iRunFar Specialty Retailer Partner Program

Hi there,
Thanks for your interest in becoming an iRunFar Specialty Retail Partner!

For a long time, I’ve wanted to have an easy and inexpensive way to have specialty retailers partner with iRunFar. After joining the Patreon platform late in 2017, I think I’ve finally found a way to make that happen.

At the moment, the idea is that when a specialty retailer like you becomes an iRunFar patron on Patreon for $10 or more per month, we list your store on iRunFar’s Wall of Fame with a link to your store’s website and its location. We hope that this will not only drive some new local or visiting customers to your store, but also further energize your existing customers who are big fans of iRunFar by showing your support for us. (We’re sure they’re out there!)

As this program grows, I plan to work with our specialty retail partners with the hope of making the partnership even more valuable to you.

We’d love your support and I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Happy trails,