Relentless Forward Progress: GORE-TEX TransRockies Contest

GORE-TEX TransRockies RunToday is the official launch of Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons. (Yeah, pretty cool, right?!) I guess that makes it a pretty good time to announce the previously unnamed grand finale of our RFP Launch Week contests. We’re giving away a free entry into the 2011 GORE-TEX TransRockies Run held on August 21-26. Yes, you heard us right – the winner (and his or her choice of partner) will get to run all 6 days of this year’s race across the Colorado Rockies free of charge. If the winner prefers to roll solo, he or she has the option of running the coincidental three-day RUN3 event.

As it happens, this contest wraps up a week’s long series of giveaways to celebrate the launch of Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons. Be sure to check them all out. (Feel free to spread the word.)

I ran the TransRockies Run back in 2008 and absolutely loved it. It’s like a week-long, running summer camp for adults. For six straight days the world class TRR organization provides a spectacular race with all the amenities. They also transport your gear from the previous day’s finish to the next day’s start, set up a tent village daily, bring in an oh-so-welcome shower truck (it’s the best!), cook up breakfast and dinner, provide access to massages, hold a daily award ceremony with prizes and video footage of the day, as well as dealing up numerous extras to go along with enthusiasm that’s hard to match.

Then there are your fellow runners. While I’ve not raced TransRockies in two and a half years, I still count many of those with whom I attended TransRockies among my best friends. Some were folks I previously knew, but with whom I cemented that bond on the course or hanging out with in camp. Others, I met for the first time at TRR. Spending a week with such an enthusiastic group of people (both racers and staff, actually) is something that you really have to experience to appreciate. For those taking part in the full GORE-TEX TransRockies Run, you run with a partner the entire race. This is a unique dynamic that, while possibly trying at times, is hugely rewarding.

Of course, there is a race. At the front of the fields (there are many fields – co-ed, men’s, women’s and both open age and 80+ years combined age), there’s stiff competition drawn by a combined $25,000 in prize money. Racing is fast and furious for these speed demons. That said, for the mid- and back-of-the-packers, the event has many different meanings. Some are veteran ultrarunners out there to enjoy the enjoy a week of well-supported running in breathtakingly gorgeous mountains. Others have never run so much as a marathon. For them, completing the event will be an accomplishment that requires them to muster all their courage. Regardless of reason for running, all must cover 119.5 miles with a combined 20,800 feet of elevation gain over country that ranges between 7,400 and 12,600 feet above sea level. Wow!

Starting last year, the RUN3 events occurs during the first three days of TransRockies on the same daily courses. The difference? You go solo. There’s no one to hold you back (… or to tow you). This year the RUN3 runners are scheduled to cover 58.4 miles with 8,600 feet of elevation gain.

How To Enter
The CONTEST HAS CLOSED for this ridiculous prize valued at $2,900! Sara M of Yarker, ON, Canada, pack your bags and your passport… you’ve got a race in Colorado this August!

iRunFar Reader Bonus!
If you don’t happen to win this contest, we can still help get you to the starting line in Bueva Vista, Colorado. All iRunFar readers receive a discount $200 off a TransRockies team entry or $50 off a RUN3 solo entry by entering TRR11IRUNFAR while checking out. Those looking to try RUN3, you’d best enter in a hurry, as there are fewer than 20 spots left!

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  1. Derrick

    Wow…great contest/series of contests Bryon. Congrats again.

    Have wanted to run TransRockies for a while. Would to run the race with my wife/training partner.

    Derrick Spafford,

    Yarker, ON Canada

  2. Tim Casagrande

    Tim – Rocklin, CA

    Why do TRR…?

    1. to see if I can…

    2. camaraderie…

    3. to visit family in CO…

    4. to get away…

    5. to challenge myself!

  3. Jim Kavanagh

    For a week I could feel like I'm living one these amazing ultra-running stories I've only read about. I can't think of anything more fun.

    Plus, I should be also be recovered from the FL50 by then.

    Jim -Troy, NY

  4. Blair Mann

    Blair Mann, Moncton, NB, Canada:

    There are no mountains where I live :)

    There are no ultras where I live.

    I am just getting started with ultras this year – running my first two 50 milers…the experience I would gain from this would put me light years ahead in my plan to run 100 milers.

    I am a father of 2 and work full time – there is no way I could pay for this and justify it unless I won it.

  5. Joey

    I can't think of a better way to experience the Rockies for the first time. Sounds like an amazing week!


    Charlottesville, VA

  6. Kent

    Two reasons:

    1. I lived in Crested Butte, CO, for 3 years in the early 90's, long before I became a runner. I've been looking for a good reason to get back to the mountains to try my new legs.

    2. I promised my wife that I'd run only one marathon this year. That's already done and, technically, this doesn't count against my promise.

    Kent Farrington

    Stillwater, MN

  7. mike

    Hey Bryon,

    I would love to run the Transrockies Run as I love to run, love the mountains and love adventures and it would be a fantastic opportunity to run my first multiday race and meet like minded people (most of my friends think I mad that I love to run so much).

    Take it easy


    Wymondham, UK (unfortunately in one of the flattest counties in the UK!!)

  8. Andrew

    Andrew K- Charlottesville, VA

    Opportunity of a lifetime! There aren't many opportunities to experience such an amazing landscape so intimately as one can experience during TransRockies (I imagine).

  9. Kate

    I would love to run this years GORE-TEX TransRockies Run

    for so many reasons… but mainly getting to run and intimately

    explore the mountains with my husband!


    Fayetteville, WV

  10. Sara M

    Oh boy!! (Can I enter even though Derrick already did?) We've been wanting to do Transrockies for so long. And I just turned 40, so it would be a great year to do it. Thanks for arranging the discount code, that's really great.

    Such an exciting week for you with your book coming out, Bryon! So happy for you, and can't wait for our copy to arrive!

    Yarker, ON Canada

  11. Jenny Handy

    Thanks for all the great contests this week Bryon. I got my book in the mail the other day and am really enjoying it.

    I would LOVE to run this. I am the income provider for a family with 3 kids and will most likely never be able to afford this unless I sock away a few pennies every month. This would be a huge opportunity. I'm slow and it would be a huge challenge but what an opportunity!!!


    Stanardsville, VA

  12. Matt


    Atlanta, GA

    Random reasons:

    I have wanted to do this since following your daily race reports from back in 2008.

    I would never be able to afford to do this with my current financial situation. Your description of Transrockies sounds like a dream vacation to me.

    I would be more than willing to post daily race reports/reflections on your blog (or my own blog if you aren't interested).

    I would be willing to get an official tattoo (pending wife's approval–if she does not approve, I would wear iRF bumperstickers whereever you wanted me to).

  13. Christopher Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    Stuttgart Germany

    I want to run it because I am short and much like Hobbits, trapsing over mountains gives me joy and a sense of adventure

  14. Kevin

    Holy cow this is the best prize yet!

    I can't possibly list all the reasons I want to run this race but I'll throw out a few!

    1. A chance to see some of the most beautiful scenery this country much less world has to offer! While getting to run them! I've only been out west as a toddler on our move from CA to NJ and I've been dying to get out there.

    2. I've run all but 2 of my ultras with a buddy that I met and ran my first Ultra with. This is the next logical step after this year's run at the MMT 100. We plan to use the partnered technique to carry each of us through our rough patches here too.

    3. Vacation… I need one!

    4. Stage race! Everything I love about ultras and endurance events spread out into multiple days!

    5. I sooooo badly already want to run this race anyway but still can't help but balk at the price tag a bit. I know you get every penny's worth but its a lot to spend on a race.

    6. etc, etc…

    I know listing more reasons why I want it probably doesn't help my chances in the random drawing but it can't hurt either!

    Kevin S

    Bristow, VA

  15. Turi

    I was drooling over the website for this race earlier this year until I saw the price tag – then I chuckled at it and clicked away. Sounds awesome, though. But I'd totally rearrange my racing schedule for the year in order to do this.

    Um, and my birthday's in August? That a good enough reason?


    Reno, NV

  16. Jim


    This would be a dream for several reasons: A running trip to Colorado is something I otherwise could not afford. My experience is solely with East Coast ultras so I would be immersing myself in the Rockies culture for the first time. My first 100 is scheduled for July and I think the TRR would be a great new experience thereafter w/multi-day events. It would just be an inspiration. Just the thought of this puts a smile on my face, Bryon. I promise to chant the mantra "iRunFar, iRunFar, iRunFar…" incessantly.

    Jim Bruening

    New York, NY

  17. Luke

    Couldn't think of a better way to spend a week in late August than racing/running with close friends in the Colorado high country.

    Luke Nelson

    Pocatello, ID

  18. David

    What an opportunity…thank you for making all of the contest and this one in particular possible..!

    -David – Seattle, WA

  19. Adrian

    I grew up near the Canadian Rockies and these mountains are still my favourite destination for hikes. A big challenge like this would be a real dream for me (and hey, it's still driving distance!).

