Earth Week Trail Gear ReUseAPalooza 2010!

Reduce Reuse RecycleOver the weekend I was throwing on my favorite Atayne tee shirt when I read “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Run” for the eleventy gagillionth time. This time, the shirt sparked me to focus on “reuse” during Earth Week. Luckily for all of you, I spent two weeks earlier this month organizing the iRunFar offices and have an entire box filled with stuff to give away. Ah, and since Atayne was our muse, we’re giving away four you-can-only-get-them-here organic cotton Atayne tees with the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Run” slogan. (If you love Atayne or you love iRunFar… check back later in the week! ;-) )

Did we mention that we already had an entire box of gear to giveaway? That mean’s we’re giving away two large boxes of gear. Anyway, you can read the rules or skip straight to the prizes. When you’re done, we ask that you take a quick glance at our favor.

Before we go, we’ll encourage you to pass along you no longer used (or rarely used) trail running gear to someone else who can use it. You’ll be helping someone out, decluttering your closet (and life), and reducing the resources needed to produce product the recipient would have otherwise purchased.

[Want some more Earth Week reading? Check out our Trail Running and the Environment articles.]

The Rules
Really, there are no rules to speak of. To enter, just leave a comment (please do this directly on the website) with your name and location. While not necessary, please include your email in the confidential box above the main comment box to help expedite our getting your brand new gear out to you (if you win). In the name of responsible shipping (and our non-existent budget) we’re limiting this contest to American and Canadian shipping locations only.

We ask that you please note in the comment only the gear pieces in which you are most interested. Your specific requests add to our work, but mean the gear goes to the folks for whom it would be most useful. There’s no limit to the number of items you can enter (see paragraph below) to win, we just ask that you are thoughtful in entering the contest.

The drawing for each item will be random … for the most part. One caveat of this giveaway is that you’ll only walk away with one item with the exception of less significant prizes. (A good reason to only enter for the items you want most.) With that in mind, there may be instances where we will deliberately divvy up prizes so that more people walk away happy.

To be eligible, you need to enter by 5 p.m. PDT on Saturday, April 24. We’ll post results very late on Sunday, April 25.

The Prizes
You’ll notice that some of the products listed below indicate light use. All that usually means is that we briefly tested the product. We wouldn’t be giving you anything that’s heavily worn or that we wouldn’t accept if we needed that type of gear.

OK, here are the categories of gear that we’re giving away: Atayne shirts, footwear, apparel (new), apparel (lightly used), hydration gear, socks, “gear”, and tech stuff.


  • AtayneAtayne Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Run Organic Cotton Tees (4 – 1 large & 3 medium, all men’s) – Get yourself the shirts that Atayne gave away before their awesome made-from-recycled-bottle performance shirts were available. They’re green (literally and figuratively). They’re soft. They’re something you want. Please specify a size when entering the drawing for your very own “4Rs” shirt.


  • Vasque Blur SL (men’s 9) – A classic shoe from Vasque. What else can we say.
  • La Sportiva Crossleather (men’s 9) – The leather version of the kick@ss Crosslite. Similarly, these are bad@ss. We wish we could justify keeping these!
  • Karhu Strong Ride (men’s 9…fit like 8.5 – lightly used) – A pair of road shoes we tested for another publication. Note these might fit size 8.5 feet better than size 9 feet.
  • Sofsole Athlete Insole (men’s 9-10.5) – Highly cushioned insoles.
  • Ultra Lightweight Flipflops (1 of 3) – Basically lightweight foam cut in the shape of a flipflop. For camp use in desert stage races only.

Apparel – New

  • Moeben Arm Sleeves (small – white) – The trail proven standard in arm warmers.
  • Old Pueblo 50 Brooks Tech SS Shirt (men’s medium) – A blue short sleeve shirt from the Old Pueblo 50 mile.
  • Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women’s medium) – A white short sleeve from the inaugural Iroquois Trail runs with its sweet logo.
  • Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt (men’s medium) – An authentic Wasatch Speed Goat tee shirt. It’s gray. It’s awesome. (I’m keeping the one I raced in.)
  • Conservation Alliance Recycled Tech SS shirt (men’s medium) – A black tech shirt made from recycled bottles.
  • TNF Endurance Challenge Tech SS Shirt (men’s medium) – A “Flex Crew” from The North Face for last year’s Endurance Challenge.
  • Brooks Run Tee (men’s small) – Blue casual tee with “Run” written on the front in big letters. Let folks know what you do when you’re doing what you love to do.
  • Tech Hats (1 of 7) – It was time to let go of our hat collection. (More on that later in the week.) Not picky? Just ask for a tech hat. You particular? Well, then specify one or more of the following: Merrell hat, black HAT Run hat (tech wick), black HAT Run hat (mesh),  Airborne hat by Sporthill, Montrail (nearly new), red HAT Run hat, GU-branded Headsweats hat.
  • HAT Run casual hat – It’s tan, yo.

