Knee, Get Well Soon

At this point, my knee is trouncing my rib in terms of annoyingness. Today I can breathe deeply without pain. That is good. Unfortunately, yesterday my knee was quite bothersome for the first mile of my run (at which point I decided to turn a 20 mile run into a 5 miler) and was another for the rest. The knee is not painful when I’m just tooling around, although it can be a bit tight. Gonna try for 5 miles tonight. I’d really like to be able to hit the track again soon, but am not sure when that’ll happen as it looks like running fast will be a later step in recovery. I’m hopping it at least comes around some by this weekend as I had intended to go out to the Shenandoah Mts for a weekend of running long.

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  1. Trail Goat

    Thanks guys, giving it time to rest now. Quite annoying that my major rib injury clears up only to be kept from running by what seemed like a run of the mill fall on my knee! Mason, as my later post suggests, my sis and I are both in for the MMC weekend. Didn't see your name on the list though. What gives?

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