The 2010 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in Pictures

Last month I traveled to Chamonix, France to cover the 2010 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. What followed was not at all what anyone expected. I’ve previously tried to convey the week’s event through written articles as well as in interviews with many of the top athletes. I’ve now posted a photo album on iRunFar’s Facebook page that visually chronicles the week’s events. I’m no professional photographer, but I think they’ll give you a feel for what transpired. Below is a taste of the 85 photos in the above-linked album.

Sebastien Chaigneau Tsuyoshi Kaburaki cancellation UTMB 2010

Sebastien Chaigneau consoling Tsuyoshi Kaburaki after the cancellation of UTMB 2010.

Geoff Roes UTMB 2010 phone

Geoff Roes phoning his parents to let them know the 2010 UTMB is canceled.

Geoff Roes Nicolas Mermoud Kilian Jornet UTMB 2010

Geoff Roes, Nicolas Mermoud, and Kilian Jornet transforming disappointment into possibility.

Sebastien Chaigneau Jez Bragg Lizzy Hawker UTMB 2010

Hope, in the form of Sebastien Chaigneau, Jez Bragg, and Lizzy Hawker restarting the 2010 UTMB.

Arnuva UTMB 2010

Vincent Delebarre entering Arnuva during the 2010 UTMB.

Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard UTMB 2010

Only tangentially related to the race, I snapped this picture en route to the Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard.

Mike Wolfe 2010 UTMB Forclaz

Mike Wolfe in fourth place entering Forclaz late in the race.

Dawa Sherpa Vallorcine UTMB 2010

Dawa Sherpa giving five to a young fan in Vallorcine.

Mike Wolfe UTMB 2010 finish

Mike Wolfe finishing second at the 2010 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.

Lizzy Hawker Jez Bragg Scott Jurek Sebastien Chaigneau UTMB 2010

Lizzy Hawker, Jez Bragg, Scott Jurek, and Sebastien Chaigneau after the 2010 UTMB.

Geoff Roes UTMB 2010

Geoff Roes with an "American Burger" from the Midnight Express in Chamonix.

Bryon Powell UTMB 2010

My moment of self-indulgence during the UTMB trip? An unplanned run up to the Refuge du Plan de l'Aiguille.

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  1. Luke


    I've just come across your site and I think you're doing a wonderful job. I'm sure the romantic ideal of running these distances is far removed from the reality of gritting your teeth for hours on end. But it's given me food-for-thought nontheless. I may up my mileage and try an off-road marathon first and see where it takes me.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Will T.

    Love the emotion captured in the 1st photo with Sebastien Chaigneau & Tsuyoshi Kaburaki. Also love seeing the camaraderie between the top runners off the course along with the kinship among teammates from different cultures/countries.

  3. Bryon Powell

    I wish I knew, Anthony. My Garmin battery died (I left the charger in the States) died just as I hit the trailhead. The leisurely round trip jaunt from downtown Chamonix took around three and a half hours.

  4. Tony Mollica

    Great pictures Bryon! I don't blame you for keeping going and not turning around on your run. It seems like the smart way to go when you are running in such beauty! The photos really do help give us a flavor of the event.

    I didn't realize that was only the 8th UTMB. I just assumed since the race is such an important race that it had been around much longer. Was it considered a "big" race from the event's debut?

  5. megatomic

    I looked at the pics just before bed, they are amazing. And the captions were very helpful to me, so many people just put up pics. This was first rate work Bryon, keep it up.

    @ Giovanni – thanks for the link, I'll check it out after work today.

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