Apparel – Lightly Used

  • Montrail Team – Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants (medium – barely worn) – The official pants of the 2007 Montrail Ultrarunning team … and I mean THE official pants. There’s Montrail branding at the bottom of one leg.
  • Salomon 3/4 Exo Tights (medium – very light use) – Awesome 3/4 length tights that I wish fit, especially for recovery purposes.
  • Pearl Izumi rain shell (medium – very light use) – I picked this up before the Leadville 100 in 2006. Not the most breathable rain shell, but it will keep your core dry. FYI, there’s no hood.
  • Nike windbreaker (medium – lightly used) – A decade old windbreaker that’s still in great shape save for the missing cinch cord around the waist. It’s black with some white and aqua pieces, though it’s pretty subdued. No hood.
  • Columbia Trail Shorts (men’s medium – lightly used) – Long-style trail shorts with the HAT Run 50k logo.
  • Short Sleeve Tech Shirts (1 of 6 – men’s medium- used) – If you’re really in need of some tech shirts, we’ve got six more ranging from very lightly used to well used, but in good shape.
  • Outdoor Research Sahara Cap (medium – lightly used) – A highly functional sun protection hat. Cape comes off when not needed.
  • Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat (medium – lightly used) – Goofy as hell? Yes. Eclipse-like sun protection? Yup! I wore this on a double crossing of Hope Pass in 2006 and the only thing I regret are the pictures! ;-)
  • Tech Hats (dirty) – If you’re really particular, but don’t mind a pre-dirtied hat there are two well broken in Montrail hats and a slightly dirty, but very lightly used white HAT Run hat. Please let us know if you’re willing to give a home to these well-loved hats. Otherwise, it’s off to Goodwill with them!


  • Nathan hydration pack (used) – A classic Nathan hydration pack in good, but used condition. It’s 100% functional and clean. Not sure of the model name, but it should hold up to a 3 liter bladder (you supply the bladder). It also has small pockets on both top and rear as well as a large mesh stuff pocket.
  • Osprey Hydraulics Nalgene – A standard Nalgene bottle featuring the Osprey Hydraulics logo.


  • Drymax Trail Running sock (women’s 10-12; men’s 8.5-10.5) – One pair of Drymax Trail Running socks. See what all the hubbub is about.
  • SofSole Anti-Friction socks (men’s 7-10.5) – A set of 2 pairs of these anti-friction socks.
  • Swiftwick Seven Midcalf (women 10.5-14; men 10-13) – Merino socks.
  • Swiftwick Four Crew (women 10.5-14; men 10-13) – Merino socks.


  • Brooks Drawstring Pack – A step up from your basic drawstring gym/shoe bag.
  • HAT Run Shoulder Bag – A small over-the-shoulder bag with water bottle slot.
  • Basic Drawstring Bags (1 of 4) – Simple drawstring bags from Ragged Mountain Running Shop, Polar, Adidas, and the Leadville Trail 10k. Enter for a specific bag or increase your odds by asking for “a drawstring bag.”
  • Nathan Shoe Pocket+ – A small shoe pocket sized for the Nike + iPod sensor. It’ll also hold a key and a few bucks.

Tech Stuff

  • Branded USB Flashdrives  – 512MB – 1 GB (a couple) – Are you a trail running junkie in need of a USB drive? We’re your one stop shop for outdoor industry branded flash drives. Be sure to let us know if 512 MB will do or if you’ll only take a 1 GB drive. (Odds of winning are higher for the less picky.)
  • 2 GB RAM (2 x 1 GB, DDR3, 1066, CL7) – Get the brains out of the iRunFar laptop. We’ve upgraded to 4 GB and are passing along what we’ve got. Seriously.

A Favor
We don’t make you “do” anything to enter this giveaway. No need to fill out a form, sign up for this, or subscribe to that. However, if you appreciate iRunFar and what it does, we just ask that you spread the word. You could share news of this giveaway with others (post about it on your blog?) or tell them about the website on your next run.

While you’re at it, consider further embracing the iRunFar community through one of the following options. Not only will they keep you better informed (we share different news on the website, the Facebook fan page, and Twitter), but you’ll help us out, too!

Also, anyone looking for a free iRunFar bumper sticker, please use our contact page to request one. We’ll need your full address for that! Folks, we ship these free anywhere in the world. Really!

There are 170 comments

  1. Adam

    I'm running my first ultra soon, so I would take any gear you most recommend. I'm a size 9 running shoe. I'm going to email my father about your website. We are going to run the ultra together, just as we have so many other road races. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Chris Freet

    WooHoo! Another IRunFar giveaway! Yeah!

