Runderwear Power Running Bra Review

An in-depth review of the Runderwear Power Running Bra.

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There is nothing more frustrating than running in an ill-fitting sports bra, and our bigger-busted sisters have a much harder time finding a bra that is supportive, subtle, and doesn’t feel like boob prison. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Enter the Runderwear Power Running Bra ($80).

In our best sports bras for running guide, our testers rated the Runderwear Power Running Bra as the best for bigger-chested runners. As we’d all like to cut down on the pain experienced while running — back pain from an unsupported chest in particular — we’re very happy the Runderwear Power Running Bra is here in the mix.

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Runderwear Power bra - front view

Runderwear Power Running Bra front view. Photo: iRunFar/Michael Harris

Runderwear Power Running Bra General Features

Runderwear is a British company that makes a variety of running underwear and base layers; but where they have really excelled is in crafting supportive and comfortable bras for larger bust sizes, say C cups and above. The Runderwear Power Running Bra comes in cup sizes C to J and band sizes 28 to 42, so it works for anyone beyond our A and B cup sisters. For the smaller-chested women out there, check out the Runderwear Energize Running Bra.

While it may not be the most stylish or flashy of bras marketed toward larger-busted women, what we care about most is its level of support and comfort, and Runderwear hits it out of the park with this bra.

Runderwear Power Running Bra Details

We found the Runderwear Power Running Bra to be incredibly comfortable. Made of polyamide and elastane, which is basically a nylon-spandex combo, the bra dries quickly, doesn’t hold sweat despite its higher level of padding, and eliminates odors well. It has flat-sewn seams so that, despite the fact that there are many seams in this bra, chafing is nonexistent.

Runderwear put a lot of detailed effort into the Power Running Bra to make it comfortable and customizable. The shoulder straps are padded up front and on top, to once again prevent any chafing, and around back, they transition into a regular bra-style strap so you can give your chest an extra lift if needed. Two sets of hook-and-eye closures in the back add to the ability to customize — the tightness on the band and higher up on the back.

Runderwear Power bra - side view

Runderwear Power Running Bra side view. Photo: iRunFar/Michael Harris

Breasts move in a number of directions during workouts, and excess movement causes a lot of back pain for some runners. The padded encapsulation style up front in this bra ensures the bust is locked in place, and the wide and padded band section supports, but doesn’t suffocate.

Larger-busted women often need encapsulation-style support, where each breast is supported within its own cup, rather than smooshed down compression-style, and the Runderwear Power Running Bra delivers in this aspect. While some women prefer to not emphasize their chest area, our larger-chested runners found this style of bra supported them better than the visibly minimizing compression style.

One thing we did find is that it can be a bit tricky to size the bra correctly, with some customer reviews saying they have to size up or down from their usual. Perhaps this is due to the variations between British and American sizing. Luckily, Runderwear has excellent customer service and helps with easy exchanges to try out different sizes.

The only downside we’ve found with this bra is the cost. At $80, support doesn’t come cheap. However, that price is pretty much in line with other high-support, highly constructed bras. And given how highly we rated this bra, it’s worth every penny.

Runderwear Power Running Bra Overall Impressions

The Runderwear Power Running Bra is a lifesaver for women with larger chests, who often need intense levels of support to reach their full running potential. The comfort, attention to detail, adjustability, wide variety of sizes, and level of support are unmatched compared to other bras aimed at larger busted women — and so it comes out on top in this category in our best sports bras for running guide. If you’re a C cup or above, this bra will help you get out onto the trail to run longer, faster, and higher, without worrying about your sports bra at all.

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  • If you are a larger-busted runner, what other sports bras do you turn to for their comfort and support?

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Runderwear Power bra - detailed side view

Runderwear Power Running Bra detailed side view. Photo: iRunFar/Michael Harris

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