Nick Clark Post-2011 Hardrock 100 Interview

Just two weeks after finishing third at the Western States 100, Nick Clark finished third at the 2011 Hardrock 100 in 27:43:21. In this interview, he talks about the race, his Westen States/Hardrock 100 double interview, and his upcoming races – Sierre Zinal and Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, where he’ll have a rematch against second place finisher Dakota Jones. For more on Nick, check out our pre-Hardrock interview with him.

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  1. AJW

    Great interview! And, congrats. That WS/HRH record was stout:)

    Enjoy the rest of your summer. You guys going to the OR show?


  2. Tony Mollica

    I think what Nick accomplished is amazing! WS and then Hardrock two weeks later. It's especially impressive that Nick set the record. However I would give a huge amount of respect to any runner who did that double; no matter what part of the pack they finished in.

    Good luck at UTMB Nick!

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