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spent his childhood wandering the mountains. These days, his time in the wild is spent running. Not wanting to be confined by the rules of racing, he prefers meandering lesser-known routes and rowdy mountain linkups as a way to stay connected to nature. Being connected with the outdoors on a daily basis has inspired him to be an activist and to speak up for the planet. He proudly works with Patagonia, Gu Energy Labs, Zeal Optics, Jaybird, La Sportiva, and Kahtoola as a professional athlete. He strives to maximize each hour by balancing his time as an activist, physician assistant, race director, husband and father. Join his adventures on Instagram.

A Deep Scratch: Traversing Bears Ears National Monument
A Deep Scratch: Traversing Bears Ears National Monument
on August 15, 2017

Luke Nelson writes about a four-day backcountry running trip in Bears Ears National Monument.

With Whom Lies Responsibility
With Whom Lies Responsibility
on June 9, 2016

Luke Nelson writes about risk and how to manage it in the sport of trail running.

Skimo and Trail Running
on December 10, 2012

A look at the overlap between trail running and ski mountaineering (skimo) as well as into what, exactly, skimo is.