    Adrian P

    Burnaby, BC Canada

  20. Chris Kilmer

    Chris Kilmer

    Nederland, CO

    I suffer from a genetic disorder that makes it very difficult to function as a "normal" person. The only time I'm symptom free is when I'm exerting myself. I like being out in the mountains for long periods of time. Eventually, the pain and fatigue of a long day fade and it becomes just about movement and a blessedly clear mind. I've dreamt of running Trans-Rockies but don't have the funds. It's just plain cool that you and Gore-Tex are offering an entry for this giveaway. Keep up the great work!

  21. patrick

    i want to run this race because my run this morning (and generally all previous mornings for the past 5 years) has a total elevation gain/loss of 14ft.



  22. Adam

    Oh man this is awesome. I was hoping for a race entry giveaway and we got it! I've wanted to do TransRockies since the minute I first heard about it. There's no place I'd rather be than the mountains and having a week of supported running through them would be a dream come true.

    I would LOVE to win!

    Adam in Milwaukee

  23. Greg Veltkamp

    Greg Veltkamp

    Winooski, Vt

    In my training for ultras, I've always found back to back runs to be the most challenging, and the most rewarding, training runs. To be with a partner, in a large field on runners, in a race setting, plus all the accoutrements of TRR, will be an experience not to miss!

  24. Tracy K

    What a spectacular opportunity! The entry fee has always been a sticking point for me. It'd be a great week of running in the Rockies and catching up with an old running partner. –Tracy, Los Alamos, NM

  25. Eric

    Because stage races remind me of my cycling days, and as a poor student there's no way I can afford to enter on my own.

    Eric Jeppsen

  26. Shad

    1. I have been wanting to do this race since it started, just out of my price range.

    2. Doing a stage race this year would be perfect training for a 100 this fall

    3. Hell, it is only 2 hours away!

    4. Central Mountains are were I love spending all my time running in the hills.


    Boulder CO

  27. Adam

    I love running in the mountains and running ultras. Why not put the two together and run and live for several days in the high hills. I'd totally dig the opportunity to race for three straight days in the Rockies and get some more relief than what is found in Southern Minnesota.

    Adam Schwartz-Lowe

    Minneapolis, MN

  28. maria

    I would love to live and run in the mountains for a week. I'm from the Midwest and the country in CO blows my mind. And I have a friend who's taken me on many adventures; I'd love to return the favor.

    Maria D

    duluth mn

  29. Run To Win

    Wow, this sounds awesome! I would totally rearrange my Summer/Autumn racing schedule to do this. It'd be a great adventure…the toughest part would be picking who to bring out to run with!

    Blaine Moore – Windham, ME

  30. Rob T

    Rob Timko

    Boulder, CO

    My wife and I just moved to Colorado from New Jersey last week, the running a major part of the move. A few friends from NJ have done this and have been telling me it's a must do. I've love the opportunity to see and experience my new state through this run!

  31. ScottTomKretz

    Scott Thomas Kretzmann

    Alamosa, Colorado

    Last July I moved out to Colorado from the midwest. My brother's and parents all live in the Chicago-land area, and with my work obligations, the chance to get back and see family has become very rare at best, and for the next few months nearly impossible. I can't think of a better way to reconnect with either of my brothers, all of us runners, than to spend a week running through the Rockies.

  32. Jason Gardner

    Jason Gardner Tulsa, OK

    I'm a overseas missionary about to come back to the U.S. for a one year furlough. After that, we return to the field for 4-5 years. I'm trying to squeeze in all the things I want to do while in the States. Running this race would be at the top of my list!

  33. Toby

    My wife is having our first child sometime in July, and so I have been thinking a lot about what kind of dad I want to be. What better way to welcome my child into the world than running through the mountains of Colorado to show him I won't be lazy? I am a poor grad student and could never afford this on my own, but my best friend from junior high and I would tackle this thing together (my wife would do it, but, well, six weeks after a baby that may be asking a bit much.

  34. matt lindsey

    WOW!!! What a great sweeps!!! I am running a 3 day adventure from Philly to DC in less than two weeks to benefit survivors of Police Officers that were killed in the line of duty. I would love to be able to add the TRR to my races for the year. 3 days and 150 miles on the east coast and then 120 miles on the West Coast in the fall would be freaking awesome. Sign Me Up!!!! Or should I say, I need to win!!!!

    Matt Lindsey

    Altoona, Pa

  35. Brian Baker

    Brian Baker

    Thomasville, NC

    My wife is from Colorado and we love it there. We have wanted to do the TransRockies run ever since I ran Pikes Peak Ascent in 2009. Ultra-running, Colorado Mountains, good company, can it get any better??

  36. ed

    ed werner

    lincolnshire, illinois

    i got into ultras a few years ago and the trans rockies has always been on my bucket list. looking forward to adding this race to my resume.

  37. Brad Koenig

    Into da woods! Please put my name into the hat! I can't think of a better time. Long trail runs with friends (old and new), in one of the best locations in the world, and with full support. Awesome!

    Brad Koenig

    Cherry Hill, NJ

    1. Brad Koenig

      Sorry, but I just realized it is same weekend as Leadville. Bummer. Please take my name out of the hat. Awesome contest! Good luck to everyone else!

  38. Daniel

    Daniel Prevett

    Albuquerque, NM

    The chance to explore the Rockies on foot and to spend days outside away from computers is why I'd like to run this race.

  39. Brent

    I love the mountains, trail running, sunshine, thunderstorms, camping, adventure and competition. Most of all, I love other people who love these things too, so this event couldn't be more perfect for me. I'd be stoked to run my guts out each morning, but even more stoked to hang out in camp all day and get to know some great new friends.

    Brent B

    Albuquerque, NM

  40. Justus

    Would love the opportunity to run this event. The entry fee is way beyond my running budget and winning this contest and running the race would be a week long dream event for me.

    Justus Stull

    Chesapeake, VA

  41. Jen Jolliffe

    I love stage racing – what a great way to experience parts of a country that most people just see through a car window (if they're lucky).

    I have been planning on doing TransRockies for a few years but it's terribly expensive. Some day I'll do it!


    Campbell River, BC, Canada

  42. Mike

    I've never run a multi-stage race before, and have always dreamed of running in the Rockies, so why not try to combine these two experiences? Plus, if I won, I'd love to partner with a friend who just moved out to Seattle, it'd be good to put in some more trail miles together.


    Charlotte, NC

  43. Erik Frank

    What better way to enjoy the most beautiful state on the planet?! And to do so with my absolute best friend in the world, J-LEW!!!!! Trail running is where the heart is, it has to be!!!

  44. mike

    mike hensley

    fairview heights, il

    i would love, love, LOVE to run in the ROCKIES, are you kidding me!!! this would be the perfect vacation!!

  45. William


    Knoxville, TN

    I run in the Great Smoky Mountains all the time. I am doing a stage race in Chattanooga, TN in June and multiple ultras this year. I have dreamed of going to Colorado to run where a lot of the elites train and I turn 40 10 days before the race. What better way to celebrate a birthday then in the mountains doing what I love.

    Fingers crossed…

  46. Jurgen

    Ha, I haven't seen the additonal requirements.

    Why would I like to run one of these races? Being originally from Munich, Germany, I of course love the mountains.

    So far I have not had the opportunity to see the Rockies – and of course to explore the trails.

    A race like that would be the best incentive to travel West!!!

    Take care

    Jurgen, Montreal

  47. Michael Owen

    Michael Owen

    Pomeroy, OH

    Running the TransRockies run for me would depict my yearning as a runner – a transmountain adventure using power generated from myself only. Its that primal existence that I enjoy about trail running and ultra running. A stage race such as this, will bring together the mind, body, and ground to a whole new understanding… that is what I want more of.

  48. Wayne

    Wayne Ingram

    Mauldin, SC

    After organizing group runs for 5 years, introducing many people to running half-marathons and entering a team in the Blue Ridge Relay the last two years, the opportunity to participate in a supported event would be amazing. Running in the TRR, being held in such a fantastic locale, would be such a great experience and allow me to reward one of the most consistent members of our team.

  49. Olivier

    Olivier Dhaine

    Sables d'Olonne, France

    Running a multi-day stage race in US mountains would defenitly be a dream come true.

    A friend of mine already took part several time to this event and made me so jealous.

    It just gathers so many exciting things for me : running, great landscapes, US culture, US speaking…

    Thank u anyway :)

  50. Thomas E. Booker

    Would welcome the opportunity to get west of Mississippi again by running great trails in beautiful surroundings. That and I would drag my ultrarunning mentor with me. I couldn't think of a better way to repay his support and tutelage in a manner that would help extend what few dollars I have.

    Thomas E. Booker

    Knoxville, TN

  51. Bruce G

    Bruce G, Delta BC, Canada

    I have had the privilege of doing multi-day racing in other places in the world, where it is wildly popular, but it hasn't really caught on in North America yet – except at Trans Rockies. I have raced with people who have been there and RAVED about it as an all-round fantastic experience of trails and friendship. Would I want to participate in such an event closer to home and in beautiful Colorado? Of course I would; better yet, I would love to do it as a team with my wife!

