Best Summer Running Memory

Last week, we asked what fun running plans you had in store for the fall. We thank everyone who shared his or her plans. Go check out other reader’s plans and add your own. Aside from running, fall is also a time to reminisce about the great times had over the summer. That’s why we’re asking you to share your best summer running memory with us. It could be an entire road trip with your family/buddies, a race that you’ll always remember, or singular magic moment out on the trail. (Feel free to link to a report when leaving a comment, but be sure to write a bit about your experience IN the comment so people will know what you’re talking about!) We’ll share some of our favorite comments in the main post.

While we’re inviting you to reminisce about your summer, we will, too. After a month back at iRunFar’s stationary headquarters in the Sierra foothills, it’s finally time to fill you in about the iRunFar Summer Road Trip! We don’t want to bore everyone to death, so we’d love to know what you’d like to hear about the most.

  • A revised itinerary?
  • Races run?
  • Races watched?
  • Other cool trails run?
  • The non-running gear that made it happen?
  • Gear we saw along the way?

Let us know and we’ll try to cover it next week.

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  1. Justus

    My best and worst summer memory was at the Massanutten Mountain Trail 100. This was my first attempt at a 100 and my first DNF in a race. I learned a ton of valuable lessons and cannot wait to tow the line in a 100 next spring.

  2. ultrastevep

    Bryon…I think our best Summer memory was a weekend in the Adirondacks. To make it brief, we went up with the intent of running the Great Traverse, which is 26 miles with about 10K' of climb all on single track. The day turned out to be an interesting one because we had Tucker with us and came upon a 30 foot ladder he couldn't climb, so we turned around and figured out on our map that we could go around the long way and still get the run in, which ended up being closer to 30 miles with about the same amount of climb.The day ended late, so lots of night running and we went back to the campsite and washed up by the campfire with a cold one in my hand, then Deb cooked a great Tex Mex meal. We sat up until the middle of the night having some brews and watching the stars.Here is a link to my blog post on that adventure, with photos.'m all done for the year now, time to rest and recover so I can start building up again for Hardrock! ;-)Steve

  3. Chris Freet

    I'm a newcomer to the ultra world and I did not run my first ultra until last Saturday. So, I will remember this summer in general for hitting milestones such as my first 70 mile week, my first 30 mile run, etc. Not to mention the great runs with friends.- Chris

  4. Kelly

    My best summer moment was crewing for Jack and watching him finally win the VT100 and then achieving my own goals at the Iroquois Trails 100-breaking 24hrs, first female and top 10 overall (9th).

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