The Hardrock 100 and Badwater Ultramarathon… Happy Trails Style

The Happy Trails comic takes a look at the Hardrock 100 and Badwater 135.

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A five-day span every July include two runs full of extremes, the Hardrock 100 and Badwater Ultramarathon. Here’s a Happy Trails look at these two classic races.

Take Us To Your Leader (Hardrock 100)

Take Us To Your Leader - Handies

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Home Is Where… (Badwater Ultramarathon)

Home is Where...

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Dean Karnazes has the following to offer before once again running the race:

Your crew is your lifeblood at Badwater. That being said, my instructions to them is to never let me get too comfortable. There is a saying at Badwter, “beware of the chair.” They don’t bring a chair, and they don’t bring an umbrella for shade. Their job is to keep me moving forward and to do this they work just as hard as I do. By the finish everyone is completely spent.

There is a fine line at Badwater between exertion, exhaustion and annihilation. My crew are all experienced endurance athletes and have been there themselves. They can spot these things…hopefully. My crew will get me to the finish, or to the hospital. Either way, at Badwater home is where the support van is!

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EJ Murphy
EJ Murphy draws the Happy Trails comic strip for, while also creating the Ultrarunning Guy comic.