Bednosky and Woods win at Bel Monte 25k

2011 La Sportiva Mountain CupThe La Sportiva Mountain traveled back east for the challenging Bel Monte Endurance Run 25k. As with the previous Mountain Cup race, the Nueces Endurance Trail Run, Bel Monte is a festival of trail running events with a 50k and 50 miler in addition to the 25k. Mark Lundblad (7:41:56 – course record) and Sara Pragluski (11:27:40) won the 50 mile, while Brad Hinton (4:52:59) and Amy Lane (5:09:51) won the 50k… but back to the Mountain Cup where the men’s winner set a new course record.

Bel Monte Endruance Run results

2011 Bel Monte LSMC shirtOn the recommendation from race directors J. Russell Gill and Francesca Conte, La Sportiva presented the Standout Award to Virginia local Nick Hamblet. Hamblet is well known within the local trail running community and has regularly been a tremendous help to Francesca, Gill and the Charlottesville Running Company. Special edition Bel Monte Going the Distance race tees (right) will be available from the Charlottesville Running Company

After kicking things off with our LSMC race coverage, we’ll take a look at the Mountain Cup standings. Next, we’ll move on to our La Sportiva shoe giveaway contest before calling for your comments and finishing up with the full La Sportiva Mountain Cup schedule.

The Race
Men’s Race
Two Mountain Cup regulars, Ryan Woods and Jason Bryant, went at it again outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. This time, Woods came out ahead by a bit over three minutes. He won in 1:56:04 with Bryant following up in 1:59:33. Chad Motz was well back in third with either a dead heat or a heck of a sprint finish between John Heermans and Thad Minshall for fourth and fifth.

  1. Ryan Woods – 1:56:04
  2. Jason Bryant – 1:59:33
  3. Chad Motz – 2:12:07
  4. John Heermans – 2:14:28
  5. Thand Minshall – 2:14:28

Women’s Race
Two familiar names also dominated the women’s race. Annette Bednosky, a top ultrarunner, ran away from the field to win in 2:26. Although Bednosky normally focuses on ultras, she’s showing that she could be a threat if she decided to make a go for the Mountain Cup. After spending more than 2 months off due to injuries, LSMC regular Alison Bryant ran well to finish second.

  1. Annette Bednosky (race report) – 2:26:06
  2. Alison Bryant – 2:42:50
  3. Laren Rusin – 2:52:03
  4. Coro Cope – 2:52:29
  5. Carol Krill – 2:59:32

Full Results
Full results are available.

Bel Monte 25k 2011

Top finishers at the 2011 Bel Monte 25k: (l-to-r) Annette Bednosky, Laren Rusin, Alison Bryant, Jason Bryant, Ryan Woods

La Sportiva Mountain Cup Standings
Here are the unofficial LSMC standings through 3 races.

With his win, Ryan Woods (42 pts) moved himself into sole possession of first. Jason Bryant (30 pts) jumped from a seventh-place tie.

  1. Ryan Woods – 42 points (2 races – 22 pts from Bel Monte)
  2. Jason Bryan – 30 pts (2 races – 17 points from Bel Monte)
  3. Waylon Calabrese – 20 pts (1 race – Did not race Bel Monte)
  4. (T-4) Jared Scott – 17 pts (1 race – Did not race Bel Monte)
  5. (T-4) Justin Gonzales – 17 pts (1 race – Did not race Bel Monte)


Annette Bednosky moves into first place for the women on the strength of her win. Rachel Cieslewicz remains in second.

  1. Annette Bednosky – 35 pts (2 races – 20 pts at Bel Monte)
  2. Rachel Cieslewicz – 32 pts (2 races – Did not race Bel Monte)
  3. Megan Kimmel – 22 pts (1 race – Did not race Bel Monte)
  4. Martha Nelson – 20 pts (1 race – Did not race Bel Monte)
  5. Melanie Fryar – 19 pts (1 race – Did not race Bel Monte)

Official Mountain Cup standings can be found here. La Sportiva Mountain Cup Contest
La Sportiva logoTrevor Woods of Austin, Texas wins the La Sportiva’s Raptors (iRF review) for the Nueces giveaway. Uncharacteristically, we’ll be giving away the same La Sportiva models in back-to-back contests. Per our contact on the ground, “The Raptor would have been a great choice with its cushioning and its grip on the extremely loose and rocky sections that took down several would be finishers and left many more bruised and bloodied.”