  52. JF Roldan

    JF Roldan, North Hatley, Qc, Canada

    After talking to some runners in our club about their experience at last year's TRR, I told myself that I would run this event one day and make every effort possible to perform well, but it is very costly, so this would be an ideal way to make this dream possible.

  53. Tyler Bucklin

    Tyler Bucklin

    Conrad, MT

    I have be looking into this race for a couple of years. I would love to go down to Colorado and see what my brother and I got. Thanks for the opportunity.

  54. Niels Oomkes

    Transrockies – This looks easy… :-)

    Cheers to the ultramarathon and trail lifestyle.

    What a fantastic community.


  55. Aaron Reeves

    Aaron Reeves

    Rochester, MN

    Just starting my trail running adventure and would love to chance to experience something like this.

  56. Megan Stegemiller

    Megan Stegemiller

    fairfax county, Va

    This opportunity would be a onece in a lifetime experience. Ive only ever seen pictures of the Rockies and they are beautiful, I would love to see and experience them first hand. I know the run will be challenging, but i am always looking for a new adventure to feel more accomplished in life. This would be an awesome run!

  57. Nathan Jackson

    A friend an I have been talking about this race for several years, probably since I read about it on iRunFar, or something. Anyway, this friend, I'll call him Ben for brevity's sake, and I were out on our local trails this morning when he mentioned that his wife has cleared him to take a solo vacation this year. As soon as the words left his mouth I mentioned a possible Superior Hiking Trail through trek or a trip to Washington to tackle the Wonderland Trail, but I'm sure he'd be in for this.


    Eau Claire, WI

  58. Jorge Fernandez

    Running every day for a week in a great mountain scenery!!! will be the best prize I could ever win! Running in the morning, relaxing in the afternnon, with your tent and meal ready! this is like the best vacation ever i could imagine and I am rady for it!!

  59. Deanna D

    Deanna D

    Forest Park, IL

    I have only done multi-day stage cycling and triathlon races so a multi-day stage running race is a MUST to help round out my racing career. I can think of no better way to do it than in the Rockies at the TransRockies Run! Plus, after spending several days in Leadville as a crew/pacer to a Leadville 100 runner last year, I am anxiously awaiting an opportunity to return CO and train/race in the Rockies.

  60. Kevin T

    Wow. I recently moved to Ohio and really miss the mountains. This would be an excellent way to get back to elevation and scenery as well as a great opportunity to run! Thanks.

  61. Rick

    Rick Kraics

    Marstons Mills, MA

    I 'discovered' the TransRockies Run online at YouTube last year and immediately put it on my MUST DO BEFORE I DIE list. I'm a trail runner and this race completely inspires me. Not only because of the endurance needed, the spectacular views, the life long feeling of accomplishment but also because of the comrade and team element. Most of the time running the trails means you are running in solitude. So to run 119.5 miles in 5 days is great. But to run 119.5 miles with with my best friend would be something extraordinary.

    Running, endurance and team bring out the best in me. This race brings all three elements together. I can't think of a better race, anywhere.

  62. Dave Bales

    Wow! Awesome!I once heard someone say that ultrarunning is like the poor mans Everest. That does make sense, not all of us can afford $50,000 to go mountaineering, but the dedication it takes to really do your best at running ultras is a comparable commitment. Perhaps less risk, but more hours of preparation. So, why would I want to do the TransRockies Run? Well, this would be the biggest expedition of my life. As a middle-aged, working class father, my rock climbing days are over, as are my dreams of a mountaineering expedition, but I can still push myself to get faster and run farther. So the TransRockies Run sounds like just about the perfect challenge.

    Thanks for the awesome contest.

    Dave Bales

    Neptune, NJ

  63. Chris

    I guess I should mention why I would love to run the TransRockies race. I've always wanted to do a multi-day race, but mostly the cost and time have prevented me from doing this. This would be a perfect opportunity and would love to do the 3 day event myself or if I can find a friend to do the 6 day event that would be even better!

    Chris – Westminster, CO

  64. gringo runner

    Doing a multiday ultra has always been on my list of things to do but, unfortunately, has also been out of my price range. Doing this event in the rockies with a friend would be FANTÁSTICO!

    Gringo Runner,

    Washington, MO

  65. justfinish

    Kevin Green

    St. Clair Shores, MI

    I'd love to run the TransRockies race this year, but I'll actually be in Leadville running their little race at the same time. However, if I won, and wasn't able to defer to 2012, I'd pass along the prize to a lucky member of the community!

  66. Jason W.

    Jason W.

    Chugiak, AK

    The desire to run this race is difficult to summarize but……I have never been to Colorado or the Rockies, I love running, especially every day through scenic places, I love running distances, and I love running with people. Everyone I know, including my wife, has lived in Colorado at some point in their lives. If I got to run in this race, not only would I be able to participate in such an epic event as running across an entire range, running across an entire region, running with wonderful people and running to exhaustion but, I would also get to see for myself why everyone loves Colorado so much.

  67. William


    Knoxville, TN

    Ok so when I saw this opportunity I totally lost all oxygen to my brain and banged out a quick message. Forgetting what I am currently doing and how that could tie into this opportunity. I am currently 60 days into a 6 month car free journey averaging around 100 miles of travel by foot (Running) and bike a week. My original plan was to end my journey with a 100 mile trail run. The race I had slated filled up before I could sign up and I actually ran across the video and website of the Trans Rockies run when looking for an alternate run. If not for the entry fee I would have signed up immediately as this is definitely a MUST do run. I am an avid trail and ultra-runner who will be running multiple ultras and a stage race later this year. I would love nothing more than the opportunity to run in the Trans Rockies run and look forward to the possibilities of getting in for free.

  68. NJohan

    I would like to run the TransRockies because it would be the perfect way to end my first season of Ultra running. Started at the excellent HAT, could finish in gorgeous Colorado.

    Then cyclocross season begins!


    Quakertown, PA

  69. Monica

    When I first read today's contest, I said, 'Whoa! NOT for me!' and shut down the site. Truthfully, my initial reaction to this opportunity was, ABJECT FEAR. These are the thoughts that ran through my head: Who am I to think that I could accomplish such a feat? I must be crazy! I've never run further than 10 miles in my life. No way, no how. Don't even bother filling out a comment.

    And then, as I went about my daily business, this little voice (I like to call her Hope) started talking to me. She said: "All those other people who run ultras had to start somewhere right? At some point in their lives, they had only run 10 miles, right? You absolutely love running, right? You've ALWAYS wanted to see the Rockies, right? You can do this, RIGHT? SO WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO ENTER THAT BLEEPING CONTEST!!!!"

    Ok, by the end there, my 'little voice' was yelling at the top of her little lungs.

    Enough said. I'm in.


    Coldwater, MS

    (never been further west than Oklahoma City IN. MY. LIFE.)

  70. Kathleen

    Kathleen E

    Seattle, WA

    The fact that both of my roomies rocked it and won last year!!! :):) And seriously, I was actually registered (and paid up) a couple years ago and my partner backed out. I've wanted to run a stage race for years now, and TR is the one I want to do!

  71. chris van dyke

    I would love to run this race, and on a teacher's salary with 2 kids, there's no way I can afford the entry-fee. I'm just about to start training for my first ultra, so I've never done anything like this, but the challenge and the experience sounds amazing. Having a multi-day race like THIS as a motivation would give a new meaning and urgency to my training. Besides, getting out of Brooklyn, where I live, to the rockies for a week? It's a dream . . .

    Chris Van Dyke
    Brooklyn, NY

  72. Dan

    Hello Byron,

    I went on my first run over 40 years ago at the age of 15. Since then, running has been a very important part of my life and it helps define me as a person. After decades of running and racing on the roads, and dealing with many injuries, I was ready to toss in the towel. Then I entered my first trail race in October 2006. Here, I was reborn as a runner and found the joy and enthusiasm for running that I remembered feeling as a teenager. In 2009 I ran my first Ultra and now I am hooked on long distance running! Trail runners in general, and ultra runners in particular, are the greatest people I have ever known. The camaraderie and spirit I share with my fellow ultra runners is very uplifting, almost spiritual, and only found on trails deep in the woods or on a mountainside.

    I have never run a stage race, nor have I ever run west of the Mississippi River. I think the experience of running the Gore-Tex Trans Rockies would be extremely rewarding and life altering. For me, it will be more than a run in the mountains. It will be a journey of self-discovery. I thank you for this opportunity.

    Dan Scotina

    Saugus, MA.

  73. Theresa

    WOW! What an opportunity! I had the same reaction as Monica this morning…but I am doing two 50K's this summer and what the heck right? It's only twice as far…I can Do It! Also, One more adventure to take off my "bucket list"! Haven't done any trail races past the Maine border…but what a wonderful thing to get a chance to do. I'm psyched! :)


    Camden, Maine

  74. njk

    Natalie k

    St paul, mn


    1 Because I can

    2 I would love the challenge

    3 this would go hand in hand with my 100 miler goals next year

  75. Jesse barragan

    Jesse Barragan


    Besides the obvious fact that this event combines two of my favorite things 1. Trail running and 2. Beautiful scenery, I have always wanted to run a multi-day race. Plus, since my wife runs ultra's, It would be awesome to run this with her.

