In response to the COVID-19­ pandemic, we launched Operation Inspiration to help our global community stay connected, inspire one another, and find routine in our new circumstances. On this page, you'll find information on the various aspects of Operation Inspiration, how to take part in them and do so responsibly, and how to support the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund .

Operation Inspiration's Schedule of Events

Here's what we have planned so far as part of Operation Inspiration:

Operation Inspiration's Health and Safety Guidelines

As hard as it is to say out loud, we’re amidst a global health crisis. Our participation in Operation Inspiration must use the utmost care for the safety of ourselves, our community members, and our local government regulations. In this light, we:
  • Ask you to follow all your local government requirements and guidelines;
  • Ask you to follow the social distancing and health suggestions in our article, COVID-19: A Trail Running and Ultrarunning Community Guide;
  • Discourage you from running with anyone outside your household;
  • Discourage you from traveling more than a very short distance to go for a run;
  • Discourage you from remote or risky runs that might divert healthcare professionals to your search or care; and
  • Encourage you to be creative in finding inspiring runs that have been hiding in plain sight or finding ways to make your indoor workouts more enjoyable.
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Press for Operation Inspiration

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How to Participate in Operation Inspiration's Solo Seven Challenge

Operation Inspiration DonationIn Operation Inspiration's Solo Seven Challenge, we challenge you (and ourselves) to work out every day during the week of March 23 to 29. Simply said, get in a workout of any length, be it 10 minutes or 10 hours, by yourself each day this week. We have a couple goals in mind with the challenge. First, we want to help you re-establish routine in your new lifestyle. A week of workouts is a solid start to developing positive habits in our new realities. Second, we want to encourage you to embrace solo exercising, as that’s what many of us will need to do during this time. Finally, we want this to be a community event. Even when we're working out alone, there is strength in knowing that other members of our global running community are, too! While there's no absolute need to join our Strava club to take part in this challenge, we'll be focusing our challenge efforts there. If you want to join us on Strava, here's how to do so!
  • Create a Strava account, if you don’t have one, and join iRunFar’s Strava club, if you're not a member already.
  • Log one solo workout of any length every day, from Monday, March 23 through Sunday, March 29. Depending on your local government’s regulations on outdoor activity, this might mean yoga in your living room, weights in the kitchen, or a jog on a bike path while maintaining six feet of social distance.
  • We encourage you to take time to browse other challengers’ workouts in the iRunFar Strava club to give them kudos and comments, as well as to join in discussion in the posts we'll make within the club over the coming week.
  • This is an honors-system challenge. If you don’t use a device to track your workout, manual entries are permitted.

How to Participate in the Operation Inspiration Virtual Race

Operation Inspiration Virtual Race Signup[Editor's Note: The race took place on April 4, 2020, and entries are now closed.] Join us on Saturday, April 4, for the Operation Inspiration Virtual Race, a one-hour (or more) workout challenge. In a time when our community has seen the rightful cancellation and postponement of almost all races in the near term with little idea of when that reality will change, the Virtual Race gives us a way to get our competitive juices flowing and to gather around a communal physical effort. Via the Virtual Race, we’re fundraising for the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This fund supplies the financial resources WHO needs to help countries prevent, detect, and manage COVID-19. Here's how to take part:
  • Sign up for the race in the iRunFar Store. We are offering multiple entry fees, and we ask you to choose the one that’s financially feasible for you. 100% of your entry fee goes to WHO's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
  • Do your workout anytime on Saturday, April 4. Depending on local regulations, this might mean an outdoor run or an in-your-home workout. Whatever you can do for 60 minutes works.
  • This is an honors-system challenge! Once you’re signed up, you’re in. By signing up for the race in the iRunFar Store, you’re automatically eligible for a random prize giveaway. We’ll announce the winners by Sunday, April 12.
  • Feel welcome to join us in iRunFar’s Strava club to share your workout, see what others are doing, and chat with fellow racers.

How to Submit to Operation Inspiration's Airdrops

Operation Inspiration’s Airdrops will be two articles made up of the inspiring workout stories of the global running community. We seek your story to share with the world!
  • From now through April 5, submit photos, videos, and stories from your inspiring runs or other workouts to operationinspiration at irunfar dot com. We’ll choose from among the submissions in our Airdrop articles.
  • Please limit submissions to 2 paragraphs of text, 3 photos (horizontal layout preferred), and/or 1 video up to 30 seconds in length (again, horizontal layout, please).
  • If your submissions are too large for email attachments, upload them to your public cloud of choice and send a cloud link as part of your email message to operationinspiration at irunfar dot com.
  • Include your name and where you live, and limit submissions to 1 per person.
By submitting, you give us permission to use your name, location, and all or part of your submission in Operation Inspiration's Airdrop articles, related video, and sharing these works on social media. We will never use your contact information or submissions for any other purpose. Sierra La Sal toward Canyonlands

How to Donate to Operation Inspiration's Fundraising Campaign

Operation Inspiration Donation[Editor's Note: Our fundraising campaign ended on April 12.] Operation Inspiration wants to gather the collective energy and power we have in aiding the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proudly fundraising for the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund so that WHO can continue to lead the fight against COVID-19. By making a donation to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund via Operation Inspiration, 100% of your donation will go to the Fund, as iRunFar is covering the processing fees. Join us and the global running community in supporting WHO.

Help Make This Communal

Let’s make Operation Inspiration a communal event! Please share Operation Inspiration and its individual aspects with your friends and followers, so that they may join in. Phone, email, social media... it's all in play. If you write about the project on Twitter or Instagram, consider tagging it with #OperationInspiration. Heck, tag the title of your workouts on Strava. Speaking of Strava, we'll be focusing our interaction around the Solo Seven Challenge in the iRunFar club on Strava, so consider joining us there. We’ll be in our Strava club on Virtual Race day, too. Of course, we'll be commenting early and often on each of our articles on iRunFar, so come join us in the comment sections over there. The more the merrier. Finally, we encourage you to submit words, photos, and/or a video about an inspiring workout you log in the coming weeks, so that we might share it with the larger community in Operation Inspiration’s Airdrop articles. Jump above for details.

Operation Inspiration's Brand Support

Thanks so much to Operation Inspiration's brand partners who've helped make this project possible!
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