    I'm interested in the Pearl Izumi rain shell, the Columbia shorts, and one of the tech hats…clean or dirty :-)


    Honesdale, PA

  3. Kevin

    Lock and load! These things just keep on coming!

    I'm interested in the PI rain jacket, DryMax trail socks and Salomon tights!

    Thanks Bryon for ANOTHER contest!


    Greenbelt, MD

  4. Nick Lee

    I'd like a tech hat or the Outdoor Research Sahara Cap.

    Also cross-posted this giveaway on my blog (not that anyone reads it).


    Colorado Springs, CO

  5. Peter

    another giveaway, thanks. i like the Atayne shirt, wasatch speedgoat shirt, drymax running socks, montrail pants, or tech hats. always need hats.


    harrison, ny

  6. will

    moeben arm sleeves

    brooks run tee (small)

    any tech hat

    transition pants

    salomon 3/4 exo tights

    pearl izumi rain shell

    nike windbreaker

    columbia trail shorts

    osprey hydraulics nalgene

    sofsole anti friction socks

    nathan shoe pocket+


    New York, NY

  7. Megan T

    I'm interested in the Moeben Arm Sleeves, the Drymax socks, the Swiftwick Seven Midcalf socks, or the Swiftwick Four Crew socks or the Sole Anti-Friction socks. I could really use a good pair of socks!

    Megan T

    San Antonio, TX

  8. jenny


    if you are looking for a nice home for the grubby montrail hats ( or even a clean one) .. feel free to kick them down to me!


  9. Tom

    Hook me up with the Mountain Hardware Transisiton pants. My wife just threw out my old pair after she realized they were so threadbare that they were almost see-through in some inapropriate places. I'm going to need something to break the wind (no pun intended) this winter or I will freeze off my nether regions.

    I could also use a tech had. The natural sun block on the top of my head is starting to lose its SPF! Follically challenged.

  10. Greg

    Perfect timing (I hope)!

    I've just been looking at a larger hydration pack. I have a 64 oz Ultimate Direction but I want something bigger too. I'd love to have a Nathan capable of 3L!

    I'd take any Men's Medium SS shirt. (Wasatch Speed Goat sounds cool.)

  11. Brian Followell

    Thanks for another awesome give-away!

    Tech Hat

    Osprey Hydraulics Nalgene

    Swiftwick Seven Midcalf Mens

    Swiftwick Four Crew Mens

    Brooks Drawstring Pack

    HAT Run Shoulder Bag

    Atayne Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Run Organic Cotton Tees (L)


    Upper Arlington, OH

  12. Paige T.

    I'd love the Moeben sleeves…almost bought the white ones last week to wear for Badwater crewing, then got sidetracked and forgot what I was doing :)

    Thanks, Bryon!

  13. Dylan

    I'm interested in (roughly in order of preference):

    – Nathan Shoe Pocket+

    – Salomon 3/4 Exo Tights

    – Outdoor Research Sahara Cap

    – Pearl Izumi rain shell

    – Nike windbreaker

    – USB Flashdrives

    – Tech/casual hat

    I love these give aways!

    (I'm based in Aliso Viejo, CA)

  14. JC

    Because I am Rockin' the bumper sticker!

    Salomon 3/4 Exo Tights

    Atayne Tees size M

    columbia trail shorts

    sofsole anti friction socks

    nathan shoe pocket+

    Best, JC in Oregon

  15. Bobby Love



    New Milford, CT

    Old Pueblo 50 Brooks Tech SS Shirt

    Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt

    Tech Hats of any kind

    Short Sleeve Tech Shirts

    Outdoor Research Sahara Cap

    Hydration packs – of any kind

    Any of the Gear items

    Any of the Tech items


  16. Nick

    SO HARD TO CHOOSE! Thanks for another giveaway!

    1. Tech shirts. Atayne 4R's (mens med) would be great, but any one would be helpful. Right now I rotate one shortsleeve and two longsleeve.

    2. Columbia Trail Shorts

    3. Montrail Pants

    4. Tech Hat

    5. OR Sahara Hat


    Somerville, MA

  17. Scotty K

    I'm all about doing my part…any way I can.

    –Atayne size Large shirt

    –Any of the tech hats

    –Either pair of the Swiftwick socks (Seven Midcalf or Four Crew)

    Scotty K, Detroit, MI

  18. Sara

    Sleeves please! Or I'd gladly take anything tiny of your hands, I'm a women's small. I'm packing up a pile of tired trail shoes to donate later this week. Keep up the great work :)

  19. Dylan

    As a clydedale ultra runner, most of your stuff won't fit me. But I'd love one of the large 4Rs shirts or the GU hat.