  76. Tara Barragan

    Tara Barragan

    Folsom, CA

    Like my husband said, this would be the prefect couples getaway for a couple of trail runners!

  77. Stewart

    How could anyone not want to run 6 days through the rockies for FREE! Sign me up… and well my wife can come too.


    Fayetteville, WV

  78. Derek Robertson

    It scares the crap outta me and I'd probably have to bribe someone to come along so I obviously want to do it.


    Clermont, FL

  79. Anonymous

    Ryan S.

    Brunswick, Ohio

    Why me….?

    Why me? Because I refuse to sacrifice the gift. I refuse to let my ability, my determination, or my drive become a stepping stone on the bridge to failure. With family, work, and life, I’m out of bed at 3:50a.m. hammering out 15 miles before work. There are no breaks, no vacations, and certainly not an ounce of sympathy. Being able to run this race would allow me to look can’t square in the eye and say can.

    Webster defines commitment as the state of being obligated or emotional impelled and in my world, the words emotionally impelled doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

    The great Winston Churchill once said, “Wars are not won by evacuations”….give me a war, and I promise you, I will not evacuate.

  80. Chris

    Chris Nesbitt

    Schertz, TX

    Never have done a stage race and it would be great to escape the TX heat in August!

    Plus, with 4 kids (all boys) and the first one starting college in the fall…even if I start saving for the entry fee right now, I won't be able to do this thing until I'm 107!

  81. Sean Salmon

    Sean Salmon

    Jersey City

    Two of my trail running buddies ran this last year and came back with endless talk of how great of an event the transrockies is and of course I have to experience it myself – and run it faster ;) Plus this would be first time running in the Rockies, which has a great pull on my sea level living self

  82. Sarah

    Sarah Duncan

    Portland, OR

    This is my dream race! Currently scheduled to run it in the "future", but I'll certainly do it this year if I win! : )

  83. Zak

    Zak Branigan

    Ann Arbor, MI

    I'd love to run TransRockies because I discovered the joy of trail running over long distances in the last year after a few years of running to help me get in shape and stay sane as my family faced a lot of hard times. This would be the ultimate culmination of years of hard work and hard times!

  84. Anonymous

    Oh man, would I love to do this race! I've already been chatting with a good friend of mine many states away about how it would be awesome meet up and do this race together.

    It's sure to be a great experience, great training, and a great challenge!

    Ross Krause

    Easthampton, MA

  85. Brete Carlsen

    I've been trying to get my wife motivated to move to the Colorado rockies and this would be a great way to show her why! I've had this race on my list of runs to complete, and to be able to do it this year would be Awesome!

    Brete Carlsen

    Silver City, NM

  86. Matt Warner

    Matt Warner

    Richmond, VA

    Why would I want to run in the TransRockies Run? Does that question even need to be asked? A week of trail running in the Rockies – what else could a runner hope for?

  87. Adam

    Adam I.

    Minneapolis, MN

    I just want to run – as far as I can, as fast as I can, as well as I can, and in as many different places as I can. There is no way I would have this opportunity without winning this contest.

    I just want to run.

  88. Franz D.

    I can't run it due to its conflict with Leadville, but can I cast a vote for Jesse and Tara Barragan? They sound too darn cute. :-P (j/k of course)!!!

  89. Chad

    Always wanted to do this bucketlist event. the stage racing concept is one that has always intriqued me. Ready to see if I am ready for the next phase in life!

  90. Bogie D

    Bogie Dumitrescu , Denver, CO

    Why? 1st i could not afford another stage race this year,

    MORE important, I could use the entry to find a girlfriend willing, able and crazy to do this and join me :-)

  91. Art

    Art Miles

    Tower Lakes, IL

    Running in the midwest has it's limitations. I'd give anything for a mountain view during a long weekend run.

  92. Bradley

    I am currently a librarian in Washington at a very busy public library. I am also a father of 4 little children. Needless to say, my forays into the greater world outside of family and work are not as many as I would like. I do get out enough to feel confident that I could successfully complete this week and I am sure it is just the vacation I could use!

    Thanks so much for all you do!


    Puyallup, WA

  93. Kay

    My mind is already racing with the possibility, coming up with ways to convince/bribe my husband that it would be a good idea to let me take off and run, and as I'm a stay at home mum, wondering if I could maybe offload my kids off on somebody (anybody?!) for that week!

    Kay A

    Seattle WA

  94. John

    John F. Seattle, WA

    It would be the chance of a lifetime to run an amazing race, through amazing scenery, with the girl that introduced me to the ultrarunning scene.

  95. Mick

    Mick Quen

    Franklin, PA

    I run ultras for the adventure and experience of it all. Trans Rockies would be both an awesome adventure and outstanding experience. I work 2 jobs and have 3 kids so this would be a great vacation and needed BREAK as well. I have never run out Colorado way, but would love the opportunity to do so.

  96. vgh

    Vince Heyd

    Park City, UT

    Well I would make Kevin Winzeler come with me and shoot the entire thing (saaweeet footage) and you're gonna be my teammate right Bryon? That is if I ever return from the beach! Boooo snow

  97. DubRunner

    A chance to escape the 9 month winter up here!! Ha ha.

    I've never been to the Rockies, but being able to run such an amazing race would be INCREDIBLE. East coast trail running is great, but I'll bet it doesn't hold a candle to this.


    Berwick, ME

  98. Sabrina Moran

    Sabrina Moran

    Vernon, New Jersey

    I want to race it because I have been drooling over this run for a couple of years now and cannot race it because I can't afford the entry…I am a graduate student. Furthermore, I stand on the starting line of every race and think "all these people are my new friends!". It would be incredible to have several days to solidify friendships! And to run! Through the beauty!

  99. Kimberly

    Kimberly, Evergreen

    I'm so excited about this one I could pee. I had the opportunity to observe a couple of stages of this race last year (I live pretty close), and I knew from the start it was something I wanted to do one day.

    I've done a lot of trail running in the area, and was looking for something more challenging than just running a marathon. I like the fact that this is essentially like running 6 marathons back to back.

    I'm over 40 and I have a partner in mind who is also over 40 and we want to see if we can kick it in the 80+ division. Plus, Gore-Tex does an unbelievably amazing job with the organization of this event. It's like summer camp for adults, and a bit of a dream come true. Run every morning and hang out and camp for the rest of the day. Who could ask for more?

  100. Michele

    I would love to do this because I love running in the mountains, it sounds like a great adventure, and I would enjoy the heck out if it!

    Thanks for the opportunity.


    Littleton, CO

  101. Sara

    My sweetie loves trail running (and I try really hard to love it, when I'm not tumbling and tripping!) so offering to do this with him would be a gift he'd likely never forget. I think I'd probably enjoy a stage race better than a single-day trail race, too, because I could practice patience and focus on the journey. Multiple days would give me multiple attempts to enjoy it. :)

    Sara Daum

    Lincoln, AL

  102. paulette zillmer

    paulette zillmer, scottsdale, az.

    I would LOVE to run transrockies to share the expirence in the mtns with friends.

  103. Alissa L

    Alissa L

    Oakland, CA

    This race is on my list of races I want to run in this lifetime. Plus I just had a breakup so I have plenty of time to train, ahem Bogie D. :)

  104. Terry


    Knoxville, TN.

    Majestic mountains, gnarly trails, beautiful scenery, kickass climbs and descents, day after day after day after day after day after day…..what's not to love. I want to be there.

  105. Marcus Wolford

    Marcus Wolford

    San Diego, ca

    I have been training for my first ever race, yet I haven't decided what race to enter, just know I wanted it to be around September. This would be a dream come true.

  106. Karl Jarvis

    Karl Jarvis

    Flagstaff, AZ

    Moving through the mountains is what I love more than anything else. I research how animals move through landscapes and I spend my free time running trails. And as a student I'm too poor to sign up for this amazing race!

  107. Daniel Rowland


    Santiago, Chile

    I ran my first ultra in Colorado and really struggled with the altitude and distance. Since then I have made huge progress and run a 100 mile winter race in Alaska. I would love take on a multi-day race and going back to Colorado where I first started ultra-running would mean a lot to me.

  108. Tom Hanley

    I'm tired of running past corn fields and farms, with the cows giving me strange looks. I want to experience true mountain running!


    Ankeny, IA

  109. Sean Cunniff

    Like many others, I have eyed this race for a while but held back due to the cost and time commitment. I have spent a great deal of time in the Colorado mountains, running and climbing, and maintain a special fondness for those mountains. For me, spending several days undertaking moderate distances in a first-class race like TransRockies in these mountains would be the ultimate ultra experience. I am confident that I would realize the full athletic and aesthetic value of participating in the event.

    I also am confident that my training qualifies me to start and complete the event without a catastrophic meltdown. I live at high altitude (7200 feet, high desert) and do all of my training on mountain trails, save for a few begrudging runs on asphalt when the trails are covered in too much fresh powder. My volume of training is also at an all-time high, meaning that I can withstand the abuse of a multi-day event like TransRockies.

