Snowshoe Running – Fun or Flop?

Atlas Snowshoes[Hi visitor, if you’re interested in snowshoe running take a look at our snowshoe running basics and snowshoe racing articles.]

Winter is fast approaching in many parts of the United States, if it hasn’t arrived already. With snow on the horizon it’s time to start thinking about how to stay in shape when your favorite trails are covered with snow. One way many snowbound trail runners get in some winter trail time is by snowshoeing. While we here at iRunFar headquarters have run many a mile through snow, we’ve not had snowshoes strapped to our feet for a single mile of it. With that in mind, we thought we’d open up iRunFar to a discussion of snowshoeing by the experts among our readers.

  • Atlas Snowshoe Team Helen CospolichWhile we know that Atlas, Kahtoola, Crescent Moon, Redfeather, North Lites, and Dion make running snowshoes, we’d love to hear what your favorite running snowshoes are and why? (Trail Goat’s really interested in what you suggest, as he’s looking to pick up a pair.)
  • What kind of special clothing or other accessories are needed or useful when snowshoeing? Are regular running tights sufficient? We did find Atlas Snowshoe’s FAQ, which includes discussions of footwear, clothing, and poles.
  • Is there any training one should do before attempting their first snowshoe run? How about training tips for folks who are regularly floating on powder already?
  • Know of any great resources that beginner or even more experienced snowshoers should check out?
  • Have any good suggestions of how to try running snowshoes before buying them? We know Kahtoola has a number of demo events each winter.
  • Most importantly, what do you like most about snowshoeing? Share your cool adventures. Sell the iRunFar readers on why they should be snowshoeing!

As this is a discussion post, be sure to check out the comments for useful information and interesting perspectives on snowshoeing.

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