Live Western States 100 Coverage

Western States 100 logoThere are multiple ways to get live 2011 Western States coverage:

  • You can get the highlights from following iRunFar on Twitter,
  • You can get time updates on the Western States website (Bryon Powell is #404),
  • You can watch every single #WS100 hash tagged post on Twitter at, OR
  • You can also follow along below with a selection of some of the best Twitter feeds out there. (Sorry, no chat feature this time. My bad.)

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  1. Steve

    Thanks a lot for your great updates on Western States. Greatly appreciated! Good luck to everyone still out on the course. Everyone who finishes is a champ.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great coverage!

    Congrats Bryon – great run!

    And look at the time spreads of top runners – top 10 within a little over an hour spread – great run by KJ but lots of great performances!

  3. olga

    Meghan, you rocked the twit! Huge thanks!

    And Goat, you are a sandbagger. For 8 months "Do I run, do I not?" like a princess. What a haulin ass run!

  4. Pat W

    Thanks for the great coverage, Bryon, it was a good thing that you were undertrained and took it easy. Way to kick ass.

  5. Emily

    Excellent job on the coverage, and great job on the finish Byron! I'd like to hear more about how the finish line was set up with the track, and how easy it was for the spectators to check it out :)

  6. Alain

    Can only add my voice to the others. Big thanks to Meghan and Bryon for the great coverage, and of course congratulations to Bryon for a result that exceeded his expectations!

  7. Tina

    Thank you to both Bryon and Meghan, for all the work you did in keeping us informed on 2011 WS 100. Great interviews!! Great live feed updates, Meghan!! And a great run from Bryon!!! You're both awesome!!!

  8. Ron

    Thanks so much for the great coverage. Been following all day. An amazing race and performances. Great to be able to see videos and photos of it, too.

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