    In addition, this may be one of my last opportunities to undertake this kind of event due to future work demands. I just finished law school and am wrapping up a judicial clerkship that affords me adequate vacation time without the specter of billable hours lurking in my work life. I am planning to do something epic during this last summer of relative freedom and TransRockies would be the ultimate, but, alas is not within my budget as a lowly clerk.

    So, if I were granted this extraordinary opportunity, I would make it the focal point of my summer and would be well-situated to fully enjoy and appreciate the experience.

    Please pick me!

    Thanks for making this available,

    Sean Cunniff

    Santa Fe, NM

  110. Joe Snyder

    Joe Snyder

    Portland, OR

    My boss is retiring and he is the one who brought me into Ultra Running. This would be an amazing opportunity to spend with him. He is 50 and I am 28.

  111. Randy


    San Diego CA

    I have never heard of this race before but it sounds so unique and exciting. I've done 3 relay races with 11 other people and really enjoyed making running a team event. I've always wanted to do a point-to-point, supported running trail race but I didn't know something like this already existed. Even if I don't win, this is something I'd like to do at some point in my life.

  112. KenZ


    Redwood City, CA

    I have been dreaming of a multi-stage for a while now. Badly enough that if I don't win this, I might even pay for it next year. Hope that doesn't count me out of the running.

  113. Andy

    Wow, I can't compete with some of these sales pitches, especially Sean's, but I do have a pretty good base, need to satisfy my western jones (live in New England and haven't been west since TRT last year), and would love the opportunity to spend a week with the trail running community up on the great Colorado plateau. Besides, as my friends and family will tell you I'm clearly running from something, and one-day ventures just aren't cutting it!

    Andy Meisler

    West Hartford, CT

  114. Kristin Zosel

    let me try this again.

    I'd LOVE to run transrockies–Colorado is in my blood–my favorite state (closely followed by AK)… i love the high/dry country… Love the steeps (especially the climbing) and getting above treeline. I relish mountain weather and the elements that only high alpine can provide. I'm currently fighting the webs from growing between my toes… and i'll already be in colo during that time visiting my sister. I'd do my best to do IRUNFAR.COM proud!!!!!

    Kristin Zosel

    Eugene, OR

  115. Bill McGovern

    Bill McGovern

    Marathon N.Y.

    I am a runner

    Running is what I am all about (just ask the wife)

    I love the experiences.

    This would be an experince of a life time.

  116. Chris Celka

    I've done the hut to hut from Teluride to Moad on Bike. I still remember every day. Seeing Colorado by foot would be even better.

  117. Justin Busch

    Live in Breckenridge Colorado.

    I just want to run in those beautiful mountains with some like minded folk. Too see what im made of and soak in those views. It would be a good warm up for Breckcrest too!

    Justin Busch

  118. Myles


    Sacramento, CA

    I enjoy back to back, to back…..long runs. I love the mountains and have been awaiting the right time to one day run a Gore-Tex TransRockies event. My main issue has been finding a partner to join me on the expensive adventure. I am confident I will find a running buddy to join me if I am holding a free ticket in. Usually I have to bring it up by saying "hey would you ever be interested in spending way too much money to run in the mountains for 6 days"?

  119. Jodi Cullen

    Jodi Cullen, Portland, OR

    Because I am pumped up and ready for a life changing 6 day adventure that will test my body and mind and do so with a smile out in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies!

  120. andy

    Live in Sna Diego, CA

    My wife and I ran the TransRockies race last year. We are both in the military; however, my wife happened to be deployed on a ship overseas during the 8 months prior to the race. She trained on nothing but treadmills, stationary bikes, and a ~280 yd long flight deck. Me, on the otherhand, had the luxury of training on the numerous roads & trails throughout SD county. Despite my apparent training 'upper hand' my wife came out and completely destroyed me during the TransRockies. It was fugly.

    We are both back together (on land) and, after hearing about my performance (or lack thereof) for the past year, I would like another shot at her on the TR course! I desperately need this redemption opportunity… oh, and save the whales, praise baby Jesus, protect the environment, and anything else that might give us the upper hand.

  121. paulrondeau

    Paul in Phx.

    First off Kudo's on THE book i can't wait to read it.Ok why i need to go to the

    TR3.Phoenix Aug !holy cow after 4 months of 100 degree's I need some relief

    Also my racing season has not gone well at all this year Twin Peaks cancelled till

    Oct?I got a infection in my foot and it swelled like a ballon so no Zane Grey!So

    hopefully i'll make it to the S.D 100 in 6 wks injury free,so please Byron help

    make my end of summer a one to remember and make the end of the year better than

    the start.

  122. Jerome B.

    I'd absolutely LOVE to win this not only for myself, but for my girlfriend as well who is fairly new to the world of endurance running yet already enjoys spending hours on end both on the trail and on the road.



  123. jcazz


    Raymond, ME

    I am trained and ready. It's been a long cold snowy winter but I have logged mile after mile outside, no dreadmill for me. The worse the weather, the further I ran -even passing cars stuck on the hills. Night after night I refused to hibernate because it was dark -dodging snowmobiles and chased by coyotes on a moonless nights I am up for the fight. I really enjoy my own made up solo unsupported ultras but I wouldn't mind letting someone else deal with the logistics for once. Also I need to see how the West compares to the Northeast…….

  124. Eric

    What a great way to spend five days in the Rockies! I'd love to run this race for the scenery and the challenge.

    Eric Lanning

    Fort Wayne, Indiana

  125. Gabe Byars

    Hello, I would love to run the TransRockies Run with my wife. She and I are both runners. We recently moved to the mountain west, and this would be a wonderful way to really make it truly home; no better way to know someplace than to run it. And no better way to grow closer to someone than an experience as intense as the TransRockies.



    Salt Lake City, UT

  126. Terry Sullivan

    I am searching for the next big adventure. I completed the hot, gruelling Vermont 100 last year and need something more. The rockies seem perfect.

    Menomonie WI

  127. Aric Manning

    Aric Manning

    North Ogden, UT

    I would love this experience. I spend time getting others in races so why not me? On my bucket list and just knocked off the R2R2R. Also, being able to select a friend—well that would help be able to bribe someone to be my friend.

  128. Dan

    I'm doing my residency this year but all work and no play makes for some itchy runners feet… So after putting in the hard work this year I'll be taking next year off to launch an assault on as many ultras as possible. Of course, TR would be the jewel in the crown. Pick me, I need it for my sanity!!!

    Dr Dan

    Melbourne, Australia

  129. Esther Devilee

    Hi everyone,

    I'm from Leiden (The Netherlands) and I am à trailrunner. Just finished 60 K on one of our Islands. Would love to run the Transrockies!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!!

  130. Jadon Ross

    Would love to run it with my wife! She's the one who got me started running in the first place!

    Jadon Ross

    Kemmerer, Wyoming

  131. Matt Smith

    I'd love to run in order to return to the mountains that inspired me to take up mountain running many years ago.

    Matt Smith

    Chatham, NY

  132. Mike Kirk

    I followed the TRR last year when another local Signal Mountain resident (TN) ran (Matt Sims). It looked like a lot of fun both during the race and after everyone was done.

  133. Reid Landes

    Why TransRockies? Two reasons:

    (1) When living overseas, when I hankered for my homeland, I found myself dreaming of the Rockies, though I've never lived there. Now that I'm a runner (or slogger), my dreams of experiencing the mountains involve running their trails. (2) Living in Arkansas, the Ouachita & Ozark mountains have their own beauties, but fail to jack you up in the air high enough to see "forever." I want to see forever.

    Reid Landes

    Little Rock, Arkansas

  134. Doug "The Gnome

    I ran Transrockies last year and loved it my partner missed 3 days of the race and was sick. I brought the Gnome that the crew had so much fun with. I know Gary would love to hang with you guys again

    Doug Douilard

    Fort Collins, CO

  135. Beth H

    I ran TR 3-day last year with my running buddy and we would love to run the 6-day this year!!! That would be just beyond awesome! We loved everything about it last year!

  136. Tiphanie

    Tiphanie Rafter

    Beverly, MA

    Transrockies for me would be an adventure of a lifetime, a chance to push myself to my limits and see what I am really made of! It would also be a great chance to make someone elses dreams come true because I would share this prize! =D

  137. Diane Jones

    Had a rough last year.husband died kids moved out. need to get something special in my life. What a challenge this would be.

  138. Blake Child

    I just recently heard about this race and it sounds like a lot of fun. I would love the chance to go do it.

    Blake Child. Midway, UT

  139. Chris Jaworski

    Bloomfield, NJ. We've got some tall and steep formations here in the Northeast, but I want to see what real mountains are like!

  140. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams

    Knoxville, TN

    Alas, I am a poor graduate student without the funds to do the TransRockies race. Getting to do this race would easily be the highlight of my year….if not decade. I've done stage races before, but this is more like a running vacation!