    Dylan Wiek

    Minneapolis, MN

  20. Jody Harvey

    Anytime I go for a trail run, I try to pick up at least 2 pieces of trash on my way out. Sometimes more if my hands are free. I think all should do this. Maybe if i win I can get some shorts with bigger pockets! ;)

  21. Brian Myers

    Another great giveaway!

    Drymax socks

    Running hat

    What I really want is a I Run Far headsweats hat. How can I get one?

    Thanks from San Francisco.

  22. Michael Helton

    Michael Helton

    Reno, Nevada

    Atayne – 1x Large

    Tech Hat – any of the 7

    Montrail Pants

    Drymax trail sock (mens)

    Nathan shoe pocket

  23. Gerard

    A men's tech SS shirt or a tech hat would be dope…2010 will be the year I run my first ultra…thank you for sparking my interest on a daily basis!


    Long Island, NY

  24. Brandon

    I'd love the…

    – Atayne cotton t-shirt (medium)

    – Old Pueblo 50 Brooks Tech SS Shirt

    – Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt

    – TNF Endurance Challenge Tech SS Shirt

    – Columbia Trail Shorts

    – Short Sleeve Tech Shirts

    – Nathan hydration pack


    – Brandon

    Mystic, CT

  25. Crystal

    So much great stuff to choose from… I think the Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt, any of the tech hats, or the Moeben arm sleeves would be pretty nice.

  26. Jeff


    I'm interested in the Wasatch Speedgoat shirt, Pearl Izumi Rainshell, any of the non-descript short sleave tech shirts (men's medium) and the drymax trail running socks.


    Mechanicsburg, PA

    (I've also posted this giveaway on my blog, Another Mile)



  27. Andrew

    Woah! This is awesomely generous, and a great way to recycle to folk who'll love (read: get muddy) the gear we're able to re-use :)

    I would love fondly the Nathan Hydration Pack above all.

    Thank you! :)


    Seattle, WA

  28. Stack

    Love give aways!!! thanks!

    Interested in (in order of need/want)

    -Nathan hydration pack

    -Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt

    -Tech Hat (any of the new ones would be cool but if you want to throw in one of the used ones thats cool too!)

    -Any of the socks

    Thanks again!

    1. Stack

      Love give aways!!! thanks!

      Interested in (in order of need/want)

      -Nathan hydration pack

      -Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt

      -Tech Hat (any of the new ones would be cool but if you want to throw in one of the used ones thats cool too!)

      -Any of the socks

      Thanks again!

      Charlotte, NC

  29. Jason

    Always up for free gear!

    Enter me for:

    Karhu Strong Ride

    4Rs” shirt – M

    Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt (men’s medium)

    Tech Hats (any)

    Thank you,

    Andover, KS

  30. Lori

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt

    Nathan hydration pack

    brooks drawstring pack

    any other drawstring bag

    512 flashdrive

    drymax trail socks

    any tech hat..including a montrail dirty one

  31. jeremy

    i love it! thanks for another give-away.

    i'm interested in an Atayne shirt (medium/large), swiftwick seven mid-calf sock, nathan hydration pack.

    i'll post this give-away up on my blog too (minimal readers but, hey…).

    word, yo.

  32. Tracy K

    Giveaways! Yippee! I'm game for the following:

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt

    Brooks Run Tee

    Moeben Arm Sleeves

    Osprey Hydraulics Nalgene

    Any Tech Hat

    Any drawstring bag

  33. Beth

    I'm already sporting my iRunFar bumper sticker, Thanks but, More gear = More FUN!

    I'm interested in:

    Nathan shoe pocket

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women’s medium)

    red HAT Run hat

    Pearl Izumi rain shell (medium – very light use)

    Osprey Hydraulics Nalgene

    ■Brooks Run Tee



    Westfield, MA

  34. Lori

    oops I'm posting again only because I forgot name and location (sorry)

    Lori J. Portland, Oregon

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt

    Nathan hydration pack

    brooks drawstring pack

    any other drawstring bag

    512 flashdrive

    drymax trail socks

    any tech hat..including a montrail dirty one

  35. Christy Drimmel

    Christy Drimmel

    Sudbury, Ontari-ario

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women’s medium)

    Tech hat. Dirty or clean :)

    SofSole Anti-Friction socks (men’s 7-10.5)

  36. Brendan

    Will take anything I can get, in desperate need shoes and i am a 9 sometimes 8.5. Size medium shirt, shorts, and pant. Will keep spreading the word wish I checked my twitter sooner. Great Site!


    Westbrook Maine

  37. Jorge Fernandez

    wooow…Awesome stuff !!!

    I will love any of these:

    -Salomon Tights

    -Nathan Pack

    – 4R T-Shirt

    – MH Transition pants

    – Any socks !

    – HAT shoulder bag

    – Any tech hat !

    – Any medium t-shirt

    AND specially a IRUNFAR bumper sticker !!!!!!!




