Cyber Monday at iRunFar

Not to be done by its curmudgeony older sibling, Black Friday, Cyber Monday demanded more iRunFar product giveaways AND the announcement of two more contests on iRunFar this month! Head on over to iRunFar’s Black Friday Giveaway for your chance to receive and review the following additional products:

If that weren’t enough, iRunFar will launch additional giveaways each of the next two Mondays. On December 8th, we’ll begin a week-long contest featuring generous samplings of Bela-Olhao’s all-natural sardines. (iRunFar’s review of Bela-Olhao sardines) Beginning on December 15th, we’re giving away samples of Clif’s brand-new Mountain Berry Clif Shot Blok in the much improved Fastpak. (iRunFar’s discussion of the Fastpak) Check back on the appropriate day for additional information, but a word to the wise – it will be beneficial to enter both contests sooner rather than later.