  141. Shelley Corrigan

    Shelley Corrigan

    Port Haywood, VA

    I will have just moved both of my kids into their dorm rooms for their freshman year in college. So, i think running TransRockies would be the perfect way to celebrate!! Although, my daughter has been my running partner so I will have to find a new one. Know anyone?

  142. Rachel Corrigan

    Rachel Corrigan

    Port Haywood, VA

    I am going to school for Geology but have not been to Colorado yet. I would love to be able to run TransRockies and see the beautiful mountains for myself!!

  143. Rebecca Duffy

    What could be better? I've wanted to do this since it began, but don't foresee that happening, unless I win the lottery, marry rich, or win a contest!

    Rebecca Duffy

    Wherever the van is parked.

    Lately in Colorado.

  144. Peter B

    Peter B

    Manchester, MO

    I came across this race while researching trail runs in the US. I instantly called in for the video and watch it twice, yes twice. What can I say, everything about this run looks amazing. The scenery, the comradery amongst all the runners, tent city :), etc.! This is an event that I absolutely love to take part in! Good Luck to all Entrants!!

    1. Chris

      Chris M.

      Albuquerque, NM

      Forgot my why, before I hit enter.

      I thinking running the TransRockies event would be a once in a lifetime experience and adventure. Having the opportunity to participate in a stage race in the Rockies would be awesome!

  145. Leah Jones

    Leah Jones

    Knoxville, TN

    Nearly a week of supported running in the mountains of Colorado? You need more reason than that?! For the challenge, the experience, the commradere, the beauty of the trails and….to share it all with one of my obsessed trail running friends.

  146. Mike McGinnis

    Mike McGinnis

    Pine Mountain Club, CA

    I have friends that run this race every year and LOVE it! I'd love to beat them…I mean join them! Thanks!

  147. carl laniak

    carl laniak

    arnoldsville, GA

    multi-days are the best ultras. people say they love the ultra community, but until they've run a multi-day (especially a stage race where you "live" with everyone between stages) they don't know what it means to "get to know" their fellow competitors….great fun!

  148. Paul Mandel

    Paul Mandel

    Boulder, CO

    I love trail running and multi-day events. TransRockies would be a great cap to a summer that starts with the Comrades Marathon on May 29!

  149. Kevin

    Kevin Schneider

    Newark, DE

    I've been talking about running this with my brother for few years, but winning this would actually get me running instead of talking!

    Also, the mountains is CO are a little more scenic than DE :)

  150. Patsy Jaimes

    Patsy Jaimes

    La Mirada, CA

    My sister lives on the East Coast and I live on the West Coast. We love trail running and meet to run races together. This is a great event and it would be awesome to spend the week together running the Trans Rockies.

  151. John Dees

    John Dees

    Arlington, Texas

    After a nearly 15 year break in running, I have spent the past year and a half rediscovering all the things I loved about running as a boy. Then I found my way to the trails about 3 months ago which really took me back. As an Eagle Scout and high school cross country runner, the trails connect me directly to my roots and love for the outdoors. Competing in the GTR would be a monumental accomplishment to highlight my return to running.

  152. Mike

    Mike A.

    Wentzville, MO

    Holy crap. Sounds like a lot of fun, plus a beautiful place to run. Been wanting to get into ultras… what better way?!?

  153. Greg Friedman

    Greg and Amy Friedman (Team Red Fern)

    Dhaka, Bangladesh (for now)

    Thanks for this great offer. Here's why we think we can do it and why we'd love to receive your support (and why we'd be happy to have you sponsor us).

    We are already planning to run the TransRockies. We’ve been eying it for five years, but up until now have not been able to get away from work (12000 miles away) or muster up the courage to train for it.

    However, we've found a way to escape work and we have been putting in the miles: creating artificial hills (icky treadmills a couple of times a week because Bangladesh is flatter than a pancake) and simulating altitude (running in the humidity and air pollution definitely simulates the oxygen deprivation and effort of Colorado, but not the beauty).

    TransRockies seems doable. We've raced Imogene Pass three times. This is double that (and then some) and all joined together in a week instead of spread out over five years or so. Piece of cake, a hearty cake.

    We’d like to not steal from the kids’ college fund to make it happen (but we are willing to, if we don't win this contest). TransRockies will be worth it!

    Disclaimer: We have already signed up and paid our deposit. We'd love to get some financial support / sponsorship and are willing to tattoo ourselves (temporarily) or our clothing (permanently) to say thanks. We also plan to do a bunch of racing on three continents in the next year or so and would be happy to change our team name from Red Fern to iRunFar / Red Fern.

  154. Cory Birdsong

    Cory Birdsong

    San Antonio, TX

    Would love to run it with my younger brother Dustin! He got me into doing ultras and trail running. I have been in the Army for the last 11 years, so usually runs are what bring us together to catch up. Would be an awesome experience!

  155. Rebecca

    Rebecca Sudduth

    Charlottesville, VA

    I would love to run this as it is the ultrarunning equivalent to running that thruhiking is to overnight backpacking. Also, when I signed up for the Ultrarunning Matters email listerv I put my dream race as the transrockies run, time to make good on that!

  156. Lisa Blue

    I've been a long distance runner for a long time and Trans Rockies has been on my bucket list for a number of years. I turn 50 this year and would be thrilled to run it this year!

  157. matthew

    matthew dignan, seattle, wa.

    i would love to have the chance of a lifetime to run this amazing event to see if i can hack it!

  158. Jens

    Astoria, NY

    I lived in Colorado for over a decade. It is where I fell in love with running (especially trail running). I miss colorado running and welcome this as an amazing opportunity to not only experience it again but to share it with a friend.

  159. Ken White

    Ken White

    San Rafael, CA

    Because I didn't get selected in the lottery to run Western States 100 to celebrate my 50th birthday! The Gore-Tex Transrockies Run would be even better 'cause I'd get to do it with a friend….

  160. Thomas Wagner

    …trained (actually started to run) in the rockies during my studies in CO and had a wonderful time there!

    done the UTMB and some more in Europe, would love to do that race in the states ;-)

    Tom Wagner

    Graz, Austria (Europe)

  161. Tami Karsen

    My husband and I ordered the info DVD as soon as we saw this event listed in the the Runner's World Trail Magazine. Since then we have been obsessed with this race- watching all the videos on YouTube we can find and reading any articles and information! AMAZING! We would love the opportunity to run together and challenge each other for 6 days in the trails in CO! What better way to start off our first year of marriage! WHOO HOO!!!

  162. Joe Gray

    PS. Would love the chance to travel for something that I'm truely enamoured with and what better way to see a country I've never been to before than 6-days in the countryside.

  163. Agiofws MAS

    I compete in ultras to connect to my innerself… Running in the "GORE-TEX TransRockies Run" would be a dream come true…

    Agiofws Mas

    Sparta, Greece

  164. Christine Hinton

    think I forgot my why:

    I dream daily of adventure, seek it out in my own backyard. To me this would be a once in a lifetime joy and experience. Something that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

    I enjoy the challenge, the pain and the friendships, that such environments, birth.

    I'd also be happy to blog, or otherwise relay my experiences back to irunfar.


    Christine Hinton

    Crofton, MD

  165. Heidi from Long Beac

    I ran this last year and it was one of the best experiences of my LIFE (next to marrying my loving husband and having twins). I would love to share this experience with my sister this year. I have 20 years of endurance running under my belt and it would be her first ultra experience. I am sure she would keep pace and love it as much as I did!

  166. Paul Wallace

    These east coast legs need a Rocky Mountain high! I will run in honor of the late John Denver.

    Paul Wallace

    Denver, PA

  167. Daniel Murphy

    Let’s see: Multi-day running event through outstanding scenery with first class support, surrounded by great people while breathing that lovely mountain air…. I can’t really think of any reason why I wouldn’t want to go.

    Daniel Murphy

    Houston, TX

  168. Jason Silver

    Jason Silver

    Rapid City, SD

    Last year was my entry into the world of Ultra running and couldn't think of a better way to continue than multiple days with some of the best people in the sport!

  169. jared

    I've spent most of my life thinking that running was stupid unless it was part of playing a game or unless you were being chased. Running was what you had to do when you showed up late for practice. At some point in training for my first marathon something changed and I fell in LOVE with the running and how I felt when I did it. I've since moved to the mountains and discovering trail running and it has taken my love of running to a new level.

    I feel like a late comer to a secret – that running is a blast – and now trying to catch up. Getting to do the trans rockies would be a huge boost to my newfound favorite activity.


    Provo UT

  170. Will

    Oops. Forgot to add why… My wife has an aunt and uncle who live in Leadville (and make the best pizza in the world… Check out High Mountain Pies!!) so I've run a lot of the trails out there and can't wait to run more. Oh, and I've got 2 college buddies already signed up to run TransRockies so if I could join them that would be sweet!

  171. Chrissie Jackura

    ran this last year with a good buddy and we had the time of our lives! We were slow, but we finished, and we met so many amazing people along the way!

