Brooks Customer Service

It’s not often that you hear about great customer service, but I recently encounter some so here goes.

As I alluded in my post about chafing, I developed a rather uncomfortable injury during the Mountain Masochist 50 this past Saturday and it took merely a moment’s reflection to determine that the liner of my shorts played a significant role in this problem. As these shorts, the Brooks Element short, are far and away favorite shorts (in fact, they are the only shorts I’ve worn since buying my first pair a year ago), I decided to write Brooks to inform them of this rare, but seriously unfortunate problem than one of their products could cause.

Brooks Element men’s short in London colors

Not wanting to describe this problem to an anonymous stranger, I emailed the customer service address found on the Brooks website informing them that the Element short contributed to an embarrassing problem and that I would like to directly contact someone in the apparel design department. Less than 8 hours later I had an email from the running apparel product manager. He informed me that not only had Brooks resigned the liner of the Element short based on similar customer feedback, but that Brooks would send me a pair of the redesigned shorts! Sweet! (It appears that Brooks also modified the cut of the Element.)

Well done, Brooks. Thanks for the great customer experience and working to make a better product.