The Polar Grit X Pro Is a Wrist-Based Navigator, Trainer, and Fitness Tracker

Polar raises the bar with the Polar Grit X Pro multisport watch. It now has built-in GPS and navigation, improved heart-rate tracking, and a rugged build.

By on December 8, 2021

The Polar Grit X Pro multisport watch is a showpiece for all of Polar’s latest fitness and location-based tracking. It’s an active outdoors watch, with tracking modes for running, hiking, biking, skiing, and more.

Weight geeks take note: The Titan Edition uses titanium for a much lighter version with the same durability and performance.

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Polar Grit X Pro Trail Running

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Polar Grit X Pro Tracking

  • Up to seven days of battery life on a single charge
  • Forty hours of continuous tracking with heart rate and GPS
  • Turn-by-turn guidance and built-in GPS
  • Always-on outdoor features
  • Quick-access dashboards for vital info
  • Design tested against military standards
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters

Top Polar Grit X Pro Functions

Precision Prime

Like most fitness watches, Polar tracks your heart rate on the wrist. The Prime Tech uses optical measurements with other sensors to avoid awkward or involuntary motions that might interfere with and skew the heart rate data.

Polar uses different-color lights to penetrate the skin and detect what is reflected back. Athletes with darker skin tones have had less accurate readings from trackers using single-colored lights.

Performance Tests

With benchmark tests, you can assess your track running or cycling performance to gauge your fitness level. From there, you can adjust your metrics, like training zones based on heart rate and power.


This personalized fueling reminder estimates your calorie needs based on your typical energy expenditure and planned route, so you pack enough fuel to get you through. If you’re one to zone out during long hauls and forget to fuel or spend mental energy crunching the math, this feature may be a big help.

Other Notable Functions

Two more performance tracking features include Wrist-Based Running Power, which measures power in watts, and Hill Splitter, which provides detailed data for climbs and descents.

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Polar Grit X Pro Navigation

Building off the Grit X, the Grit X Pro introduces some new and updated tracking and navigation technology.

To find your way, the watch will provide turn-by-turn guidance, using Komoot as its mapping source. Sync your saved routes to the watch and the screen can guide you in real time, and help you return to your starting point.

New always-on dashboards provide instant access to data like altitude, coordinates, and compass direction. And while not quite navigation-related, the Grit X Pro will also update your weather based on location if you like.

Beyond the top-down GPS route tracking, the watch can provide slope angles and the elevation profile along your route.

The watch also gets GPS assists to update or fix times by supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite systems. That should cover most of your routes, even when you travel.

After your run, track your performance with compatible fitness apps like MyFitnessPalKomoot, and Strava.

Polar Grit X Pro Mountain Biking

Polar Grit X Pro Recovery Metrics

Recovery data has been a big push from Polar. That’s because rest and sleep are like passive training — the “easy” part of the training but a crucial part of your big-picture health. The simplest feature is the Nightly Recharge score given, which compares your rest and recovery to past nights.

Sleep Plus Stages

Automatically track the quality and duration of your sleep, and see how long you spent in each sleep stage overnight.

Recovery Tests

A simple jumping test can gauge whether your legs are dead, rather than relying on only how they subjectively feel.

Polar Grit X Pro Build Notes

The lithium-polymer battery provides up to 40 hours of battery life in continuous training mode with GPS and wrist-based heart-rate tracking. There are power-save options, too, which can be cranked all the way for up to 100 hours of power.

By military grade, it means the watch withstood tests for extreme temperatures (-4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit), drops, and humidity. It also uses sapphire glass to fight scratches. That’s the glass that has been used to protect smartphone camera lenses for years.

The Titan Edition sheds roughly 26 grams by using a titanium bezel and a perforated leather wristband. It also comes with a fluoroelastomer wristband, too.

Polar Grit X Pro Trail Running 2

Polar Grit X Pro Specifications and Price

  • Body: Stainless steel; titanium (Titan)
  • Battery Life: 40 hours of continuous tracking (using both GPS and heart-rate tracking)
  • Power Save Battery Life: 100 hours
  • Watch-Only Mode Battery Life: 7 days
  • Weight: 79 grams (standard); 53 grams (Titan)
  • Price: $500 (standard); $600 (Titan)
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Polar Grit X Pro Paddle Boarding

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