    Downingtown, PA

  38. Melissa

    Fun contest!!

    I've just started trail running and love it!!

    The Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women's medium) sounds fun- and I always run with a hat~ gotta keep that sun off my face :-)


  39. Blair Layng

    I love signing in to Facebook and seeing a newsfeed from iRunFar. Please enter me in your latest giveaway… I'm interested in the Crossleather shoes and a pair of Drymax socks. I have too much other stuff filling up my drawers so I'll see about a gear exchange with my running buddies (especially the newbies).

  40. Eric Sherman

    Started trailrunning recently and not using the best of trail shoes so as a size 9, love to be entered for either pair of shoes.

    Also, a tech hat….



    E. Hampstead NH

  41. Ryan Good

    My son, who is 12, has just recently started trail running with me. He is really loving it and I'm so happy it's something we can share. Almost all the shoes and clothing you mentioned are too small for me, but he wears a 9 so that's dead on for shoes, and some of the clothing would fit- though it might be baggy, but that's the style for his age anyway. Of course I could just go buy him stuff, but that would defeat the purpose of this contest. Plus, he'd think it was cool to get stuff from an experienced runner that he knows about (he has an irunfar sticker on his mountain bike). So mostly, just looking for stuff for him, though if I had a Nathan hydration pack I could carry water for us…

  42. Jennifer

    I'd be thrilled with

    Nathan Shoe Pocket

    DryMax Trail Running Socks

    Nathan hydration pack

    Thanks for offering a great contest!

  43. Steven in L.A.

    I'd love to get the Karhu Strong Ride Size 9, Vasque Blur SL,Drymax Socks, Sofsole Socks, or Montrail Team Pants.


  44. Kevin

    Just set my PR for 25k at the Mohican Forget the PR 25k in Ohio yesterday. I'm sure it's still slow by most trailrunner standards (3:25:05), but I've only been running for just about a year. Love the site, check it often. Would love to win something, doesn't matter what as I'm still trying to piece together some good gear!



    Titusville, PA

  45. Benny Hickok

    I love the irunfar website!!! The bumpersticker looks great on my suburban and I am just by chance a size 9 shoe and I appreciate any gear I can score. Keep up the great work on all of the great reviews, updates, and various articles.


    Benny Hickok

  46. Mark

    Awesome giveaway.

    A tech hat would be good, I'm especially looking for something for the summer. The GU headsweats hat would be ideal. I've been looking at headsweats.

    One of the medium Tech shirts would be great especially the Wasatch Speedgoat.

    The Montrail pants would be cool. I'm a big Montrail Mountain Masochist fan.

    The Nathan Pack would be a good upgrade to my Camelbak.

    Thanks again for a cool giveaway. Makes your site fun to come back to on a regular basis.


    Kansas City Trail Nerds

  47. Ivy Chastain

    I could use the Moeben arm sleeves and the womens drymax trail running socks.

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

    Ivy Chastain

    Reno, NV

  48. JamesW

    Nice giveaways! I'm interested in:

    Salomon 3/4 Exo Tights

    Outdoor Research Sahara Cap

    Any tech hat (clean/dirty)


    James W

    Tustin, CA

  49. Kyle

    My wife or I could use any of the following:

    Atayne 4R's T-Shirts (M or L)

    Mobeen Arm Sleeves

    Any of the Tech Shirts (Men's Med)

    Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants

    Salomon 3/4 Exo Tights

    Columbia Trail Shorts

    Drymax Trail Socks

    SofSole AntiFriction Socks

    Thanks – this really is a great idea!


    Dillsburg, PA

  50. Charles Dye

    La Sportiva Crossleather

    Tech Hats

    Drymax Trail Running sock

    Brooks Drawstring Pack

    Branded USB Flashdrives

    Nathan hydration pack

  51. Kim

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this and for doing such an awesome job with I'm interested in the men's M tech shirts–Speed Goat or Old Pueblo would be first choices–or any of the others as third choices. Much as i'd love the Salomon Exo tights, I know they won't fit me because Salomon stuff tends to run small. I hope everyone gets, and then pays forward some fun stuff!

  52. Brendan Trimboli

    Goat! I would love a shot at that small Brooks men's "Run" tee shirt :D

    Thanks for your hard work man — I am a perpetual RSS feed subscriber to iRF!

  53. Julie

    Thanks for another great giveaway! Would love the Gu hat, the Nathan hydration pack or one of the (M) 4R shirts.

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  54. Kay

    Love the recycling giveaway concept. I would very much welcome the opportunity to try out either of these:

    Nathan Hydration Pack

    Moeben Arm Sleeves

    on the trails around Charlotte NC please.

    Thanks very much.


  55. Rob Lamborn

    I echo the chorus of cheers and thanks for the great give away – and toss my name in the ring for:

    the swiftwick men's socks

    the HAT run shoulder bag

    Keep up the great work!

