Speedy Sylvan Singletrack at Mt. Penn Mudfest

La Sportiva Mountain Cup 2010What a way to kick off the 2010 La Sportiva Mountain Cup! A huge field of more than 700 trail runners were graced with warmth and sunshine for 15 kilometers (between 9 and 10 miles) of fun on one of the series’ flattest courses. When we say fun, we mean it. The course has mud, some folks race in pig snouts, the race application compares the event to a mobile home, there is an “alternative beverage” aid station, and a live band plays afterward. The folks from Reading, PA’s Pagoda Pacers AC sure know how to add extra entertainment to the inherent excitement of trail running. Of course, there was also a world-class trail race going on!

As will be our custom this season, we’ll begin our LSMC race coverage by filling you in on how the race played out. Next, we’ll give you an update on the Mountain Cup standings. We’ll then move on to our weekly giveaway contest(s) before calling for your comments and finishing up with the full La Sportiva Mountain Cup schedule.

The Race
Despite unseasonably warm conditions for Southeastern Pennsylvania, both the men’s and women’s course records fell at this year’s Mt. Penn Mudfest. Such has become the norm at most events’ inauguration into the La Sportiva Mountain Cup.

Men’s Race
Last year’s overall Mountain Cup champion, Matt Byrne started where he left off – in the lead. He and local runner Karl Savage took off from the gun and held the lead for the first four miles. That’s where Ryan Woods of Boone, North Carolina passed the pair. Philadelphian Byrne pressed Woods for most of the race, but the newcomer held on to the lead through the tape. Woods set a new course record in 56:46 with Byrne (57:10) also breaking the old course record. Savage (1:01:53) crossed the line in third ahead of Jason Bryant (time n/a) of North Carolina, who placed third overall in last year’s cup standings. Defending Mudfest champion Tadd Morris (1:03:23) finished fifth to earn top master honors.

Ryan Woods, the eventual Mt. Penn Mudfest champ, sprinting down some singletrack early in the race. (photo by Barb Mongiovi)

Looking ahead to the full series, we’ll share that Ryan Woods is planning on competing for the series win. We’ll assume that both Matt Byrne and Jason Bryant plan on doing the same. Speaking of Jason, he’s already had quite the spring with a huge win at the Mount Mitchell Challenge and a course record at the Bel Monte 50 mile.

Women’s Race
There was a sense of déjà vu in the women’s race. Last year, Megan Kimmell of Silverton, Colorado won four of the five Mountain Cup races she entered en route to winning the series. Kimmel again descended from the heights of Silverton to lead the race from wire to wire. She set the course record in a time of 1:11:08.

Megan Kimmel Mt Penn Mudfest

Megan Kimmell leading the women's field late at the Mt. Penn Mudfest. (photo by Barb Mongiovi)

Another series regular from last year, Rachel Cieslewicz of Salt Lake City, went out in second, but was passed by Mendy Taylor of High Falls, NY within the first mile. Taylor wouldn’t put too much distance on Cieslewicz; however, the pair held their positions finishing, respectively, in times of 1:13:40 and 1:14:38. Local runner Heidi Pernia was the fastest female master with her time of 1:20:06. Pernia was the sixth woman overall.

We’ll confirm that both Megan and Rachel will be making a go for the Mountain Cup again this year. We look forward to seeing what other women join them in their quest!

Full Results
Full results (pdf) of the Mt. Penn Mudfest are available.

La Sportiva Mountain Cup Standings
Alright, we’ll admit that an update on the Mountain Cup standings wouldn’t be all that exciting at this point, so we’ll skip them this time. However, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be including a full analysis of LSMC standings after each future race and assure you that these standing updates will get exciting once we hit Jemez Mountain, Rock2Rock, and beyond!

