Scott Jurek Pre-2010 UTMB Interview

We caught up with Scott Jurek, US 24-hour record holder and 7-time Western States 100 champion, the evening before the 2010 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. Scott will be running UTMB for the fourth straight year, so he offers a perspective that few other Americans can regarding the race. (Notable exception: Topher Gaylord, president of Mountain Hardwear/Montrail, who has started all of the previous seven UTMBs). Jurek talks about his three previous races, lessons learned from those disappointing performances, training with Anton Krupicka in Boulder, using poles during UTMB, and the atmosphere at the race. Scott also calls UTMB “the premier 100 mile race in the world” and suggests that more American should come over for the race.