire band with vocals by Roch Horton.

The Six Parts

  1. The Adventure
  2. Is it a Race?
  3. Course Markings
  4. Virginius
  5. It’s a Girl!
  6. To Evolve

The Voices of Hardrock – Part 1: Adventure

Evan Honeyfield
Evan Honeyfield, a former and hopefully future ultrarunner lives in the high desert of Idaho and recently had LASIK. He carries his gel in UltrAspire gear, his sole sponsor. He learned about compassion and empathy in 2012 and is hoping to see the world clearer in 2013.