Matthew Byrne Karl Savage Ryan Woods Mt Penn Mudfest

Matt Byrne (yellow) was the on-the-course Mountain Cup leader. How will he and Ryan Woods (upper right) fare as the Mountain Cup unfolds. (photo by Barb Mongiovi)

We’ll also take this opportunity to remind you that series results are based on a runner’s top five scoring races. In each race, points are awarded to the top 15 runners of each gender. The top five runners receive 20, 17, 15, 13, and 11 points, respectively. The sixth through fifteenth place runners receive points descending from 10 points for sixth place to 1 point for the final scoring runner. A runner will also receive 2 bonus points for beating another runner who ranked in the series’ top 10 going into the race. Masters points are awarded as part of the open scoring. Take a look at the official scoring rules if you like.

iRunFar.com La Sportiva Mountain Cup Contest
La Sportiva logoIf we were running at a mudfest, we know which La Sportiva shoe we’d want on our feet – the Crosslite. (iRF review) These neutral, lightweight shoes are heavily nubbed giving you sick traction in the sloppiest of conditions. Looking to tear up the trail in the Crosslite at one of the nine remaining LSMC races? Simply leave your name and town (in the US or Canada) in a comment before we write about the next Mountain Cup race to be run at Jemez Mountain in Los Alamos, New Mexico on May 22nd. As a reminder, if you enter to win the Crosslite you’ll also automatically be eligible to win the grand prize at the end of August. Read up on the iRunFar.com La Sportiva Mountain Cup giveaway grand prize.

One of last year’s grand prize winners, Cindy from Canmore, won’t be able to race in any of this year’s Mountain Cup races. In an act of kindness, she offered to give her entry to a deserving trail runner. We called for applicants in our series preview article with Cindy to award the entry to whomever she felt most deserving. We’ll let her explain:

Wow. Tough decision.  I am the chick who won the La Sportiva Grand Prize last year and unfortunately can’t use the race entry. I asked Bryon if we could give it away to a deserving soul. This is where you came in: as much as I would enjoy sharing a beer with Anthony – if you’re ever in the Banff area, drop me a note and I’ll buy you a beer. I would have loved to hear Michael attempt to say his name backwards, especially if it was after a beer or three – same offer if you’re ever ‘up here’ in God’s country. JC, you were a runner-up – the whole ‘crawl to the top’ thing brought back SO many fond memories……Bill, you are an inspiration! I have no doubt of your deserving the entry but somehow, I think you’ll run it with or without it! As a consolation, I’ll try to get you on Oprah. Jon, because of your big heart and sportsmanship, I will buy you an entire PITCHER of beer when you come for a visit.

That leaves Patrick… you win! I know how it feels to not be able to run a coveted race due to cash. (I have been trying for years to get to California to check out your trails.) You’re trained, you’re ready, you’re excited and… you’re broke. I feel for ya. Take the entry with my blessing and let me know how you did.

Thanks, Bryon, for letting us do this – you get a pitcher of beer, too. To everyone: I live in a trail running mecca, so the offers for beer stand, along with suggestions for kick ass trails and races (Canmore Challenge, Moose Mountain, the infamous Powderface); drop me a note if you’re ever up this way!

Call for Comments
If you ran the Mt. Penn Mudfest, please leave a comment letting everyone know how you did and what you think about the race. Past racers are invited to comment, too!

The La Sportiva Mountain Cup

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  1. Kevin

    I lust over these shoes every time I walk into my local REI! Great report; sounds like a pretty fun race!


    Greenbelt, MD

  2. Jorge Fernandez

    216 th place. Race was awesome! great weather, fun creeks crossing, music, food..you cant ask for more.

    Jorge Fernandez

    Downingtowm, PA

  3. Jeff

    Nice race re-cap, this race is on my to-do list, but the timing (always on Easter Saturday) never works out.

    …and thanks for the giveaway

    Jeff Lorow

    Mechanicsburg, PA

  4. Patrick

    I think that's me! Patrick (check) trained (mostly) ready (well, that's a big climb to Barr Camp) Broke (check!) Man I'm so excited! Better work on that leg speed, I can't believe how fast some of those CO Springs peeps are!

    Cindy, while I don't presume to call Denver a "mecca" for trail running, there are worse places… But we have good beer here (no not referring to Coors!) and if you come down here, the beers are on me!

    Now if Bryon could hook it up with some crosslites to make me go fast! Kidding :-) but just sort of!

  5. David Kennedy

    Nice race report. I live just a couple of hours northeast of Reading and have heard good things about the Mudfest, I'll have to try it out one of these years.

    Free shoes would be a nice birthday present!

    David Kennedy

    Honesdale, PA

  6. Meg T

    I would love some shoes to get muddy in. Great recap! I think the Mountain Cup is an awesome idea for a series. Hope the race unfolds with lots of drama!


    San Antonio, TX

  7. Henry Bickerstaff

    Wore my Crosslites for the first time at the McMurty 50K Trail run this weekend in Stillwater, OK. I loved them. They fit like a glove. I would take another pair.

