Cloud (Size) 9 Shoe Giveaway

Lots of shoes[Note: This contest is now closed. Winners were announced here.]

As you might expect, we receive a great many shoes here at iRunFar. Some arrive as sample for possible reviews (we usually only publish our favorites), while we pick up others at various events. We keep some reference pairs, but at some point we need to unload most of them whether we like the shoes or not. That’s why if you are a men’s size 9 (or 9.5) today might be your lucky day. As part of a week long series of contests, we’re giving away 8 pairs of trail shoes!

Details on how to enter follow the list of available shoes. Note that while each pair of shoes has been worn, they’re all in excellent, darn-close-to-new condition.

BTW, here’s an index to all of our contests this week.

Men’s Size 9

  • La Sportiva Raptor – A stable, neutral trail shoe  (iRF La Sportiva Raptor review)
  • Merrell CP ParagonMerrell CP Paragon – One of the coolest looking trail shoes we’ve ever worn. Green camo upper with orange midsole. (right) Light and airy, too.
  • Oboz Ignition II – An improved version of the Ignition that features booty construction.
  • Salomon SpeedCross 2 – A highly-lugged trail shoe that performs well in a variety of conditions. (iRF Salomon SpeedCross 2 review)
  • The North Face Arnuva Boa – A hybrid trail shoe featuring the Boa Lacing System.
  • The North Face Single-Track – An award winning hybrid shoe new for this year. (iRF TNF Single-Track review)
  • Ultra Lightweight Flipflops – Basically lightweight foam cut in the shape of a flipflop. For in-camp use in desert stage races only. These have never been worn.

Men’s Size 9.5

  • GoLite Comp – A trail shoe designed with outsole “pods” to absorb impact. It’s a shoe for the adventurous.
  • Montrail Sabino Trail – The most stable and protective trail shoe in Montrail’s current lineup. Note that these are actually a size 9, but they fit like a 9.5. (iRF Montrail Sabino Trail review)

The Rules
Really, there are no rules to speak of. To enter, just leave a comment (please do this directly on the website, not via email) with your name and location. While not necessary, please include your email in the confidential box above the main comment box to help expedite our getting your brand new gear out to you (if you win). In the name of responsible shipping (and our non-existent budget) we’re limiting this contest to American and Canadian shipping locations only.

We ask that you please note in the comment only the gear pieces in which you are most interested. Your specific requests add to our work, but mean the gear goes to the folks for whom it would be most useful. There’s no limit to the number of items you can enter (see paragraph below) to win, we just ask that you are thoughtful in entering the contest.

The drawing for each item will be random … for the most part. One caveat of this giveaway is that you’ll only walk away with one item. (A good reason to only enter for the items you want most.) With that in mind, there may be instances where we will deliberately divvy up prizes so that more people walk away happy.

To be eligible, you need to enter by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 15. We’ll post results from all of our One Miiillllionth Pageview contests on October 18th.

A Favor
We don’t make you “do” anything to enter this giveaway. No need to fill out a form, sign up for this, or subscribe to that. However, if you appreciate iRunFar and what it does, we just ask that you spread the word. You could share news of this giveaway with others, link to iRunFar on your blog or website, or tell your buddies about the website on your next run.

While you’re at it, consider further embracing the iRunFar community through one of the following options. Not only will they keep you better informed (we share different news on the website, the Facebook page, and Twitter), but you’ll help us out, too!

Also, anyone looking for a free iRunFar bumper sticker, please use our contact page to request one. We’ll need your full address for that! Folks, we ship these free anywhere in the world. Really!

There are 266 comments

  1. Chris

    Hi! I wear size 9 so this is a great contest! I would be most interested in the North Face Arnuva, Single Track or the the La Sportiva. The hybrid Arnuva would be nice to try! Thanks

  2. Jeff

    I've never been so happy to be a size 9 (despite being 6'1").

    I'd love a chance at either the NF Arnuva Boa or the NF Single-Track.


    Jeff Lorow

    Mechancisburg, PA

  3. Zachary Wieluns

    NF Singletrack, Speedcross, Golite comp and Sabino trail, fantastic! 9 or 9.5 is my exact size, very cool. I'm going to pass this to all my friends, great contest!


    Portland, ME

  4. Mark Ryan

    Speedcross or Single Track please Mr. Powell. (I'm usually an 8.5 but my mtn masochists are a 9 so I can get some nice cushy Drymax Socks into them).

