Joe Grant

frequently adventures in wild places, both close to home (a frequently changing location) and very far afield. He inspires others by sharing his words and images that beautifully capture the intersection of the wilds, movement, and the individual at Alpine Works.

From My Doorstep

Joe Grant concludes his "From My Doorstep" column on iRunFar. Read More

The Fountain Drum

Joe Grant writes about Kyle Richardson's relationship with scrambling Colorado's Flatirons. Read More

The Right Ingredients

Joe Grant writes about the recipe needed to successfully put on a weekend of local trail races. Read More

The Conquest of Paradise

Joe Grant writes about having reverence for nature. Read More

W.U.R.L. on a Whim

An essay about Joe Grant and Kyle Richardson's completion of the Wasatch Ultimate Linkup (WURL) in Utah. Read More

Independence Pass, July 4th

Joe Grant looks back on his 1995 visit to Colorado's Independence Pass and its influence on him today. Read More

On Rhythm and Feeling

Joe Grant compares poetry and running. Read More

Run West

Joe Grant writes about how we can use running to restore and preserve our wildlands. Read More

A Different Pace

Joe Grant's essay about letting go of life's weight to run. Read More

Running Resistance

Joe Grant writes about running as resistance to the systems which created our current environmental crisis. Read More