    Henry Bickerstaff

    Alva, OK

  8. jeremy

    the crosslites are my go-to shoes, my favs! now that i have been running in the new Vasque Transistors though i'm torn…nothing grips the trail though like the crosslites…but i'm starting to forget, maybe i need a new pair…



  9. Justin

    Another great giveaway! Thanks Bryon! The fireblades have been my go to shoe, but would love to try the Crosslites.


    St. Albans, VT

  10. Steve P

    Hi Bryon….

    Although I don't think I qualify for the Crosslite give away because my team, the Wasatch Speedgoat Mountain Racing Team, are sponsored by LaSportiva. I just wanted to mention that I love the Crosslites, they have become my daily training shoe. I even wore them in the Bel Monte 50 mile last week and although my feet were a bit sore from the rocks, they worked great. I "WILL" be wearing them at Hardrock in July ;-)

    BTW: Nice writeup, as usual. It's nice to read about how the faster runners do out there!


  11. Bryon Powell

    Steve, I'd never thought about whether such a contest would be closed to La Sportiva-sponsored individuals, but appreciate your discretion! Glad you like the article. I love watching the LSMC races and series play out!

  12. Mark Ryan

    Crosslites would look good in the closet next to my orange/grey Fireblades. Love the idea of the la sportiva series, wish there was a Canadian one.


    Edmonton, AB, Canada

  13. ChrisG

    I already have a pair of Crosslites in reserve. I DO WANT to increase my chances for the Grand Prize so I'm throwing in my name.

    Chris G

    Colorado Springs, CO

  14. Stephanie Burns

    I ran the 2010 Mount Penn Mudfest, it was a great trail run.. Ron Horn puts on a great race!! The peeps and beer were good too. I sure wish I would have had a good pair of trail shoes for the run though! :)


    West Reading, Pennsylvania

  15. BradK

    Great article, Bryon… I really wanted to enter this race, until I realized it was sold out. Thanks for the coverage! I've become a big fan of Sportiva this past year (the shoes and the series). Thanks for covering and keeping us to date with it!

    Brad K

    Cherry Hill, NJ

  16. Mark

    I currently have the La Sportiva Raceblades, great shoes. I think next time I would buy them 1/2 size bigger.


    Lees Summit, MO

  17. Charles

    I've been dreaming about La Sportiva Crosslites ever since I laid eyes on them last November, would love to get my hands on a pair.


    San Francisco, CA

  18. Brian Myers

    It would be great to wear these shoes. La Sportiva makes great trail shoes…If only they would sponsor me :)

    Brian Myers

    San Francisco

  19. Kristin Zosel

    wow… would love to try a pair of crosslites out! my usual brand doesn't make 'em like i like 'em any more, so i'm wandering about trying all sorts of diff trail shoes! :)

    Kristin Zosel

    eugene, OR

  20. Sean E

    Been a Montrail dude for a couple years, but keep hearing about the Crosslite/LaSportiva. I suppose i could give 'em a shot..

    Sean E

    Wahoo, NE

  21. Matt

    I live in flat Dallas, TX and would love to try some Cosslites. Thanks for creating a great community on irunfar, Byron. – Do what you love! Do it for others!

  22. Brandon Rodgers

    3 kids. A VW van that costs more than a monthly kidney transplant to keep on the road, a lame dog who incessantly tears up anything worth anything (both monetarily or sentimentally), and a bad running habit has me needing a new pair of shoes…


    Los Osos, California!

  23. John

    I've got a friend who tried them out and had good things to say, so I might as well throw my name in the mix…


    Auburn, AL

  24. John Constan

    I heard great things about the Wildcat and other La Sportiva shoes and would love to try a pair out for training and racing.

    John Constan

    Grand Junction, CO

  25. Tobias

    Dude, those Crosslites look so awesome! I'm registered to run in the Rock2Rock Trail Run on May 29. And, I'd planned to run in my Inov-8s. But, it'd sure be nice to try out the Crosslites in an official LSMC race! Now, if only I could get a pair without breaking shoe-buying rules imposed upon me recently by a higher power. I live in Raleigh, NC. The name's Tobias Hough. I'm just sayin'…If you want to send a pair of these to me…I'd appreciate it.

  26. Tobias

    Oops! I put the wrong date for the Rock2Rock race: It's actually on Friday, May 28th. Sorry if anyone was confused by my typo.

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