    Mark Ryan

    Edmonton, AB

  5. John Goodie

    I wear 9 and/or 9.5. Interested in trying either the La Sportiva Raptors, North Face Single Track, Go Lite Comp or Montrail Sabino Trail shoes.

    Thanks for all you do Bryon!

    John, Zebulon, NC

  6. Joe Reis

    I wear a size 9 but lately with all the running 9.5 is more my speed… swollen feet I guess. The heavier the better of course I'm not picky… size or weight!

    On a side note I did a used sneaker drive here at my job this year and collected over 70 pairs for charity! Most likely where any sneakers you throw my way will end up… after I've logged a few hundred miles on them of course! ;-)

    Thanks Bryon!

    Joe Reis

    Yonkers, NY

  7. Heidi Dietrich

    I'd love some shoes! I wear a women's 10 or 10.5, so any of them should work. I'd be most interested in Merrell CP Paragon, Oboz Ignition II, either North Face shoe, or the flip flops.


    Heidi Dietrich

    Seattle WA

  8. Stefan Albinsson

    Great oppertunity. I could need some news shoes for my Appalachian Trail runs here in NJ, mostly in Stoke State Forrest….The trails are pretty rock and eats up my shoes quick….Size 9 would be prefeared…

    Thanks and see you on the trails!

  9. David Kennedy

    Bryon, you're blowing me away with all these giveaways!!

    I'm size 9 and would be most interested in:

    1. La Sportiva Raptors

    2. Merrell CP Paragon

    3. The North Face Single-Track

    David Kennedy

    Honesdale, PA

  10. Tristan Scott

    After pounding the pavement at the Twin Cities Marathon last weekend (in a pair of Brooks Cascadia 5s!) I'm eager to get back on some dirt. A new pair of size 9 or 9.5 trail shoes would fit the bill, so to speak. Sign me up!

  11. Jason

    I'd be happy with any of the size 9's. As yet, I don't have any real trail shoes. I've been using the Asics 2140 Trail hybrid.


    Tulsa mailing address (currently in Brazil)

  12. Ryan T.

    Pick me! Pick me! (Compelling, I know.)

    I'm a 9, and I love shoes. I'll take whichever pair fits narrow feet the best!

    Ryan T.

    Topsham, ME

  13. Tracy R. Ellis

    I'm a guy that wears a 9.5 and I'd love any shoe that would get me back to running the trails in the the Smoky Mountains that are in my back yard.

  14. dogpaddle

    Unfortunately I am a size 8, however, I teach at a high school and help out with the cross country team. Any pair of size 9 or 9.5 would be fantastic to pass on to some athletes that do not own trail shoes.

    Love the website!


    B.C. Canada

  15. Brian Thomas

    Both the Raptor and the Speedcross sound like solid shoes. I have some metatarsal bone bruising and have been looking for a solid trail shoe for rocky environments.

    Brian in Saginaw, MI

  16. Richard Sudz

    I currently wear Brooks Adrenaline ASR and haven't ever tried any of these shoes. But considering that I have been laid off for the last year, new shoes haven't been in the budget. I wear a size 9 and would be ecstatic to try any of them.

    Livonia, MI.

  17. Diane

    Sporty trail gal who prefers the Montrail men's fit would love to rock the Sabino Trails. You're my perfect fit!


    Manhattan Beach & Lake Tahoe, CA

  18. Rodger

    Too big for the shoes and shirts, but the insect repellent buff would be great during deer fly and mosquito season. You guys are great. Thanks!

    Rodger Smith

    Scarborough< ME

  19. Mike Bailey

    Greetings Bryan,

    If I'm the lucky person, then I suppose my preference would be the Speedcross, or the Single Track size 9's. I'll pass along the word about iRunFar.

    Harrisonburg, VA

  20. Jason

    THANKS irunfar!

    Montrail Sabino Trail

    GoLite Comp

    Merrell CP Paragon

    Oboz Ignition II

    La Sportiva Raptor

    The North Face Single-Track

    Jason Smith


  21. Mike Bland

    Just replying for the gear that you're trying to give away.

    I found all of the items interesting. Put me in for each one. I'm not picky.

    Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  22. Chris N.

    Hey Bryon,

    Size 9.5!! Montrail Sabino Trail.

    This would be perfect timing since I'll be ramping up my training in December for my first 50K.