    Davis, Ca

  172. Kirin


    Philadelphia, PA

    I've never been to the west coast of our country and am DYING to run some trails out there (but, as a graduate student, I have very limited resources to travel long distances and pay the entry fee for some of the bigger races). I love this sport and I love the people and I can think of no better way to experience both than to run the TRR. I also love doing races with my boyfriend, and this would be an amazing opportunity for both of us.

  173. Michelle

    I ran the RUN3 last year and it was the best time I've ever had in my life!!! I loved the adventure, the people, the organization and the running!! The 6 day is out of my reach financially though so I would love, love, love to win!!! I would take my bestest running buddy Beth with me! :)

    Michelle B

    Dallas TX

  174. Bill Day

    I'd be ecstatic to win a RUN3 entry. I love running in Colorado and have a CO trail race planned in the San Juans in June. It would be fantastic to have a great reason to come back and race further in August!

    Bill Day

    Broken Arrow, OK

  175. Brenden G.

    I've spent the past few summers in Leadville and always volunteer pace for the LT100, which overlaps with the TRR. Last summer I went out for a run on the Colorado Trail in late August, and – surprise, surprise – crossed paths with the TransRockies runners. After running in a handful of races during the the past year, I'd like to get involved with one that isn't just about myself, but is instead a race that's about compassion, partnership, and support. I love the Leadville Trail 100, but I'm ready to give the TransRockies Run a shot with a friend.


    Brenden G.

    Denver/Leadville, CO

  176. Jeremy

    … to see what Colorado has to offer, and share that experience with a running partner. I just did my first ultra in March and there are many more in my future!

    Jeremy Gleason

    Salt Lake City, UT

  177. Steve Maliszewski

    Just realized you guys wanted more meat to the entry…Why I want to run…

    Every day that I am afforded the opportunity to run is a blessed day. To run up in the mountains with a friend for 6 days would be the adventure of a lifetime. I have recently gotten introduced to trail running and ultra running and have enjoyed every bit of it. 5k races are fine but I feel a race like the Transrockies is a place where you will really have the opportunity to not only experience some amazing scenery but also find out who you really are.

    Steve Maliszewski

    Houston, TX

  178. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

    Flagstaff Arizona

    Having a taste for the rockies since I was a kid, and now living in the mountain town of Flagstaff, what better way to spend a week getting to know the rockies with people who are as passionate as you are about trail running. This race is the ultimate US stage trail race and would be a once if a lifetime epic adventure.

  179. Steve Ball

    Steve Ball

    Temperance, Michigan

    After competing in many triathlons and marathons, I would like to compete in an event that I can say is beyond what most poeple can even think about. The trans rockies is that event!

  180. Brian

    I would love the opportunity to do the RUN3 solo. I have not had the opportunity to run an ultra this year due to a multitude of issues, and this could be the race I can finally use my training for!

    Brian Followell

    Upper Arlington, OH

  181. Steve Baber

    I love the challenge of trying a new event, and the tougher the better. I've not had the opportunity to run out west, so this appears to be what I'm looking for.

  182. Ann Ongena

    Because TRR reflects how I feel about trailrunning, my favorite thing to do when free of kids, household, husband and work. I've never had the chance to visit the Colorado mtns., now is the time to do it.

  183. Lisa

    I first heard about the transrockies when I lived in California going to school. Back then I was a retired runner, to stiff and tired from studies to get off my bum and go for a run due to the depression of school and student loans. I saw the first inaugural ad in Competitor Magazine and was so enthralled with the thought of this race that I began training for it. Slowly day by day I got healthier and healthier and moved to Boulder to be closer to the trails. I met my friend Chris at my first 50k (Sageburner) last summer and she shocked and amazed me in telling me she had just began ultrarunning a few years and many many pant sizes prior and now runs a bunch every summer and hikes and runs all over CO. I began joining her and the enthusiasm rubbed off as I believed too that i could accomplish these ridiculous endeavors. Last summer I had a patient tell me that she needed a partner for the race and that hers had been injured. I was excited again at the idea as I had been dreaming about it for years but I wasn't in shape enough to complete the race at any level beyond mildly in shape (as compared to the other competitors). I began training all winter in hopes that the chance would come again this year and that I would be able to get involved and to take part. I am saving money to some day be able to run it on my own, but winning this would be the coolest thing EVER to happen to my running buddie Chris and Me.

    P.S. Please Please PLEASEEEE let us be the winners!?!?!!!!

    (P.S.S I use irunfar as part of my username/password in a few things because I'm stoked to have this website around!)

  184. Jeff

    Jeff Collins

    Vallejo, California

    Multi-stage runs in the Rockies….beautiful scenery, challenging runs, all the gels you can eat, what more would any ultrarunner want

  185. Joel Axler

    Hey Byron,

    Thanks for this opportunity. 6 days, 120 miles, blisters, fatigue, pain, Rocky Mtns, altitude, camaraderie … TRR is the ultimate trailrunner's vacation. And I've got to do it!

    Joel Axler


  186. Chris


    Chelsea, AL

    TransRockies has been on my running wish list since I first looked at the website. Running through the beautiful CO mountains would be a dream, and several days of running would allow for time for both the challenge and to soak in the beauty. Awesome contest!

  187. Rob Simetz

    Hi Bryon

    I'm relatively new to the "Ultra World" but love running the mountains here in Michigan :) Just finished a trail marathon and am planning to run a trail 50 mile this fall. Would love to opportunity to race the TransRockies.

    Pick me, pick me!!


    Northville, Mi

  188. Doone Watson

    Hi Bryon – I know I shouldn't be entering this contest. I have every reason not to run TR this year, despite the fact I love, love, love it!! Three times so far and every year has been a blast. However last year we raced it hard and then went on to run Tor des Geants two weeks later. That race eats Hard Rocks for breakfast and it ate me up around 120 miles. So this year I promised myself – focus on TdG as I have big time unfinished business there. Don't race TR, I scheduled work for that week so I wouldn't be tempted to enter at the last minute, …focus on TdG. But this niggling little voice keeps saying – wouldn't you love to just run TR for fun – don't race, just go and soak up the atmosphere, summer camp for runners….so I figured if by some small chance I won this competition it would be fate saying yes – you have to go!!! So I will let fate decide where I will be in August, in the mountains of Colorado or teaching in a stuffy classroom in Calgary!

    Would love to be there – Doone from Calgary!

  189. Sophia Walker

    I want to win this giveaway because it's the only way I could afford to run the TR. Going back to school in my 30's makes me short on funds, but no less hungry for adventure!

    Sophia Walker from Seattle

  190. John M

    Running makes me feel good. The more I run, the better I feel. Why can't people understand that?

    PS – flat is boring

    John M

    Fremont, CA

  191. mac

    Mac Smith

    Salem, OR

    I would love to win this prize because I've never experienced Colorado except from the airport. I love mountains and am really loving the fact that I'm in the best shape of my life. This would be an awesome experience!

    Pick me :)

  192. Megan Lazaruk

    Hi, if this is the same person that wrote that awesome yoga book, thank you! thank you for helping my moms and another loved ones lives. your awesome. and your book is great for this world. and i am excited to read this new one on running. we seem share two passions- yoga and running. All I can say is it would be blessing to win the opportunity to run in the race in the mountains. I have been trying to get there for…4 years now. for the first two years I was signed up to be a massage therapist provider, then I figured that I would really love to be a runner! So, Ive been trying to get there, but school and money has kept me from my freedom to pursue this dream yet. Well, now I am just at the end of my schooling and I've been working at diligently at my training in yoga, martial arts, running and biking. I wonder if I am par for the course?? what, 600 km? no problem! lol! well if everyone else is doing it I must be able to do it too! :) Wow; Life is Amazing

  193. Megan Lazaruk

    oops forgot my address:

    recently Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. Home is Rossland British Columbia, Canada. Kootnenai mountains, home of Seven Summits Epic Trail, and Red Mountain

  194. Megan Lazaruk

    oops again; got my races kms mixed up. 600km for the TransRockie Mountain BIKE Race. lol! well, i was still up for it! running is only 60 miles, or 100 kms in three days. ya im up to par for that.. im at 23 km with no fuel right now and only train once a week. school is done in 3 weeks and i will be in the Laurentian mountains doing yoga and training for all of july. is this enough preparation? peace

  195. Doug Malewicki


    Steve Harvey (66) and I (Team California Old Goats) have been running Transrockies as you have since 2008. Love Transrockies. AND who wouldn't LOVE to win your $2,900 team entry contest!! In case you haven't heard – Steve Harvey has heartlessly abandoned me as his team mate and will finally run it with his wife Annie as Team Old Goat and Ewe. (Annie is 10 years younger than Steve and a faster trail runner than either of us.) It took a while, but I finally found a new suitably elderly team mate for Transrockies. Well he is not all that “new”. He is 64 years old and thus officially qualifies as a California Old Goat. A 6’ 4” giant who wears size 15 running shoes! My daughter Michelle Barton (also running Transrockies again this year – her #5) who introduced us tells me he is a tough old bird who is still running 100 mile races! The last 3 years Michelle has paced him for the allowed last 40 miles of the Western States 100. I am hoping to beat all my previous Transrockies times for each stage because the studly giant wants to tow me and not mess around on the trails. There goes my beer breaks at the aid stations! For some unknown reason this Gordy Ainsleigh guy always gets bib #0 for the Western States 100 race and never has to enter their lottery either? Very strange to say the least.

