Saucony ProGrid Razor Quick Review

Non Gear Girl Allison PattilloDue to snow, slush and mud high in the Rockies, I should wear gaiters for runs at least six months out of the year—but I rarely do because that requires futzing with gear. When I saw the Saucony ProGrid Razors, my inner skeptic was crying “gimmick, gimmick!” but last week, I became a convert. I was digging slippers out of my closest so I could sit on the sofa, eat bonbons and watch it snow, but I came across the Saucony’s first and opted for a run instead.

Saucony ProGrid RazorSaucony’s ProGrid Razor tackling the Colorado winter… in November

It was ridiculously simple to slide my feet in, adjust the pull-tab inner lacing system and zip up the gaiter—and my feet stayed dry! The eVent fabric upper breathed away sweat and repelled slush and snow. Plus, the Vibram tread provided great traction in ankle-deep muck.

Other testers I’ve spoken to praise the ProGrid Razors for summer trail running as well since the gaiters keep out debris just as well as moisture. But if you sport these with shorts, I want a picture!

These are good running shoes for medium-width feet in sloppy climates, and they work well with snowshoes, too.

[Disclosure: Saucony provided a free sample pair of the ProGrid Razor. Also, the link to Amazon in this post is part of an affiliate program that helps support]

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  1. KMAX

    Following up a quality comment it appears!These shoes looks like a great idea, though I'm a bit skeptical about a couple of things. First, running in high tops? Or dose the design more or less just incorporate a gaiter on the regular support of a running shoe for the ankle?Second, what about more then ankle deep powder or super slushy conditions where the wet and muck is bound to get above the ankle cuff? I've always heard its better to go with non-goretex and well drained shoes and in my experience, including the 6+ inches the Shenandoah Mountains saw a couple of weekends ago, that has worked out well. While I wasn't walking through any streams I'd imagine these wouldn't be good for that type of thing. I'd also guess with what we were running through in that snow alone would have allowed plenty of wet into the shoes…I've never seen these in person and I've never used gaitors yet so maybe I just don't quite get how it all works…

  2. ~stubert.

    I would totally rock these with shorts. As a Coloradoan myself, Springtime in the Rockies (all year, for that matter), can introduce snow into the equation. I could see these being pulled out of the closet on select days year round.~stubert

  3. Bryon Powell

    Kmax,sorry for the spam comment. They've really picked up in the last month or two. I try to be as diligent as I can in removing them. I could require sign-in or captcha for comments, but I don't want to make real commentors do any additional work.I haven't personally tested the shoes, so I can't comment on them. However, I was long one of the "just wear well draining shoes" crowd for 17 years… and now I'm a convert to waterproof. Last weekend, I spent 3 days snowshoeing and running through snow in Yosemite. It was right near the freezing mark with anywhere from 4 inches to 2 feet of snow. Waterproof shoes with a lycra gaiter blew… I quickly had wet feet when there was more than ankle deep snow. Switch that over to a winter gaiter and *bam* it's an all dry day.Stu,Definitely send a picture if you run in these and shorts! :-)

  4. TrailClown

    Wait a minute…Bryon…all those times in DC when I was trying out some new waterproof combination and you were wearing END Quick Drains and laughing at me…and now just because you've moved to the wild west you've gone soft and are putting on clunker gaiters atop clunkers??? What has happened to you!?! You used to have serious mojo with savoir faire thrown in, and now you're just a copycat with less of an attitude. Soft, dude, soft as a feather pillow…

  5. greigite

    If anyone's interested I saw these at, which has a 20% discount on all their stuff going on right now. brings them down to 109. The massive snowstorm here in the northeast motivated me to buy a pair last night.

    1. Vittorio is not 20% on this shoe and MUCH higher than my local shoe store even with's free shipping – probably go down to my local and get a pair manana – snow, mud, slush, rock to run in – can hardly wait. I've been using the Xodus for about 6 months (before the snow, et al)and its the chassis for the Razor. I'll report in when I've run the Razor….

  6. Hanneke

    I bought these shoes and have been running with them in the Saskatchewan winter. I really love them. They perform well in snow and ice. But I like them especially because they keep my feet warm and dry even when running in -20 or -30F.

  7. Nesterick

    I purchased a pair of these last week and will use during the Winter 100 in Lockport, NY. Since, I've been able to test in both wet slushy and hard pack snow about (12F). This morning I did a submersion test in a low running creek bed as well on my return run. I think the shoes performed well in the wet snow, with some kick-back, which is expected somewhat. No problems in the low temps especially with liners. I was skeptical about how waterproof they actually are but stood in nearly ankle deep water and my dogs stayed perfectly dry. I'm sold.

  8. Consintracy

    I purchased a pair of the womens Razor 2.0 about 2 months ago & wear them with shorts. I LOVE them!!! I just purchased a 2nd pair for rotation. I love them on the trails & even for on roads (great for travel; one pair). I wear them w/anklet BLACK socks (can't see the socks). They also wash up well. Trail shoes get dirty & the black will wash up like new. LOVE EM!!

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