    Schertz, TX

  23. meeyeehere

    Size 8 and a half size 9 is what we would love to have and if you find any 10 and a half that would be terrific cause a friend of mine was just complaining about the terrible blisters he has from his shoes.This is awesome,Hope I get a pair!! Thanks so much,you rock!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Miss.

  24. Brent Boyle

    Thanks Bryon! I'm interested in the Raptor or SpeedCross 2.

    Keep up the good work – a lot of us depend on your gear reviews.


    Brent Boyle

    Atlanta, GA

  25. Justin

    Anything in a 9.5, I have been looking for the perfect trail shoe for a while, but it gets a bit expensive, might get lucky here!!!!

  26. Jim Kramer

    love!!! I live and train in the backyard of the Pocatello 50 trail run. beautiful area. Regards free giveaway, I am interested in one of three items – first and foremost any of the Men's Medium Long Sleeve shirts – 2.) Saucony Mittens (large/extra large)and 3.) Sugoi Braveheart Beanie. If those items are gone, an IRunfar running hat (cap) is sweet. I love your website, check it daily. Video interviews are the my favorite. Jim Kramer

    mailing address, Jim Kramer, 479 Arabian, Pocatello, ID 83201

  27. Doug Schneider

    Great contest. I'm a size 9. La Sportiva Raptor would be my first choice, but would be happy with any of them. Thanks.

    Doug Schneider

    Newark, DE

  28. Glenn S

    I would like to be considered for the size 9:

    Salomon SpeedCross 2 – A highly-lugged trail shoe that performs well in a variety of conditions.

    Thank you,


    Telluride CO

  29. YouYou

    Hi there,

    Winter is approaching quickly. For that reason my first pick is:

    GoLite Comp

    But I am pretty sure that the following shoes would do a great job, too:

    Salomon SpeedCross 2

    La Sportiva Raptor

  30. Joe Snyder

    Hey Guys.

    My first choice is the Merrell CP Paragon size 9. My second choice would be the The North Face Arnuva Boa size 9.

    I have only been a trail runner for a year with 2 50Ks down and I have been stuck in my Brooks Adrenaline's on the trail. My feet are begging for trail shoes. These would really help me in my full transition into a trail runner.

    Thank you for the consideration.

    Joe Snyder


  31. Alex M

    the cold is on its way and some trail shoes that can keep my feet warm would be great.

    GoLite Comp 9.5

    thanks for the great site. – sorry forgot Location – San Clemente, CA

  32. Mike

    Hey Bryon!

    Send the ark East!

    Love the Montrail Sabino trails all season. They are super sweet. And are just my size.



  33. Glenn Kawabata

    Aloha from the 50th state! I'd be interested in trying the Salomon Speedcrosses or the La Sportiva Raptors on our island trails.



    Honolulu, HI

  34. Patty Darner


    Just learned about by reading Jeff Dill's "The Brain of the Global Leader in Trail Running".

    I'd love to win your "Brook Equilibrium" give away! I'm a Women's large — but there are enough runners in my family to accomodate any available size :)

    Many thanks!

  35. Justin

    Hey Bryon,

    I run the North Face single tracks right now and absolutely love them. The 9's would fit perfectly. Thanks!


    Holden, MA

  36. Anthony Molina

    I love this site and seem to find myself going to it at least twice a day well at work just to see what's going on out there in the Irunfar world. Now that you guys are moving out West I love you guys even more since I'm here in Sunny Sacramento, CA.

    Can't wait for you guys to get here and keep up the good work, O'ya and I'll take whatever you guys want to part with not to picky here.


  37. Beth Weisenborn

    I'm in Gettysburg, PA. Please add me to the drawings for the following: Assorted flash drives, The North Face towel, Asics Men Sorbtex Performance Low Cut Sock 3 Pack, or Camelbak Blowfish. Thank you and good luck with your move.

  38. Steve Stewart

    I'm interest in:

    – hydration pack

    – freemotion shirt

    – merrell quick socks

    – run happy water bottle

    – nuun bottle

    – green laces shoe laces

    Steve, Ontario Canada

  39. Matt

    I'd be interested in:

    * the Salomon hats

    * any of the bottles although preferable Nathan flipstraw or Mountain Trails Foundation bottle

    * any of the socks



    San Francisco

  40. ewlake

    What a great give-away – thanks, iRunFar! I'm in Salt Lake City, which is why I'm interested in the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase ’10 shirt; I am also interested in the Salomon Minim 30 pack.

