Ruffwear Crag Line: A Dog’s-Eye View of Life On-Leash

Can Ruffwear’s new Crag Line stand up to the paw-ressure of a trail running adventure? Blue the golden retriever sniffs around and finds out.

By on November 27, 2023

Woof. Blue the Golden here. Sure, I love being the chief snuggle officer around the house, but the best part of my day is when dad takes me out for walkies and runtimes.

They always start with a jingle — that sound my leash makes. I get so excited because it means we’re finally about to go on an adventure.

Dad always takes too long putting on his Hoka outside feet. I have no idea what’s up with the hoomans anyway and their feet and fur changes. But he gets it together and saddles me up with my Ruffwear gear.

Sometimes it’s a quick sniff-and-potty walk, and sometimes we go running in the wilderness, where I can get in touch with my inner beast. Either way, they’re my favorite times with dad.

Adventures make us happy.

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Ruffwear's Crag Line - Blue and Sam on a run

Blue and his dad set off on their hot spring runventure. All photos: Sam Morse

A New Leash on Life

When we’re out, I always try to be a good boi, but I get excited to meet new friends. I can’t help it — I’m a goldo — lovies are what I do.

Recently, dad got me a new leash and collar from Ruffwear to help manage my puppy stoke.

They’re pretty cool: The Ruffwear Crag Ex Adjustable Dog Leash’s handle doubles as a belt — he can even latch it to a tree when he needs to deal with hooman stuff. The Crag gear also do reflecties in the dark, so when we’re out at night, everyone can see us doing walkies and runtimes.

The Ruffwear gear makes me feel safe. I love dad.

Ruffwear’s Crag Collar and Leash

Ruffwear’s Crag Collar and Leash looking flashy and functional on the trail.

Taking in the Fall Collars

The other day we hopped in the fun-times wagon and went outside for an all-day play. After a long drive, we got to a place with lots of big rocks and trees.

I whined until dad let me escape the fun wagon. Bounding about, all the yellow leaves crunched under my hungry pawpaws. It was pretty.

I jumped in the creek, rolled in the mud, and then shook off all over dad (before he could put my Crag Leash on.) That made him grumpy — but I know that deep down, he loves my muddy-pup shaketimes.

Blubey Bear in the water

The Blubey Bear does some serious shakeys next to a geothermal feature.

“C’mon, Blubey Bear!” dad hollered, fastening on my new leash. “Let’s go soak at the hot spring!”

Hearing those words, my tail exploded into waggies. From sage desert to purple alpine, dad and I have always done hot soakies together — it’s our thing.

The sour scent of pine and rotting leaves stung my nose. Somewhere in the distance, hoomans were cooking breakfast over a tired campfire. The smell made me hungry.

Setting off at a plucky trot, dad gripped the adjustable handle of my Crag Leash. That way, he could keep me by his side, where I belonged — like a good boi.

The trail was packed with new friends. I did so many lovies, boopies, and waggies. I tried to share my wet’n’muddies with everyone, but the Crag gear put a stop to that.

Blue Goes Unleashed, Finds a Stick!

The best part of the day? When dad let me off leash.

I ran circles, jumped in the creek — even did rollies in the leaves. The crisp, cool air ripped through my shaggies. It felt so good to run free among the rocks and pines.

Then … I found the bestest stick in all the forest.

I’m a bit of a stick expert, and this was a premium play-piece. It was big and heavy and perfect for dragging. I knew dad liked it too when it hit his shin and he started yelling.

I offered my stick to dad, but when he grabbed the other end, I changed my mind, and tugged back.

Stickies 101: It’s more fun when someone’s pulling the other end. Everyone knows that.

The truth is, I was never gonna’ let go. Because sometimes, I’m a bad good boi.

Blue Does Soakies in the Hot Spring

After some runtimes, the creek turned gray, and it got warmer and warmer. Dad put me back on the leash.

The taste of the air changed to musty and pungent — whatever was doing stinkies, I wanted to roll in it!

The hoomans we met on the trail were wet — they must’ve been doing hot soakies!

Then the rocks parted and the creek tumbled over a series of falls. Pools sat steaming. We found hot-spring doggy heaven.

Blue and dad in the water

Blue and dad soak it up and give themselves the hot-boi treatment.

Dad took off his running fur and Hoka feet, then got into a pool. He kept my Crag Leash on — so I wouldn’t do waterfall climbies — and then he pulled me in to soak beside him.

As a goldo, it’s hard to chill. But in that pool, I surrendered my puppyhood to the heat.

After such big runtimes, the hot water soothed my muscles, and slowed my busy-boi brain.

Dad fastened my leash’s adjustable handle to a rock, safe and secure. Then, he melted into the hot waters and did his hooman relax-times.

New friends came and went — but everyone wanted to say hello and give me pets.

Blue Does Big Boi Ploppies

Dad seemed so happy, sitting in the hot water. I love when he’s a happy boi, like me.

Once everyone was relaxed and still, I climbed out of the pool. It was quiet and peaceful — the perfect time for cannonball ploppies.

Going full paw, I did a leaping ploppy pounce into the still water. A big splash erupted, and everyone seemed surprised and annoyed — as well as delighted — all at once.

I like doing ploppies, and getting my new friends wet. Despite their groans, I know they liked it, too.

They couldn’t be mad — they love a beast.

Blue Does Fun Wagon Sleepies

It was a big day. So many runtimes, jumps, splashes, and soakies.

On our way back down, I didn’t pull on my leash once. No need — I was a tired and happy boi.

Once we got back to the fun wagon, I crawled next to dad and rested my muzzy on his big boi sleepy pad, so I could be close. I love dad.

Blue tired

A big day on the trail makes Blue a tired beast.

I love that we go on adventures, and that he accepts my sillies and loves me back.

Even when I’m a bad boi. I know that it’ll be adventure-times again soon. Maybe if I’m extra good, we’ll go for another run to that magical place — my hot spring doggy heaven.

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Ruffwear's Crag Line - Good boi Blue

Good boi Blue enjoys a day out with dad, in his Ruffwear collar and leash.

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