Danger, Will Robinson

Ok, I’ve got to be mighty careful the next few days. After averaging 30 miles a week for the past four months (excluding Laurel Highlands), I ran 42 miles over the weekend. On Saturday I ran 17+ miles for my first long non-race training run in 16 weeks!? Sunday I had a nice follow up 25 miler. Oh boy. Not only did I add long runs back into my training regimen, I did back-to back long runs. On top of that, I ran workouts on both Wednesday and Friday last week so four of the past five days have been hard days. I can’t remember exactly what my weekly mileage was but I’m fairly certain that it was in the upper 70s for what was by far my biggest training week ( again excluding LHU) since sometime in February.

While I don’t feel sore or tired, I plan to run my flat five mile loop really easy tonight. I’d likely hit the track tomorrow, but fortunately I have a business dinner and will have to push the workout back to Wednesday.

Looks like I’m back on the training bandwagon.

Ps. While I don’t want to yet again falsely promise an upcoming post, I hope to post about the course of the upcoming North Face Endurance Challenge trail runs (10k, half marathon, 50k, 50 miler) to be held from Great Falls Nat’l Park on August 4. My runs this weekend took me over the entire course – it’s beautiful… and fast.