  41. Randall Edwards

    If I could win something in your giveaway, I'd love to try the Injinji "toe-socks" … I've seen these worn at several events by runners going faster and farther than me … maybe they're on to something?


  42. Nate Hakken

    I'm in Alexandria, VA and could use the Asics Men Sorbtex Performance Low Cut Sock, the Injinji Performance Mini-Crew , the Salomon Minim 30, or the Camelbak Blowfish.



  43. Bryan Mullaney

    Another great idea! Thanks for doing this guys. Love the site!

    Items in order of preference:

    Salomon Minim 30

    Any of the medium shirts

    Merrel Quick Socks

    Udo's Oil Cap

    TNF towel

    Thanks again!


    Portland, OR

  44. Robert B

    Awesome! I run with abandon; does that count? Diggin' the North Face towel. :) But, any free swag is good swag. I am a tri-guy so always diggin' technical gear.

  45. Thomas Burleson

    Salomon Cap (large/extra large) – Classy black cap with large gray Salomon logo and gray trim.

    Mammut Cap (large/extra large) – Black cap with the Mammut logo.

    Udo’s Oil Cap – Black Coolmax hat bearing “Udo’s Oil” and “oil the machine.”

    Salomon Minim 30 – A lightweight (675 g) 30-liter pack that is hydration compatible and trekking pole friendly. The pack is black and red.

    Camelbak Blowfish – Generally a bike pack that was used for trail running. A used, couple-year-old version that’s still in good shape. About a 12 liter capacity that holds a 100-ounce bladder (not included). Goldenrod and gray.

    La Sportiva Bottle – A white, BPA-free, biodegradable water bottle.

    The North Face towel – A thin small-to-medium size towel that would be great to wipe off with after a workout.

    Assorted flash drives – We’ve got a couple outdoor company-branded USB flash drives with from 1/2 – 1 GB capacity.

    Salomon Shoe Bag – A simple black Salomon shoe bag.

  46. Tom Sauerbrei

    Hi, thanks for the contest.

    Solomon Minim 30 pack

    Solomon Cap, Mammut Cap

    Any of the socks

    Pur guide water filter

    Thank you

  47. Mike Funk

    Mike Funk

    Orlando, FL

    Products I'd love to win:


    Jupiter Peak Steeplechase ’10

    Rothrock Challenge ’10 – Another blue shirt from Green Layer with small, simple front logo and sponsor-filled back.

    HAT Run 50k – White shirt with black neck and small black back panel. Back features a definition of ultrarunning.

    Freemotion – Black shirt with yellow accents.

    Salomon Cap (large/extra large) – Classy black cap with large gray Salomon logo and gray trim.

    Injinji Performance Mini-Crew (large – 11-13) – The classic Injinji tetrasock in “sand” color.

    Brooks Run Happy Water Bottle – A dark blue 20 ounce H2GO bottle with the Brooks Run Happy logo.

    PUR Guide Water Filter and Replacement Cartridge – This is a fastpacking/hiking item rather than a true running item, but it may be useful for iRunFar readers. The filter system, which is well-used and well-cared for, comes with a replacement filter.

  48. Cody Thompson


    Looking forward to hopefully winning some gear. Thank you in advance!! :)

    Salomon Minim 30

    Merrell Quick Socks

    The North Face Men’s Fire Road No Show

    Nathan Flip Straw Pure Bottle

  49. Al DiMicco

    I love your site and have subscribed for a long time and linked it on my blog.

    I am interested in entering for the giveaway for the folowing items:

    Shirts: Jupiter Peak, Rothrock, HAT Run, Freemotion

    Nathan FlipStraw Pure Bottle

    North Face Towel

  50. Al DiMicco

    I love your site and have subscribed for a long time and linked it on my blog.

    I am interested in entering for the giveaway for the folowing items:

    Shirts: Jupiter Peak, Rothrock, HAT Run, Freemotion

    Nathan FlipStraw Pure Bottle

    North Face Towel

    Any Flash Drive

    Al DiMicco

    Hoover, Alabama

  51. Teresa S.

    I wear either a men's size 9 or 9.5, it depends on the shoe. I've never worn any of the aforementioned shoes, but would love to win a pair and give them a try (except the flip-flops, which I don't need).


    Teresa in Rochester, NY.

