Mike Foote Post-2011 TNF UTMB Interview

I think it’s safe to say that Mike Foote’s 11th place was the surprise performance by an American at this year’s The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. Sure, he’d won The Bear 100 last autumn and had some solid runs this year, but he’d never before shown what he was capable of on a big stage. He set out methodically, coming though mile 13 at Saint Gervais in 99th place and moved up all day. Find out a bit more about Mike, what worked for him and what didn’t at this year’s UTMB, and whether he plans to be back next year.

[Editor’s Note: We’re afraid this video has been lost in the ether.]

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    1. Bryon Powell

      Who? I think each of us had a beer at the finish. Probably a lot more to do with us running 68 or 106 miles while being awake for 40 some hours, getting a couple hours sleep, and then doing an interview. Tired? Definitely! :-)

  1. footfeathers

    Nice interview, Bryon. Way to go, Mike! You ran a smart race and pulled it off. You and Nick P were a lot of fun to follow during the race. Think you might run Bear again to defend your title?


  2. Randy

    Should be required viewing for people either wanting to do very well,or just finishing a race like UTMB.Mike kept a controlled level of both mental and physical energy that is essential for a race of this kind.Sounds like his training and approach to his goals in this unusually difficult year at that race were spot on.Goals and high expectations can be a really good thing,or,in some special circumstances,come back to bite you in the butt!Scary when a Montana resident says it was cold out there.Great,well-planned adventure Mike.

  3. Doug Foote

    Bryon–coming from a totally objective viewer, that may well have been the best interview with a superb athlete(Mike Foote) I have ever seen. I now consider you to be the Curt Gowdy, Jim McCay. or even Howard Cosell of ultrarunning reportage (Wikipedia check for all of you unfamiliar with names from my prehistoric generation). If there is any more ass-kissing I can do for giving that fine fellow some well-deserved exposure, just let me know. And Mike, hope to talk to you later today—Proud Pops

  4. Matt Smith

    Great interview with a cool dude. Seems like Mike's easy-going demeanor, smart race strategy and gutsy attitude got him through to a solid finish while others DNF'd around him.

    Let's not forget that in winning the 2010 Bear 100, he broke Geoff Roes' CR – this guy is the 'sleeper' of the American ultra scene.

    Sponsors take note: The top American finisher at the UTMB is being interviewed on iRunFar without your logo on his shirt!

  5. Sean

    Excellent interview! What a humble and geniune guy, Mike is. I absolutely love how he just rolled with the punches regarding course changes, distance to the finish, etc. I really think that Mike deciding to have his crew not tell him too much info really helped him out, as he was able to just be in the moment, run for himself at his pace, and not worry about where he was relative to others. I believe that's how one truly enjoys a day in the mountains, which then often leads to great performances. Congratulations on kicking ass, Mike!

  6. Jen

    Not only did he break Roes' CR at the 2010 Bear, he came in 2nd male and 3rd overall at Hardrock 2010. Hard to understand why he seemed to be under the radar of so many folks in the ultra-world in 2011! Congratulations Mike!

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