Relentless Forward Progress: La Sportiva and Many More Contest

How does a single giveaway with over $800 worth of great products from La Sportiva, Black Diamond, SmartWool, REVO, Teva, SOLE, Polartec, Honey Stinger, AND Eddie Bauer sound? Yeah, pretty darn good, indeed. Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly the prize package we’ve put together for you today. That ought to get you pretty well situated to run an ultramarathon! Lest you forget, this is the second in a week’s long series of giveaways to celebrate the launch of Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons. (Feel free to spread the word.)

La Sportiva logoFor starters, the winner will get his or her choice of running shoes from La Sportiva. We’ve been talking about La Sportiva’s for a loooong time here on iRunFar and they continue to make some of the best trail running shoes in the business. There’s the Raptor with its super-sticky outsole and rugged construction. (iRF Raptor review) In the opposite direction, there’s the low-slung Fireblades, a classic trail shoe that’s deservedly stuck around for years. (iRF Fireblade review) If you need to run in the mud, there’s always the Crosslite (iRF review), another classic, but this time with uber-grippy lugs… or its even more ultra-worthy Crosslite 2.0 that’s just hitting the market. Speaking of brand-spanking new, La Sportiva’s just about to launch the Quantum and Electron featuring its groundbreaking Morphodynamic technology… and they, too, would be available to the winner. Take a look for yourself at the growing lineup of La Sportiva mountain running shoes.

Black Diamond logoBlack Diamond is making some of the best trail running accessories on the market and we’re psyched to share a pair of them. First off, if you ever plan on using trekking poles while trail running, look no further than Black Diamond’s revolutionary Ultra Distance Z-Pole, an ultralight trekking pole that expands and collapses faster than anything else I’ve seen. We’re such big fans that it’s one of only a few extraordinary items in the iRunFar store. Then, there’s the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp. I’m certain that I wore the Sprinter (iRF review) more than any other headlamp during my winter training up here in the Wasatch Mountains.

SmartWoolSmartWool makes some of the best running clothing and socks on the market. That’s why we’re psyched to be bringing both to the winner of this contest. Up top, he or she will receive a SmartWool NTS Microweight Tee, a lightweight, highly breathable top that’s great for running throughout the year. Down below, the winner’s feet will be treated to a pair of PhD Run Ultra Light Mini socks. I’ve been loving similar SmartWool PhD socks since they came out a couple years ago.

RevoWhile you’re out running, you’ll want to keep your eyes well protected, both from the sun and sundry obstacles clawing at your face. Thankfully, REVO will hook the winner up with a choice of its Abyss or Cut Bank models. Both the Abyss and Cut Bank offer high contrast polarized, water repellant, anti-glare lenses in a sporty frame.

Teva logoPerhaps you’re looking for looking to continue strengthening and conditioning your feet and lower legs after your run’s over. Well, say hello to the newly-released Teva Zilch, a barefoot-style sandal that’s super flexible and grippy without ever putting your foot more than a centimeter off the ground.

SOLE logoOn the opposite side of the post-run footwear spectrum, SOLE‘s Sport Slide and Sport Flip provide customizable support on SOLE’s already stellar footbed. I wore the SOLE Sport Flip nearly constantly when I had a long bout of plantar fasciitis. Nothing supported my foot like my Sport Flips. I slipped them on first thing in the morning and took them off only as I got in bed every night. I still have my well-loved Sport Flips to this day.

Polartec logoIf we can give a winner two pairs of apres-run footwear, then why not give them two great tops? We didn’t think you’d voice an objection, which is why we’re also giving this contest’s winner an REI Lightweight Polartec Power Dry T-Shirt. These shirts are great for running as the Polartec Power Dry fabric breathes extremely well and keeps your skin dry when you sweat. A patented bi-component knit pulls moisture to the outside of the garment where it disperses and dries quickly. Comfortable runs? No sweat!

Eddie Bauer logoOf course, ultra training runs require being outside in all sorts of weather, including rapidly changing weather, which is why you need to have a lightweight jacket with you on many long runs. Enter the Eddie Bauer Sirocco Wind Shell that weighs in at a scant 5 ounces. This hooded jacket is a perfect accessory to throw into a hydration pack, as it stuffs into a self-contained pocket.