  52. Joe Helmbrecht

    # Merrell CP Paragon

    # Oboz Ignition II

    # Salomon SpeedCross 2

    # The North Face Arnuva Boa

    # The North Face Single-Track

    624 w dakota ave apt 2

    pierre sd 57501

  53. mike marshall

    Size 9 right here!

    Probably the Saloman would be the right one for me, but any would be great.

    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


  54. Heather Waterman

    My husband is supporting me by training with me for the Disney Marathon in January, which means lots of cold runs. I would love to give him that North Face jacket to keep him warm while he keeps me motivated!


    Boston, MA

  55. David Fields

    9 1/2 2E here. Just started running this past July so free shoes sounds great. I have only had one pair of running shoes so far and nothing to compare them to. And hey, let's be honest, who doesn't like free stuff. =)

  56. Bryan Lund

    It would be great to get any of those size 9 trail running shoes.

    I hate getting my road running shoes so dirty.


    Rohnert Park, CA

  57. Tim Hoiness

    I would love either of the following:

    Salomon SpeedCross 2

    La Sportiva Raptor

    …but would be happy with any of the options. Thanks

    Tim Hoiness

    Bend, Oregon

  58. Richard Lee

    Winning any of these would be great. I have been training for a 10-mile trail run and have just about worn out my trail runners.

    *La Sportiva Raptor

    *Merrell CP Paragon

    *Oboz Ignition II

    *Salomon SpeedCross 2

    *The North Face Arnuva Boa

    *The North Face Single-Track

    *GoLite Comp

    *Montrail Sabino Trail

  59. Javier MEndez

    ■La Sportiva Raptor – A

    ■Merrell CP Paragon –

    ■Oboz Ignition II –

    ■Salomon SpeedCross 2 –

    ■The North Face Arnuva Boa –

    ■The North Face Single-Track

    San Angelo, TX

  60. Brian Keller

    I started running for the first time on a regular basis four months ago. I turned 50 this year and I'm consistently running about 8:10 miles. I'm pretty happy but want to do better.

  61. Mike Moore


    What a great insightful site. Greetings from the uk!

    The Golite Comps in 9.5 would be a great replacement for a pair I wore out over the winter runs last year – they're bonkers to look at and work terrifically well

    Best wishes, Mike

  62. Tim

    Would love a pair of the GoLite Comp or Montrail Sabino Trail. Just finished pacing my brother to his first 100-miler and need a new pair of trail shoes as I help him to complete his pursuit of The Beast series.

  63. Jose B

    The size 9 trail shoes:

    La Sportiva Raptor

    Merrell CP ParagonMerrell CP Paragon

    Oboz Ignition II

    Salomon SpeedCross 2 of conditions

    The North Face Arnuva Boa.

    The North Face Single-Track

    Thanks for your contributions to the running community.

  64. Tom Meers

    I would love to win the size 9 Salomon speed crosses, becasue if I bought another pair of trail shoes my wife would probably divorce me, or worse follow through with her threats and start throwing my shoes away. BUT… if I won a pair that would be OK…. So please help save my marriage…I need to hit the trails on those Salomon's…Thanks Tom

  65. heather jossi

    i'd love to try any of the size 9 men's… perfect fit for my foot… fun to explore some new companies (to me) trails hoes! ready and waiting in colorado!

  66. cole baiker

    size of anything would be great, but if i had to choose size 9 of salomon or north

    face would be great

    cole in beautiful bc,canada

  67. David McKay

    I'm a flatlander from Iowa who is looking to make the move from cross country and track to the trails of the mountain west. The La Sportivas or North Face Single Tracks look like a good fit.

    Enjoy your interviews with the leaders of the ultra pack.


    Iowa City, Iowa.

  68. Luiz

    Plzzzz… I am a foreigner PhD student from Brazil that survives on a very small fellowship, I've been considering running bare foot just because buying shoes it is a big deal for me! When I retire my shoes they are unbelievably worn out, one hole is not enough for it. Nonetheless running far is the only thing that keeps me sane.

    I use number 9, and would love to get a Salomon SpeedCross 2. But really, I accept anything! Thanks a lot! L

  69. Jason Roberts

    Jason in Rockmart, Georgia

    Would love to get any of these in size 9

    La Sportiva Raptor

    Merrell CP ParagonMerrell CP Paragon

    Oboz Ignition II

    Salomon SpeedCross 2

  70. Robert Cooper

    I'd love anything for trail running. I'm a guy in the navy and love to take my dog on the trails. Anything in a 9 would be awsome

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