If you want a second chance to win your own pair of La Sportiva Raptors? Simply leave your name and town (in the US or Canada) in a comment before we write about the next Mountain Cup race, the Dry Creek Half Marathon on April 2 in Hidden Springs, Idaho. As a reminder, if you enter to win the Raptors you’ll also automatically be eligible to win the grand prize at the end of August. Read up on the La Sportiva Mountain Cup giveaway grand prize.

Call for Comments
If you ran any of the Bel Monte Endurance Trail Runs, please leave a comment letting everyone know how you did and what you think about the race. Past racers are invited to comment, too!

The La Sportiva Mountain Cup

There are 108 comments

  1. Jenny Handy


    Stanardsville, VA

    I volunteered at one of the aid stations at Bel Monte this year. It was amazing to see the determination on people after they came down off a seriously rocky section. Great job to everyone!

  2. Gill

    Francesca and I had a great time directing the 7th Annual Bel Monte Endurance Run this Saturday. This year's 50M race proved to be a battle from start to finish. Both Mark L. and Brian R. ran within seconds of each other for the entire race, while maintaining a pace to break the course record.

    Mark finally took the lead with about a mile to go and was able to break Jason Bryant's course record by seconds.

    This year's race will go down as the Battle at Bel Monte!

  3. Loïc Bernard

    Loïc, Norfolk VA

    Ran the Bel Monte 50m this year but alas did not make the cutoff at an aid station. Finished the 50K+ and boy was this a hell of a course! Thank you to Gill and Francesca for putting this race on. Had a blast! Also much thanks to all volunteers a aid stations! You guys rocked

  4. Thomas Bowling

    The Toronto Raptors are a tough team to follow, but I bet I could get a lot of followers if I had some new raptors to run in!

    San Antonio, TX.

  5. Casey Allen

    Great race and course! I probably should have picked an easier 50 miler for my first one, but I managed to stagger across the finish line.

  6. Mike D.

    Gots to get me some new shoes! My feet were killing me after Antelope Island! It was nice to meet you Bryon and run with you a bit.

    Mike D.

    Casper, WY

  7. jcazz

    Julie C.

    Raymond, ME

    I don't think my Masochist's will make it much longer they are pretty beat up from the long winter. Thanks for the rr.

  8. Amy

    Bryon –

    Double check the 50 mile results, the top female was Sara Pragluski (her first ultra win, I believe!). The men's 50 mile race was awesome to watch also – Mark and Brian Rusiecki (2nd place) traded the lead off and on throughout the race, and came to the 48 mile aid station together. Mark dropped a few 6:30 miles to take the win. Impressive!

    I've run Bel Monte twice now, and would recommend it to anyone. The course is challenging with tons of climbing and a lot of technical footing. But, the views from the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains is well worth it! Plus, Gill and Francesca put on a great, well organized event.

  9. Justus


    Chesapeake, VA

    I ran the 25k at Belmonte. I had run around Sherando Lake in the past, but never on the 25k course. I was impressed by the elevation and rocks the course had. I have never run such a short trail race. I came in injured, but left it all on the course regardless. This is not your average 25k and will be a challenge to anyone who attempts it. I had a great race and posted my first ever top 20 finish! If you are in the area check out the Devils Backbone Brewery, great post race beer and food.

  10. cathyk

    Cathy K

    Waterloo, Ontario

    i would love to try the la sportiva shoes! thanks for the giveaway contest!

    congrats to all race winners and leaders in the standings!

  11. Steve


    Boulder, CO

    Just tried some Crosslites today and loved them! I'd love to give the Raptor a go too. Sportiva is my go-to for climbing, so why not mountain running too?

  12. Thomas Collier

    Hey, thanks. I enjoy your race coverage. This is the best website I've found to keep up with ultra-races. Much appreciated!

    Tom Collier

    Vienna, ME

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