    (Don’t forget – Geezers scraping by on Social Security need to be sent to running camp AKA rolling party too!)

  196. Teri Wong

    Alameda, CA

    My podiatrist and his spouse, the Hannafords, mentioned TransRockies to me in January when I asked them "what they'd been up to lately." Accomplished endurance athletes, Dr. Dave & Deb raved about this staging event that provides top-notch support all throughout. I'd love to do the Run3 because I've never attempted any staging event, let alone one in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies. It's also an excuse to visit a dear friend from high school 25+ years ago, who's already said he'd drive me to Buena Vista and pick me up at the finish. As a working mom of two young kids, I need balance — I believe that training for and participating in the Run3 would afford me that balance to make me healthier & happier. Thanks!

  197. Ray Levasseur

    The TransRockies Run3 sounds so amazing. I run the north shore trails in British Columbia and trail running is my passion. The best part of trail running is the comraderie and connections you make within the running community. I watched the TRR video last night and was very impressed with the organization and the tent city. I would love to get an entry to the run, happy trails.

  198. Joyce Ong

    As a road and mountain biker for over 25 years, I always thought running was too slow and boring. Then in January 2007, my younger sister talked me into running a California marathon in December with her and our older brother. (They were already runners. Where did our parents go wrong??) I could not see the point of training for almost a year just to run a marathon. But for the sake of sibling camaraderie, I very reluctantly agreed to do this ONE marathon. Well, 27 marathons and 9 ultras (both road and trail) later, I am still running. I hope to be selected for entry to the 2011 TransRockies Run so I can take my sister with me to finally get revenge for getting me hopelessly addicted to running! I will be 61 and my sister will be 52 by race day, but we both feel like 18-year-olds because of running!

    Joyce Ong

    Bristow, Virginia

  199. Ken

    Ken Eng

    Smithers, B.C.


    I've gotten back into running in a big way in the last couple of years after 10 years of not running. I've set some tough goals for myself this year – lots of miles, multiple ultras, and becoming the best runner I can. The TransRockies is on my bucket list of challenges to pursue. I've followed the race the last couple of years and love the concept, the passion of the people that run it, and the idea of being totally immersed in running for 6 days in the Colorado mountains. It would be a blast!

  200. Stuart

    Love the blog. Am looking forward to the 2011 Run3. No team to run with so why not go and run with some new friends. Isn't that what this is all about? Adventure. Discovery.

  201. Brian R

    As avid trail and ultra runners, TRR would be a fitting honeymoon for my fiance and I this summer. But it would also be great to race against some of the biggest names in ultra running and see where a couple of east coast ultrarunners could stack up – I think we could surprise some folks.

    Brian Rusiecki

    S. Deerfield, MA

  202. Paulette zillmer

    Paulette Zillmer

    Scottsdale, az

    I want to run transrockies to have FUN!! I couldn't think of a more enjoyable way for a teacher to spend her summer vacation.

  203. Armando

    Although I have 5 years running , this is my first year of ultrarunning. 3 weeks ago I did my first ultra of 53K in the Seaton Trail Mud Puppies race in Ontario. Great and rally muddy, it was a great race for me. In two days I'm doing my first 50 miler, The endurance challenge In Bear mountain, NY. and I'm really exited.

    Running is a passion and mixed with nature is a dream.

    Armando Bajares

    Montreal QC

  204. Kate Fogelberg

    Kate Fogelberg, Arequipa, Peru.

    I dream about trails in Colorado. My husband and I moved overseas from Denver three years ago to open up offices for Water For People, a Denver-based charity that provides clean drinking water to people who don't have the luxury of turning on a lap. Runners at heart, we can be found dodging donkeys and prize-winning fighting bulls on the dirt roads that surround Peru's second-largest city. It would literally be a dream come true to get back to Colorado trails for 6 days this August.

  205. Lauren Wile

    I want to run as redemption for my last 50 mile! I covered over 7500' of elevation gain in 50k, and felt fantastic but had to drop due to injury. This would totally make up fo it!


    Tempe, AZ

  206. brent boyle

    the only thing better than spending an entire day running in the backcountry is to spend multiple days doing it!

    brent boyle

    atlanta, ga

  207. Jayme San Diego, CA

    After having five kids and training like a mad woman nothing sounds nicer than some self torture in the high elevation of the Colorado rockies. This is an experience of a lifetime to do something I love and bring back stories to share with my kids. Hopefully inspiring them to live their dreams. I will be a proud mom after accomplishing a race like this with my best friend.

  208. meredith terranova

    WOW! Isn't that the most incredible prize ever?!?! I don't want to win the Transrockies entry for me, but for my husband, so that he might be able to run Transrockies in support of Wounded Warriors again. He and his teammate didn't find sponsorship for this year, so yours would truly create a priceless entry for him!

  209. Matt Santo

    Matt Santo,

    Arequipa, Peru

    Since we can't get your book down here, what better excuse to fly to the US and buy it….

  210. Dave Allen

    This race is definitely on the "bucket list" but not sure I could justify the expense. (Family first!) Winning this would definitely justify the cause, and I'd love to add this race to my "Done" list.

    Dave Allen

    Seattle, WA

  211. Evan R

    I read about TransRockies years ago in a running magazine, and since I was living, working, and running in Colorado at the time, I eagerly looked up the race and entry fees. A slap of reality- of course a fully supported, 6 day stage race was going to be expensive, and the reality of it was that, as a seasonal Forest Service employee and now graduate student, I wouldn't be able to afford something like this for a long time. As an avid adventurer and trail ultra runner, TransRockies represents the ultimate culmination of my outdoor loves, and I would relish the opportunity to once again run through the mountains of Colorado.

  212. Jeremy

    Jeremy G.T.

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    I would like the chance to run so I can be an inspiration to those around me. I want to be proof that a person's only limits are those they impose on themself.

  213. Jared S

    Jared Sweet

    Las Vegas, NV

    This race is just about the coolest event of the year. The sheer accomplishment of the finish makes all of the training worth it. I have thought of signing up for this event many times but could never pull the trigger. I let my fears and doubts get the best of me. Even though I am trained for the multi-stage race, it still plays in my head that I may not be. By winning this entry it will force me to face those fears and overcome them. That is what ultrarunning is about to me and sometimes I need a little push to accomplish it ;-) Best of luck to the winner of this contest and everyone who is brave enough to run this event!!

  214. Michelle Barton

    Congratulations on your book rockstar Bryon! I look forward to devouring it!

    Anyone who is a trail runner should definitely consider running TransRockies.

    The course is absolutely breathtaking! The event has a fun factor that is second to none! I wouldn't miss it, this will be my 5th year competing. :-)

  215. Mark Manz

    Mark Manz

    Baltimore, MD

    My best friend and I have talked about running Transrockies since we first heard about it the very first year it started. It's been a dream and a goal of ours for the past few years and the only thing really standing in our way is the price tag right now. I would JUMP at the chance to spend a week running in the mountains of Colorado!

  216. Christina

    Two 50+ grandma's who have been running ultramarathons together since we turned 50 who would love to end this running season with the grandmother of all adventures – the Gore-tex TransRockies Run!!

    Christina Flaxel

    Portland, Oregon

  217. Coral Hammond

    I was always one of the last students to be picked when teams were chosen in school. I didn’t do any high school sports. I was pregnant six times and gave birth to seven children (twins at the end). Two years later at age 36 I accidently started running. At age 47 I ran my first ultra. I’ll never win an ultra, I just make the fast ones look even faster. For me it’s not about winning, it’s about finishing. My running partner and I show that you don’t have to be elite to be an athlete. We’d love to show others that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

    Coral Hammond

    Aurora, Oregon

    PS We’re doing our first 100 miler in July so we’ll be trained. Could you add a 100+ category for us?

  218. Mark Pokora

    I would completely love to race the Trans-Rockies. Why??? Because I am tired of competing against individuals on concrete. I need to fight against my fellow runner, head-to-head, on the trails. I live in an urban environment and running in Colorado is my escape to the mundane- I am TIRED and WORN DOWN by the typical sidewalks and roads…. I have done several western trail-races before, so I know there is a demanding/extra requirement associated with racing in an altitude environment- But everyone needs a challenge! I would love another race, to push the sport, my own limits, and the limits of the entire mountain/trail-running community ahead just one more notch!!! TRR!

    Mark Pokora, Ann Arbor, MI

  219. Brian

    Brian Raines
    Woodway Texas

    I want to run the gore Tex challenge in order to continue improving at ultra running. The last part of the book about other activities to do really got me thinking about stage races. I have the marathon DES sables as a dream race for 2012 or beyond. I think getting some practice in stage races here would really help. I'd probably do the gore Tex challenge solo, but I'm not sure.

    Ps. Love the book! Finished it yesterday. I’m getting ready for my first ultra. Running 35 mile training run this morning.

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