    Rob Lamborn

    San Antonio, TX

  56. Joe Snyder

    4Rs shirt in M would be amazing.

    Any M tee that I can pimp on the Oregon Trails. I represent iRunfar everyday.

    Biggest need at this point is a medium rain top. You all know how wet it is here in Portland and we are in a recession!!

    See you on the trails.


  57. Joe Snyder

    Okay okay. I know this is my second post but I ran up on the La Sportiva Crossleather which just happen to be my size.

    I think that it is about time I stop trail running with my road shoes and upgrade to Trail Shoes. I just have not had the money to jump to a luxury second pair of kicks. irunfar would be amazing to hook a runner up on this.

    By the way guys I appreciate what you do and what you stand for.


  58. C Werner

    right on guys, way to be


    colorado springs, co

    * Atayne Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Run Organic Cotton Tee (Mens Med.)

    * Columbia Trail Shorts (men’s medium – lightly used)

    * Nathan hydration pack (used)

    *TNF Endurance Challenge Tech SS Shirt (men’s medium)

  59. Stu

    Here's hoping!

    Atayne Tshirt – size M

    HAT Run casual hat

    Any tech hat

    Columbia Trail Shorts

    Either of the hydration packs

    drawstring bag

    anti-friction socks, men's

    In Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia (but don't need to send it here, to So Cal where I'll be in a few months).

  60. Joey

    I'd like at shot at the Vasque Blurs, the La Sportiva Crossleathers, the Nathan hydration pack, and the Drymax socks.


    Charlottesville, VA

  61. Gary

    I would like a shot at the

    Salmon EXO tights,

    Nathan Pack

    Sunday afternoons adventure hat

    Swiftwick socks both styles

    Outdoor research Sahara hat


  62. Ian

    Wow. That's a lot of stuff to give away.

    I'd like the Brooks Run Tee (small), the Pearl Izumi Rain Shell (medium), or the Osprey Nalgene.


    Ian from Atlanta

  63. Mike

    Thanks for another great idea and contest! Makes me wish my feet were smaller, alas

    I'm interested in the Atayne shirts, hydration pack, either of the Swiftwick socks, Nathan shoe pocket, and the USB flashdrives. The dirty tech shirts and hats are also intriguing, because sometimes you just need to take a dirt bath


    Charlotte, NC

  64. Peter

    Hi guys

    I definitly would like to run in the

    – TNF Endurance Challenge Tech SS Shirt or

    – Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt

    Thanks for the giveaway !


  65. Cheri Hall


    I would love any of the great trail items you are offering but I really need the Moben arm sleves because my arms get way to much sun. I would also love the Brooks Run Tee…I have been looking for the RUN logan for like ever on a shirt but could not find one in my size. The Wasatch Speed Goat Tech Shirt woul be nice too. Hey anyone would be great or any of the other items. I would be happy with any trail item. I just love the trails and all the trail stuff. Thanks for the wonderful info as always.



  66. hollyM

    * Moeben Arm Sleeves

    * Tech Hats

    * Brooks Drawstring Pack

    * HAT Run Shoulder Bag

    * Basic Drawstring Bags

    * Nathan Shoe Pocket+

    * Branded USB Flashdrives

  67. Jenny Handy

    Great idea!

    I would love a shot at a tech hat, the Pearl Izumi rain shell, Drymax trail socks and the HAT run shoulder bag.



    Bristow, VA

  68. Ann

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    I would love to have

    Moeben Arm Sleeves

    Tech hat

    Nathan shoe pocket

    Nathan hydration pack


    Modjeska Canyon, CA

  69. Frazer

    Another great giveaway from irunfar! Thank you!

    I am interested in the following (listed in order of what I want most to least, if that matters?)

    Salomon exo tights

    Moeben Arm Sleeves

    Brooks Drawstring pack

    Any Technical Tee -Medium


    Memphis, TN

  70. Randy Snyder


    thanks for this opportunity. The Vasque Blur SL size 9 are my shoe of choice and I would like to get them dirty!

  71. Luke

    I'd love to try out the Karhu Strong Ride since I'm more of an 8.5 than a 9.

    The Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants also sound pretty awesome!

    – Luke

    Mountain View, CA

  72. Leon

    Do the giveaways ever end (let's hope not!)?

    Please consider me in the running for the following:

    Conservation Alliance Recycled tech SS shirt

    Montrail Team/Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants

    short sleeve tech shirts

    Drymax trail running socks (men's)

    Moeben arm sleeves

  73. gino - chicago

    i'm interested in:

    4Rs shirt (large)

    Old Pueblo 50 Brooks Tech SS Shirt

    Brooks Drawstring Pack

    Tech Hat – have a large head! :)


  74. Jeff T. (Memphis)

    Bryon, you are the man.

