The Best of iRunFar in 2012

Wow, it’s hard to believe that this is the 479th iRunFar article of 2012… or that the year has come so quickly to a close. Over the preceding annum, we’ve traveled to Texas, Washington, Arkansas, Morocco, Italy, California (three times), Spain, Pennsylvania, Colorado (three times), France, and Virginia to report on the best trail running action (as well as covering races in our home state of Utah). Our reporting team has helped us cover even more races from around the globe. Don’t even ask us how many pieces of running gear the iRunFar crew has investigated… we lost track when our notepad got stuck on the other side of the Grand Shoebox Divide. Still, with so much content, some pieces rise to the top, whether through ideation, creation, discussion, or subject matter. It’s a few of these articles that we want to take the time to point out as iRunFar’s busiest and best year comes to a close.

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  • iRunFar Holiday Run Challenge of Strava – Who’d have thought 1,000 people would participate in our simple 50 mile holiday run challenge … and collectively run around the globe. Help us get as close to 50,000 miles as we can over the next two days!

Call for Comments

What were your favorite iRunFar articles of 2012?

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  1. AJW

    Bryon, thanks especially to you for a wonderful year of race coverage, editorial content, and support of our beloved sport. Your work is much appreciated. AJW

  2. Morgan Williams

    I agree with AJW.

    It's been a fantsatic year of reading and running.

    Bryon, Meghan, it's a pleasure knowing and dealing with you both, even from afar.

    Glad to be able to contribute here and there.

    I hope 2013 turns into another great year for iRF.


    Happy New Year all.

  3. Luke

    There were a lot of good articles this year. "Waterlogged" was a very interesting article. I think a follow up article would be great to find out what changes people have made. I have reduced the amount of water that I drink while running by following thirst. I was wondering what some of the elite racers are doing.

  4. Anonymous

    an excellent year of work Bryon & Meghan, so impressive what you do whilst still remaining a very personal site. It was great to see how you managed to cover races well like JFK live on the day without actually being there, hopefully something you can do in future to keep the coverage coming!

    Geoff's Iditarod report might be long but is well worth the time.

  5. Martin

    An amazing year of reading, watching interviews and following your races coverage. Love this site. Keep on doing the great job!

    And I bet you always strive to make it even better:) Any big plans for next year?

  6. drr

    Thanks for the unmatched one-foot-after-another coverage, iRF guys!

    Personally, The Making of the New Balance MT110 post was my favourite by far, including the astonishing 1,062(!) comments – I bought a pair based on it! Then another, just in case…I've 4 pairs now (two in rotation, two spares) and am thinking of picking up a few more (so ridiculously well-priced!) should NB discontinue it. Is it possible to be notified by NB when they do so, anyone?!

    Everything Dakota writes is hilariously readable – I wish he'd write more; Leadville & WS100 pre-during-post coverage is always a huge favouite.

    Timothy Olson's WS100 2012 write-up was also greatly appreciated, as was Roes' Iditarod report – I hope this guy recovers soon but I'm enjoying this meta-running musings while he's out.

    TBH pretty much every iRF article gets sent to Pocket and read a few times :) If anyone has any ultra longreads they've found, here or elsewhere, I'm sure this comments section would be the perfect place to post them :) [My non-iRF contributions, if just for the Economist's url choice alone:… & Caballo's Last Run… Perhaps iRF could do a post on longform ultra-related reads?

    Guys: THANKS!

  7. Jay kelly

    2012 is the year I became an ultra runner! It is all thanks to you Bryon and your book Relentless Forward Progress. I am also a big fan of irunfar and enjoy reading what you and others post on this site. My favorite has to be Timothy Olsen's story about his addict to ultra runner journey. Looking forward to 2013 and maybe some coverage of ultra running in the Northeast?

  8. Ed C

    Thanks for great coverage and motivation to get out and run. This is my go to website and running store. Please let Sean know he does a fantastic job and his customer service is second to none. Happy New Year. Maybe I'll see you at the Speedgoat 50. ;)

  9. Dylan Hammons


    Thank you for all that you do for ultra and TrailRunning. I love everything about your site. It drives me to better myself and enjoy running and the outdoors. Been a good year for me. All your great coverage and got to meet you at the running event in Austin. Keep it up. Good luck at WS

  10. Sage Canaday

    Thanks for the great coverage – it is much appreciated. When I started ultra/trail/mountain running this year I was directed to this site and it is the best resource out there for ultra/trail running…I have learned so much from the articles, interviews, (and even comments!) here. I look forward to doing some more pre and post race interviews with Bryon. Keep up the great work!

  11. Marc

    You put a lot of blood and sweat (hopefully not too many tears, but maybe a few :-) ) into iRF and 2013 showed. We are all so lucky to have this resource and I am looking forward to what 2013 will bring in the Ultra/Trail world and the coverage iRF will provide.

    Thanks Bryon and Team!

  12. Geoff roes

    It's been great to be a small part of the "IrunFar voice" in 2012. It seems like it grew into a collective entity this year that has come to include hundreds if not thousands of voices. That's a really special thing. Thanks Bryon for having this vision and putting in the time to make it happen. Excited to see where it all goes in 2013.

  13. Adam Barnhart

    It's a privilege to be a part of the iRF "team." I am always impressed by the depth, humor, and knowledge that is shared here… both in the articles and the comments! Looking forward to another great year! Thanks Bryon!

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