Dong Li, 2016 Vibram Hong Kong 100k Champion, Interview

After finishing second here last year, China’s Dong Li won the 2016 Vibram Hong Kong 100k. In the following interview, Dong talks about how moderating her pace early in the race allowed her to run hard in the race’s second half, if the unusual cold weather of Hong Kong affected her race, and how she plans to race Transgrancanaria and Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji this year.

For more information on how the race played out, check out our results article.

[Editor’s Note: Thanks to Janet Ng for her translation assistance in this interview.]

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Dong Li, 2016 Vibram Hong Kong 100k Champion, Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Dong Li after her great finish at the 2016 Vibram Hong Kong 100k. Congratulations, Dong Li!

Dong Li: Thank you.

iRunFar: You ran very fast today. Did you think you would run so fast?

Li: No. I don’t think I was running particularly fast especially compared to last year. I remember last year, I went really fast. This year I held back a bit at the first 50k. My goal today was just to finish it, not to be the champion lady.

iRunFar: But you were the champion lady. Did you enjoy the later parts of the race more since you went easier early?

Li: Yes, it felt better than the last time because I distributed my energy better this time than last time.

iRunFar: Did you find any challenge with the cold temperatures?

Li: Yes, it was a very big challenge because I really fear the cold.

iRunFar: Where else will you be racing this year?

Li: Transgrancanaria in Spain and UTMF in Japan.

iRunFar: Congratulations on your win here. Good luck in your other races.

Li: Thank you.