    I would be interested in the following:

    Nathan Hydration Pack

    Any Tech Hat

    Any medium men's tech shirts

    Montrail Team Pants

    Pearl Izumi Rain Shell

    Nathan Shoe Pack


  75. ken michal

    What a great idea! I don't need any of this stuff myself… and I would rather it went to someone who could really use it. I just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks for doing this! It's really cool!

    All Day!


  76. Anonymous

    I'd love the Salomon 3/4 tights since I am trying to start my own personal 'manpris' movement in Kentucky.

    It takes guts to be a fashion maven but I feel I'm up to it.


    Alan in Frankfort KY

  77. Roxanne

    I am new to trail running and just registered for my first 50k. Obviously I can use all the gear anyone will throw at me!

    Atayne – men's medium "4Rs" shirt

    Moeben arm sleeves

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech Shirt – women's medium

    Montrail Team Pants

    Any tech shirts in medium

    Any tech hats


    Shelby, NC

  78. Jason D.

    Thanks for doing another giveaway.

    Wouldn't mind a shot at:

    -Atayne Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Run Organic Cotton Tees (large)

    -Any Tech Hat

    -Montrail Team – Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants (medium)

    Jason D.

    Magalia, CA

  79. Katie

    Great giveaway! I am new to trail running and loving it! I am interested in:

    Pearl Izumi rain shell

    4R shirt-medium

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women's medium)

  80. Mark Ryan

    I will take any large t-shirt, any new tech hat (especially the GU one), The Karhu shoes, and the nathon hydration pack.

    Sweet deal…By the way, posted a link to this on my blog.

    Mark Ryan

    Edmonton, AB

  81. Glenn S,

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. I would be interested in the following:

    Vasque Blur SL Mens Size 9 (just happens to be my size)

    La Sportiva Crossleather Mens Size 9 (again, my size)

    Dry Max Trail Running Sock Mens 8.5-10.5

    Brooks Drawstring Pack

    A Drawstring Bag

    I would be happy to pay for postage for anything that I am lucky enough to win. We have a local version of this in Telluride called "The Free Box" where people can leave what they no longer need so others can take what they do need. The best way to be "green" is to wear things out!

    Glenn S

    Telluride, CO

  82. Will T

    Thanks for the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Running Gear Program. You Gore jacket was with me 90 miles of my 1st 100 miler the other weekend. Not sure what I would have used in place of that.

    Here's the wish list:

    Vasque Blurs

    Crosslites Leathers

    Moeben Arm Sleeves

    Nathan Hydration Pack

    Columbia Trail Shorts

    and if I'm not so lucky – Then any Men's Medium Tech Shirt would be nice.


    Will T.

    Fall City, WA

  83. John Dailey

    Lovce the site, I am interested in the Vasque Blurs or the Nathan hydration pack. I have been wanting to try both,



    Hubert NC

  84. Benny Hickok

    oops… forgot to be more specific

    Vasque shoes

    Nathan Pack

    Salomon 3/4 tights

    Atayne shirt (large)

    Thanks a bunch… WooHoo!!

  85. Cody

    I would love a shot at some clean clothes. My wife will thank you!

    Nike windbreaker

    Short Sleeve Tech Shirts – med

    Drymax Trail Running sock (mens)

    Brooks Drawstring Pack (huge brooks fan)

    Nathan hydration pack

    I heard about this on a trail run. Time to pass it on…

  86. Michele P.

    I am Michele from Maine… while I don't run or neither does my husband, he spends hours each night walking cleaning floors in grocery stores. All that walking on hard floors really makes his life miserable, and he's got bone spurs now on his feet :( I would love the Sofsole Athlete Insole for him because it would help his feet absorb all that walking back and forth every night behind those machines. Thanks for the chance, tweeted out to my followers too.

  87. onelittletrigirl

    Thanks for hosting. This may have sent twice, but I am interested in:

    ■Brooks Run Tee (men’s small) – Blue casual tee with “Run” written on the front in big letters. Let folks know what you do when you’re doing what you love to do.

    ■Nike windbreaker (medium – lightly used) – A decade old windbreaker that’s still in great shape save for the missing cinch cord around the waist. It’s black with some white and aqua pieces, though it’s pretty subdued. No hood.

  88. Thomas

    I just became a fan and am now following you on Twitter and Facebook. I'd very much appreciate one of the following items (in order of preference):

    Atayne “4Rs” shirt (men's small)

    Moeben Arm Sleeves (small – white)

    Conservation Alliance Recycled Tech SS shirt (men’s medium)

    TNF Endurance Challenge Tech SS Shirt (men’s medium)

    Brooks Run Tee (men’s small)

    A tech Hats

    A drawstring bag

    SofSole Anti-Friction socks (men’s 10.5)

    Thanks for hosting this contest!


