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GORE-TEX TransRockies RunHi folks, first off, I wanted to remind you that there won’t be a This Week in Running post this week, as TRIW contributor Tony Portera was off running the brutual, but beautiful Grand Teton 100 this past weekend. Come on, stop your crying… Tony was kind enough to include this week’s hottest races in last week’s TWIR post! Speaking of Tony, let’s give a big iRF congratulations to Tony for finishing the GT100 and beating his time from last year despite the really tough conditions.

If you’re still looking for a way to dawdle away your afternoon hours, I just posted photo albums for Day 3 and Day 4 of the 2008 GORE-TEX™ TransRockies™ Run. Go take a look and let me know what you think.

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  1. Michael Valliant

    Congratulations to both of you for stellar, epic adventures. I hope to do the TransRockies in the next couple years, but don't know if I'll ever try 100 miles all at once–50 is far enough for me :)irunfar is certainly solidifying its place at the top of all things trail and ultra running. Keep up all the good work! –Mike V.

  2. Hoyawolf

    i hope to run transrockies next year – if i can find out a way to get over the altitude with minimal time available to go out west prior to the run and find a willing partner!i have run on some of the transalps course before – i can only imagine how much fun the stage race would be vice a day trip.

  3. Trail Goat

    hoyawolf, don't worry about the altitude. I got in an extra week out there before the race, but that was more for fun and relaxation than for acclimation. Just get in shape and plan for realistic efforts, rather than paces, each day.As for partners, it would be great to race with a training partner or a far away trail buddy, but if you can't find one do consider running with a "random" person. I hadn't met my partner in person until 5 days before the race… I had never even spoken on the phone with him, and we had a blast. The 2008 TRR team Banff/Yellowstone Trail Trash had never met in person until they started driving to the race together two days before the race and seemed to have a blast, as well. While neither team used it, there's a place on the TRR forums to solicit a partner.

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