Choosing a Race – What Do You Consider?

Howdy readers,
I’m thinking of profiling some races here at iRunFar and am wondering how you choose which races to run.

  • Do factors such as date, size, cost, and location – all of which are usually found a race’s website – play a predominant role? If so, which ones?
  • Which factors beyond the vital stats that are typically found on the websites do you consider?
  • Do you consider on other people’s descriptions of past events? Do your consider written race reports? Do you look at photos of past events?
  • Are there questions that you’d like to ask a race director about his or her event, such as about community relations, environmental impact, charitable giving, or anything else for that matter?

Please share your thought process in how you choose races, so I can provide you and others with the information that’s most important to you!