  89. Chari

    Moeben Arm Sleeves

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women’s medium)

    Tech Hats (any one)

    HAT Run casual hat

    Drymax Trail Running sock (women’s 10-12)

    Love to run the trails here in Orlando. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  90. Paul

    I've been a regular visitor to your website for quite a while. I always enjoy TWIR. Keep up the great work!

    Vasque Blur SLs

    Moeben arm sleeves

    Columbia trail shorts

    Drymax socks

    Hat Run shoulder bag

  91. Diana

    This is a great idea! I would love to see all my unused running items being used and appreiated by others who enjoy the sport!

    I am interestd in the Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt. Iroquois is on my to do list for this year! What better to inspire me!


  92. Perseid88 - Phil

    Consider me interested in the following:

    Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants

    Pearl Izumi rain shell

    Columbia Trail Shorts

    La Sportiva Crossleather

    Wasatch Speed Goat Tech SS Shirt Or any med tech-T

    Drymax Trail Running sock

    SofSole Anti-Friction socks

    Tech Hats clean or dirty

  93. Mike

    Mike – Mechanicsburg, PA

    Great idea on how thin your office. Any of the medium shirts, moebens, socks or hats. Could really use the Bag.


  94. Al Glenn

    Any of the hydration products would be great, as you must be a twerp (or I am just a lard ass who's 10 year old daughter can't wear medium). Thanks for the great giveaway. Peace. Al Glenn.

  95. jerry holbrook

    I would love to receive any of the following


    Moeben Sleeves size small

    Montrail hat

    Mountain hardware transition pants

    Salomon 3/4 tights


    Texas City, Texas

  96. Gailanne

    Good Afternoon!

    I am interested in the following gear:

    Moeben Arm Sleeves (small – white)

    Tech Hats

    Montrail Team – Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants

    Pearl Izumi rain shell

    Drymax Trail Running sock (women’s 10-12)

    Brooks Drawstring Pack

    Basic Drawstring Bag

    Branded USB Flashdrives

    Hope your Earth Day is Sunny and Bright!


  97. Dawn Lisenby

    I am interested in Iroquois Trail Brooks Tech Tee womens med and Drymax sock womens 10-12. Great way to reuse, reduce and recylce! Thanks!

  98. Mike Bohi

    Cool contest. I'd be interested in any of the following:

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women’s medium)

    Nathan hydration pack (used)

    Drymax Trail Running sock (Men's 10.5)

    A drawstring bag

    Branded USB Flashdrives (any size)

    Mike Bohi


  99. Bob Tucker

    Awesome website and awesome idea!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Please put me in the drawing for:

    * Drymax Trail Running sockmen’s 8.5-10.5

    * Swiftwick Seven Midcalf men 10-13

    * Swiftwick Four Crew men 10-13

    * Tech Hat!!!!

  100. Bob

    Would love to sport a "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Run" shirt (medium) around town.

    Also, I'll try my luck for a tech hat. Any would be quite helpful in protecting from the sun what used to be protected by hair . . .

    You guys rock!


    Pownal, VT

  101. carrie

    I could certainly use the arm sleeves or the brooks bag :-) Hope I'm not too late.

    This is definitely in spirit with Earth week :-)

  102. Katie Edwards

    Happy Earth Day and Run Happy! I love those trails! Would love:

    Small or Med Atayne shirt.

    Karhu Strong ride shoes

    Brooks Run Tee-

  103. Nick P

    Thanks for yet another giveaway! I would be interested in the following:

    salomon exotights

    nathan hydration pack

    USB drive (any size)


  104. Linda Kulinski

    hi there IRF!! i live in ct and over a year ago put your bumper sticker on my big green van! have gotten lots of comments, questions about it and i always refer them to your website! love the idea of your ReUsaAPulooza! would be interested in a few items if they r still available–Pearl Izumi rain shell–i ran the VT 50 last yr in steady rain and lots of mud and could of used a rain shell like crazy!!!!! also if that is not available –the blue brooks run t-shirt. if u haven't already seen the brooks running frined ultrarunning utube video u need to check it out. it is hilarious. i found it before i ran the VT 100 and thought about it all thru the race.

    thanks again for a great website. wish i was oout west and enjoying all your great mountains–hopefully someday.

    linda kulinski

  105. Christopher

    The Swiftwick Four Calf Merino socks sound great – I'm a big fan of things wool (plus, I think they may be the only items here that fit me).

    Great idea!

  106. Amanda Palmer

    i love you people! (even if i don't win anything!)

    Moeben Arm Sleeves

    Iroquois Trails Brooks Tech SS Shirt (women’s medium)

    Mountain Hardwear Transition Pants

Post Your Thoughts