Honey Stinger logoYum… that’s what comes to mind when I think of Honey Stinger Chews. These organic energy chews are soft, tasty, and made with honey. Personally, I love the Cherry Blossom flavor. They taste exactly like cherry blossoms… or at least how I’d imagine they’d taste if cherry blossoms are incredibly delicious.

Finally, the winner will receive an iRunFar Headsweats hat to keep him or her comfortable and stylish year-round.

How To Enter
CONTEST CLOSED 6 a.m. MDT Tuesday, May 3. Jens T of Astoria, NY, you are the lucky winner of this fantastic prize pack!

[Note: Styles and sizes are subject to availability. Fear not, the winner will be well taken care of!]

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  1. Adam

    I've been slowly working through the book although I'm getting distracted by all the hockey on tv! Like it so far though, even for someone who "thinks" they know what they're doing for ultras it's a great resource.

    Adam in Milwaukee

  2. Andy Meisler

    Would love to try a pair of La Sportivas, but if Karl is cleaning out his closet a slightly used pair of Hokas would suffice. Congrats on the RFP launch!

    Andy Meisler

    West Hartford, CT

  3. Scott Richardson

    Scott Richardson, Normal Il.

    Sorry, not a double entry, hit the wrong button and replied on someone else's post. Not-normal here.

  4. Snurfer

    Wow, This is quite the generous opportunity!

    As a newb to Ultra's I'm looking forward to reading Relentless Forward Progress and running my first ultra at the Speedgoat 50…


    Doug Mackay

    Salt Lake City, UT

  5. Matt Vukin

    Sign me up, dudes! You know I can pick this up from you directly and save you shipping cost if I'm chosen ;)

    Matt Vukin

    Salt Lake City, Utah

  6. Matt Smith

    I've been eying those BD Z-Poles for a while – they look pretty sweet for multi-day mountain running excursions.

    Matt Smith

    Chatham, NY

  7. Cory D

    Cory D

    Coming out of the woods after a few days and 40k of climb to find out all the gear I just thrashed might be replaced might qualify as the shidizzle and I'm not even sure what that means!

    Cory D

    Guilderland, NY

  8. Kara

    got copy for me and my best running friend… I will have plenty of time to read it soon since no running while recovering from broken collar bone suffered in cycling (versus car) accident two weeks ago… so much for cross training… and worst part… no Miwok 100k or Western States for me this year, would have been a first for both races and distances!

  9. Alex May

    Fort Collins, CO

    Bryon, I just got your book in the mail a few days ago (I had it on pre-order from Amazon) and I am enjoying it very much. Thanks for writing a great book that is fun to read and a great resource for ultra running. I wish you the greatest success!

  10. Monica Brennan

    Monica Brennan

    Danville, Ca

    In the market for new gear – Great opportunity for me to do product trials and provide feedback!

  11. Thomas E. Booker

    Running in the LaSportiva Crosslite 2.0 – a great ride. Would like to try the Electron and Quantum with the morphodynamic foot bed technology.

    Thomas E. Booker

    Knoxville, TN

  12. Donna

    Donna Tiley

    Park City, UT

    It would be great win this awesome prize and update my running shoes, attire, and many other items for all my outdoor activities.

  13. Drewman84

    Andrew Taylor from Galion Ohio


    50mile tri-adventure May 14!

    Mt. Rainier Summit Attempt June 5-7th!!

    Wedding July 31st!!!


  14. Susan Kramer

    Susan Kramer

    Cave Creek, AZ

    I would love to try out some of this great gear on the trails where I run in Cave Creek! Good luck to me!

  15. Eric Maki

    Erie, CO

    Please help. I've been carbo-loading for the past 8 months and I need some new gear to get motivated for some summer Ultras! Thank you.

  16. Bill Day

    Congratulations on the book! I can't wait to get a copy in hand. And thanks to iRunFar and its partners for all the wonderful giveaways to go along with it, too.

    Bill Day

    Broken Arrow, OK

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